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Mon Platin - a medical cosmetics made with natural ingredients.Production Mon Platin Israeli company engaged Cosmetic Industries LTD.Recent advances in the field of phyto allowed to combine the minerals brought from the Dead Sea with natural botanicals and other products that give it such a positive cosmetic effect.

only due to its unique composition, Cosmetics Mon Platin is not cheap care products for the face.One of the ingredients that go into its composition - is an extract of black caviar.Add it to obtain a cosmetic effect - rejuvenation.After using cosmetics you will feel the freshness, lightness and excellent mood.Make sure that you will be left behind grateful buyers reviews of Mon Platin, which can be found at

Number of caviar extract, added to various cosmetic products, calculated with great precision.Unlike other brands, cosmetics Mon Platin created by dermatologists, not perfume.Buy and use cosmetic products Mon Platin desirable comp

lex, as they are fully complementary.And ask for it, you can at the Academy of Beauty.Specialist cosmetics detailed way describe what tools are needed for that, and in what order to use them.

Before buying cosmetics, you have the opportunity to test it.Beautician happy to show you how to apply cosmetics and care for your face.Join the Club "Mon Platin", you will become a happy owner of a discount card, making it possible to continue to receive discounts and bonuses.

Be careful when buying cosmetics Mon Platin via the Internet.Beauty Academy is not responsible for the quality of cosmetics purchased online.For many women customers were disappointed with the quality of counterfeit products distributed via the Internet.Awake to purchase products from an unknown source, a guarantee of quality and confidence in the positive results are always important.

To feel that represent cosmetics Mon Platin need to visit the Academy of Beauty.For you organize the demonstration process for free, after which you'll have your own opinion, not blurred bright advertising and positive feedback from other people.On it and you'll be required to rely when choosing a cosmetic product.