"Licorice cream" - a panacea for all skin types

In search of universal moisturizer girls are ready to carry out experiments on himself, using more and more drugs.

Who is hearing all the so-called "licorice" cream - a wonderful invention of domestic pharmacology.So whether it is good and can help owners of dry and irritable skin, we will understand.

cream Imported or domestic?

In fact, "licorice" cream appeared for a long time.Pink box on the shelves of local pharmacies are on sale for 22 years.Nevertheless, he gained special popularity just now.It is easy to explain.After the collapse of the Soviet Union in our country flooded with foreign creams.French, German and American titles caressed views of buyers and therefore domestic products for a long time forgotten.But the miracle did not happen.It turned out that imported cosmetics are not so good.Moisturizers often do not give the skin moisture, shine or cause an allergic reaction.

Licorice - a panacea by nature

What is the secret drug called "licorice cream?"Referring to the composition.Th

e drug consists of extract of licorice (liquorice) and olive oil.

Licorice has excellent natural qualities: Allergy, uspakaivaetsya skin and prevents inflammation.Thus, licorice extract is not a synthetic substance (most of the components contained in decorative cosmetics), i.e. cream acts very gently, without causing unpleasant side effects.

Another advantage - immunomodulatory properties that have the cream "licorice".Reviews suggest that the frequent use of the protection mechanism is activated does the human body.This is manifested in the fact that can lighten age spots and rejuvenates the skin thanks to the enhanced production of collagen fibers.

Olive oil - the secret ingredient moisturizing

Applying the "licorice" the cream, the girls notice that the skin becomes soft, silky.If you have any redness or rash, then a few days after treatment the skin's appearance is greatly improved.

This is easily explained by the presence of the second component in the cream - olive oil.Many girls would be happy to face smeared with oil, but it did not have the properties of absorption.How many noticed, "licorice" the cream just is not very well absorbed, making it very economical to use.

«licorice" Cream: instructions for use

How to apply this magic drug?

Of course, the answer depends on your goals.However, be aware that it can be used for healthy skin, preventing drying and for damages, if any itching or redness.The cream comes in three forms.

  1. Cream "licorice" for children and adults.It can be used daily by rubbing a small amount in the skin of the face or body.You can use the drug, for example, in the winter before going out.You can also grease the sore place.By the second or third day, you will notice improvement in skin condition: relieve itching, swelling, or pain will come.It is also suitable for reducing this cream diathesis or diaper rash in infants.Until 2012, the cream contains soybean oil, but it is now replaced by more useful olive oil.
  2. Cream "licorice" hand.All the same composition plus the essential oil of green tea, which gives a means of "delicious" smell.Lubricate small amount of hand cream daily or as needed.
  3. Cream "licorice" leg.Grapefruit oil and menthol in the composition may reduce perspiration and sebaceous glands narrowing.Use it to clean skin of the feet, rubbing gentle movements.Within a week after the application, you will notice that the skin becomes softer feet, cracks and calluses disappear.

Cream for hands and feet appeared in 2012.

advantages of using licorice cream

Now, if you make a choice between expensive cosmetics from a reputable manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, and not so famous "licorice" cream, it is likely that you will give preference to the second.Here are the key benefits:

  • The product contains very little active ingredients, but their action is fully coordinated and not cancel each other out.
  • cream manufacturers to produce small batches.You can not buy stale products, and it is always a demand.Price
  • cream, due to the fact that he made a domestic company, is low, and one tube you have enough for a few weeks, even with daily use.
  • Helps flaky and inflamed skin cream "licorice".Instruction Especially recommended to use it after the procedure and the Sun in the cold season.