Filer in cosmetology.

Luckily all the women of the world, technological progress is not just electronics and automation, but also means the return of youth and beauty.

Previously, to "throw" a few years, the woman had to go under the surgeon's scalpel, today used Botox, and the detective in cosmetology.The latter procedure is particularly popular, but not every woman knows what it is and whether or not to pay for such a service.We understand!

Trends modern contouring

What determines the look of the face - young or old?Of course, first of all give the age of the wrinkles.Whatever monitor the condition of skin woman, no matter what it is, and cream mask is used, but the years and facial expressions say face deep grooves after thirty years.Cancel the passage of time is not possible, but to conceal its negative impact on the skin possible.

dermis loses elasticity and becomes wrinkles due to the fact that running out of subcutaneous fat, and moisture.

If you return into the void beneath the skin material, the folds o

f wrinkles smoothed with what easily able to handle the detective.This procedure is known as a cosmetic wrinkle fillers particular substance.

Botox or fillers?

people ignorant in the contouring, see no difference in the use of Botox and fillers.In fact, the difference of principle - and in the properties of these drugs, and a method of use.Botox should be applied earlier than the detective, in cosmetology.If the skin retain more moisture and fat, but the first wrinkles, the woman is better to seek Botox injections.

In that case, if the moisture along with the fat already lost, and the skin has developed in the "accordion", then save the situation can only be the detective in cosmetology.Despite the strange and clearly the technical name for the definition of "filler" is not hidden anything strange.

What spies in cosmetology?

To answer this question more fully, we turn to the meaning of the word "filler".The English word «fill» translated as "fill", and that this process predusmaterivaet use of such funds, the detective in cosmetology.This procedure is known cosmetologists for over a hundred years, but, of course, has undergone various changes in terms of both technical and on the use of filler substances.What are the products of modern cosmetology is used as a filler today, and are they safe?

The fill wrinkles?

In the early twentieth century, doctors, beauticians as fillers used own fat girls undergo the procedure to obtain it from other parts of the body.

Later began to use wax and silicone, however, these substances were soon banned because of the large number of complications.

What use now?In the last thirty years, the field of cosmetology has received serious development, and now it is successfully used by a number of substances, similar in quality, but differ in names and price.Fillers different origin to substances of animal origin and synthetic.

Fillers synthetic and natural

Let's look at some filler material may contain at its core.In general, any filler injected under the skin, can provide results for a period of four months to one year.

As part of the most expensive drugs is a human or bovine collagen, but the use of these substances is limited.If you allow your finances, the lab will draw your body fat and converting, you will enter into the voids under the skin.This procedure is the most natural - the body will not reject your own "stuff", and hardly a filler cause negative reactions.Whether popular natural cosmetics in the detective?No, because of the high cost.

Where more common is hyaluronic acid.In its natural form it is present in the skin of humans and animals and provide humidification.Introduction of such an acid under the effect of the skin provides a five or six months.This filler is also natural, but it is worth hyaluronic acid much cheaper collagen.Fillers, which consist entirely of natural substances called biodegradable or absorbable.

fillers that are based on synthetic chemicals, have a more lasting effect and will cost you less natural.However, to obtain the desired result requires several injections.Another its drawback - they are completely processed by the body.The most common fillers based on silicone or synthetic gels.If something goes wrong after the procedure, you will have to remove them surgically.

between natural and synthetic fillers have another subspecies of these funds - biosynthesis.Their peculiarity is that they are made up of half-natural substances - collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite.On the basis of these components are created biosynthetic spies in cosmetology.Reviews indicate that they are the safest.However, they are also the most affordable.

spies in cosmetology - the names of the most popular drugs

Despite the abundance of fillers from different manufacturers, the greatest demand is for just a few brands.Beautician in beauty salon can offer you "Restylane", "Yuviderm", "Sudzhiderm", "Gliton", "Belotero."

«Restylane" made the Swedish pharmaceutical company and a temporary fillers based on hyaluronic acid.Validity - up to 6 months.

«Yuviderm" and "Sudzhiderm" - French fillers based on hyaluronic acid.Validity - up to 6 months.

Filler Belotero German production.On the basis of the collagen and hyaluronic acid.Filler resolve in five to seven months.

Filler Glytone French production.Besides hyaluronic acid also contains mannitol, which skin heals.

«Dermolayf", "Reviderm" and "Aftekol" - a very popular detectives in cosmetology.Reviews, however, these funds do not receive the most positive.The fact that apart from hyaluronic acid, they contain synthetic substances, not in favor of their use.Over time, the organic matter absorbed and no artificial causing inflammation on the skin.

appreciate the depth of wrinkles and folds, a common skin condition, the doctor-cosmetician will decide which filler expedient to you to enter.

Contraindications to the introduction of fillers

What spies in cosmetology, we understand.However, whether any contraindications such a procedure?Absolutely.And you need to review them before you make an appointment with a beautician.Unfortunately, not every employee of a beauty salon honestly will tell you what you may encounter after the introduction of the filler.

Medical cosmetologist must collect history, it does not matter what he uses in cosmetic fillers.Contraindications - an autoimmune disease, a disease in acute stage or even any infection.

Things to do before the introduction of fillers

  1. Choose beauty salon, focusing not on price but on quality.Study reviews of cosmetologist, read tips "experienced".The doctor should not use synthetic fillers, today the best choice would be a means of hyaluronic acid.
  2. Consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of the procedure for you.Before visiting the beautician's wise to treat all infections - inflammation of the mucous membranes, tooth decay and gum disease, fungi and so on. D.
  3. Before the introduction of the filler, the doctor will ask you to sign a contract, which spelled out all contraindications.Carefully read it before they put their signature.
  4. If your skin is very dry or thin, think again before you enter the filler.