Pharmacy cosmetics: brand, reviews and ratings

Recently, more and more customers in the country prefer to buy cosmetics in the pharmacy network, believing that it is more reliable and quality.Today, most pharmacies have expanded its product range by products known cosmetic companies.

types of cosmetic products

All products of this type can be divided into three separate groups:

  • Cosmetics;
  • selective cosmetics;
  • mass market.

Medical pharmacy cosmetics is used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases of the skin, hair and nails.It contains in its composition, biologically active additives.This type includes the products of the brand, "Sophia."

goods group mass market available to the majority of consumers and are designed for high-quality care for the delicate skin of the face, hands and feet, as well as hair and nails.This type of makeup is not sold only in pharmacies, but also in specialized shops.

Pharmacy selective cosmetics - luxury products, which manufacturers often release new lines designed for specific skin conditi

on, hair and nails.It is not cheap, and therefore not available to all consumers.The average price is 800 rubles per pack.An example of such cosmetics can serve Vichy Laboratories.

This group is represented in our market products exclusively foreign companies.And this fact has an explanation: for cosmetics production of this type need considerable financial investments.It should have its own research laboratories and research institutes.As a rule, such cosmetics are produced in the original brand-name packages, which are also worth a lot.So far, unfortunately, domestic manufacturers can not make them compete.

But in the segment of medical cosmetics Russian companies are clearly in the lead.

Rating pharmaceutical cosmetics

recognized worldwide leader in sales of selective cosmetics for more than a year, it is the company VICHY.The share of this brand accounts for more than 50% of the selling agents of this type.

With a considerable margin in second place LA Roche POSAY (11,3%), slightly behind them products of the company LIERAC - third place.

Pharmacy cosmetics mass market has its leader - the company NIVEA (8%).Their products are well publicized, besides its price is quite accessible (an average of 70 rubles per pack).Second place confidently takes firm JONSONS BABY.

The list of medical cosmetics leading brand which is well known in our country - "Sophia" (8.8%), the second place belongs to the production MUSTELLA (4,3%) - products for young children suffering from different types of dermatitis.The third place is occupied by means of nail BTLVEDER (3,8%).

Today we introduce you to the most popular brands of cosmetics, which can be purchased in the pharmacy network.Perhaps our information will help you make the right choice.So ...

Medical drugstore cosmetics VICHY ("Vichy") - hypoallergenic products are created with the use of thermal water from the Lucas.Its unique mineral composition soothes irritated skin and significantly improves its natural protective properties, activates enzymes - antioxidants.

"La Roche-Posay" - hypoallergenic cosmetics chemist, reviews of which are positive.They tend to leave patients suffering from various types of allergy.It includes thermal water enriched with selenium.

Products brand "Noreva" can be used both as an ordinary means of caring as well as a pharmacy and cosmetics for problem skin.It is used under such severe dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema.

optimal tolerability, hypoallergenic makeup products allow the use of the company "Bioderma" for people of all ages, even infants.It ensures maximum skin care for various skin pathologies.

Pharmacy cosmetics for the face, scalp and body DUCRAY ("Djukre") in recent years, becoming a leader among manufacturers of medical cosmetics.The range of highly innovative tools.

Stamps active aesthetic cosmetics

SKINCEUTICALS ("Syutikals Skin") - pharmacy cosmetics, reviews about which you can hear from experts elite aesthetic clinics and beauty salons.It effectively acts on the skin, preventing oxidation.This is primarily an antioxidant and drugs with sunscreen.

FILOGRA ("Filogra") - French chemist's cosmetics, which became one of the first to use the achievements of aesthetic medicine.It includes not only the means of mesotherapy, but also biological and chemical peels and concentrates, providing effective care for mature skin.

Natural Cosmetics Cosmetics

with perfectly matched combination of natural ingredients, the latest technology and great textures - Nuxe ("Nyuks").Essential oils, vitamins, fruit acids nourish and regenerate the skin, soothe irritation, preserve the elasticity and youthfulness.

hypoallergenic products based on essential oils and plant extracts - CAUDALIE ("Code").They act on specific skin problems, rather than simply providing preventive care.

"Topping" - German cosmetics.At its core contains olive oil.The company offers its customers an additional means for everyday use and care of skin and hair.The range of restorative, protective, nourishing agents.

treat hair

PHYTO ("Phyto") - known dermatological brand, specializing in the production of high quality and effective means for hair care.All the funds are part of herbal extracts are optimally dosed.

KLORAN ("Kloran") - in the composition of these cosmetic products contains extracts of medicinal plants and herbs (nettle, nasturtium, thistle, Makassar, quinine, etc.).In scientific laboratories "Kloran" developed an ideal balance of these extracts.


means companies INNEOV ("Ina"), in addition to effectively address the problems of hair and skin, fill the existing lack of vitamins and mineral macro- and microelements in the human diet.They are delivered to the body the required amount of active substances.

Danish line IMEDEEN ("Imedeen") produces unique facilities for power and improve skin condition.They contain active ingredients collagen which the air needed for healthy skin.

hyaluronic acid

Today, many known beneficial effects of this component on the skin.What role does it play?Hyaluronic acid has a binding effect on water in the intercellular spaces, helping to increase tissue resistance.One molecule of acid binds and holds about himself to five hundred water molecules.It distributes and transports it to the tissues.In addition, it is an excellent lubricant for the joints, normalize intraocular pressure.

As hyaluronic acid helps skin

It is an effective means for the correction of skin changes associated with aging.Restores lost elasticity, fights against the formation of folds and wrinkles.The difficulty lies in the fact that the cream is quite difficult to keep a large amount of active acid which can help dehydrated skin.

selection of quality cosmetics

Drugstore brand of cosmetics is constantly replenished, so every year it becomes more difficult to make the right choice.It is no secret that even in the pharmacy network, not all cosmetic products are high quality.Choosing the necessary means, pay attention to its percentage.Often not very conscientious manufacturers go to the trick and include products tiny fraction of hyaluronic acid (one percent or even less).Experts beauticians recommend to choose the means to its share of the daily use of at least 150 mg.This concentration is not highly addictive, but the effect will be very noticeable.This justifies the high cost of these drugs.Today, pharmacy cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, produced by many manufacturers, but it is better to buy products of world famous brands such as OLAY, La Rochy Posay, Lancome, Estee Lauder.

not lag behind domestic producers.It may be noted the following companies:

- "Kosmoteros" - makes money for the face and special dietary supplements.

- "Geltek" - with the help of this cosmetics is possible to effectively deal with the surface to get rid of wrinkles and dry skin.

- "pleya" - the firm, as part of products which contain only natural ingredients.

- "Mirra" - is part of the preparations biotech hyaluronic acid.

way, said component is available in its pure form (ampoules).This acid is very effective, as the intensely moisturizes the epidermis.It can be used as an express option when you need to quickly put himself in order.

most effective and high-quality cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, a product of Japanese brands Hada Labo, Haru Hada, Sakura.These drugs admired women in the world.

modern pharmaceutical cosmetics market presented a variety of powerful and effective tools designed to care for tired, aging skin.They can take advantage of a woman absolutely any age and with any dermatological problems.With their help it is possible without the intervention of plastic surgeons to cope with problems such as sagging skin, its dullness, as well as some types of skin diseases.Now it is not necessary to "kill" each about the wrinkles reappear.If you wish, you can stop time and even expand it back.


Like all so-called anti-aging agent, pharmacy cosmetics with hyaluronic acid may cause side effects.It is not recommended to use during pregnancy and lactation, the propensity to edema.It is not necessary to use more than three months, combining these drugs with cosmetics containing fruit acids, is not recommended.