Red pencil.

Today cosmetic any self-respecting woman is very reminiscent of the backpack tourists.It is possible to find almost everything, because every little thing helps to achieve quite good results in the pursuit of beauty and perfection.A special place it occupies a cosmetic pencil, with which you can improve the appearance of the eyebrows, eyes and lips.It is very comfortable.In the latter case, of course, it is better to use a special lip liner that will make you more attractive.

How to pick up a pencil?

this important subject of female beauticians can model at its discretion, the size and shape of the lips, making them alluring and sexy.As today can not be called the perfect make-up, in which there is no clear-cut lines.Typically, it is used together with a lipstick or gloss, to be carefully selected for color.An interesting fact is that the first lip pencil appeared in the last century.At the time, his popularity increased rapidly due to the versatility and unusual recipes.

Pick up pencils to be,

based on their preferences.You need to know exactly what color suits you best, and do not chase fashion.After all, what is actual, not everyone is suitable.

If you want to understand a little bit with fashion trends, you should know that red pencil is today considered one of the most popular.

Red lips: why is it?

course, has long been known that red is the color of passion, love, romance, and all the strong feelings between man and woman.Perhaps that is why the stronger sex so like to look at women's full lips, painted in this color.But it is necessary to understand that lipstick - it is just one step on the way to the perfect makeup.In order to remain perfect all day (or night), we should also pay attention to the red pencil.

methods applied to the lips to make

remained in good condition for several hours, it is important to remember that all means should be applied progressively, in strict order, as recommended by experts, stylists.

But if you want to experiment a bit, then you definitely need the following tips:

  1. to create a little blurred contour is first applied lipstick red, and only then paint on top of a pencil in tone.
  2. clear and visible contour can be created if you obvedete lips with a red pencil, and then later using the same color lipstick.
  3. to this shade did not seem too vulgar in the daytime, should be applied to the line clear and easy movements and lipstick (or gloss) - only the fingertips.
  4. to create an unusual appearance and anti-aging effect, you can use a lip pencil is not red, and white.But in this case it is better to avoid the pearlescent tones, because they add unnecessary shine.

pencil red shade We select

If you think you have to pick up the red pencil is very easy, because you can go in any store cosmetics and buy the first available model, then you are deeply mistaken.In fact it is quite a difficult choice, which is to do with great care.If you simply blindly buy all the cosmetics in the color palette that will get you on the eyes, that's for sure will cause serious financial problems in the family.

It is understood that the lip pencils made by a special recipe with a lot of wax, which helps create additional stability and saturation.But if you buy this item cosmetics from an unknown producer, it may even lead to microtraumas and skin problems.Red lip liner should be sufficiently hard pencil to line remained clear.But too hard is unacceptable, because it can damage the delicate skin.Dry pencil will not give the desired effect, and the liquid will not be able to create the perfect make-up, because it will spread along microcracks.

What to do?First of all, pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer.As a rule, the popular global brands doing better things.

Lip pencils from "Faberlic" - and you are perfection!

course, each girl selects products is that a cosmetics company whose products best suited to her skin type.But lately, more and more of the fair sex have begun to pay attention to products from "Faberlic".It can be very easy to explain their quality differs quite high, and the price allows you to purchase items of cosmetics, even for people with average budget.

lip pencil "Faberlic" helps to create a seductive and sexy look in just a few minutes.Due to the structure and special ingredients in particular oils, which are used representatives of its lines lie smoothly and evenly, but not flow into the micro-cracks in the skin.Thus, you can create a truly perfect makeup.A provides the added convenience of built-in sharpener.

Pencils from "Faberlic": a variety of shades

With the subject of cosmetics, you can prevent the spreading of lipstick, as well as to maintain its resistance throughout the day.In addition, in a palette of "Faberlic" today we can find really unusual shades which will help to create an interesting image.

So, for example, for young and energetic girls who like to experiment, suitable red-blue pencil that can add zest to an image.But if you do not want to expose their appearance experiments, do not worry!The company has taken care of its every customer.Classic makeup can be achieved by using the red-brown pencil.Each new color has its own peculiarities.A color range is so huge that you can not choose for themselves the problems, even the most daring and unusual tone.

features and properties of pencils from "Faberlic"

  • special soft and delicate texture of cosmetic products helps give lips shine and does not dry the skin.
  • fairly large range of colors allows you to pick up a pencil (the price of which, by the way, starts from 99 rubles) for every taste.
  • large number of mitigating oils helps the color to go smoothly, without spreading over the surface of the lips.
  • Integrated pencil sharpener makes easy to use not only at home but also in the way.
  • Special brush allows you to create a truly flawless makeup.
  • special composition helps to make the lips more voluminous and sensual.

History of stick

stick began its history back in the 20s of the last century.That while these items are no longer just the usual accessories for writing and become a beautician essential attributes in any self-respecting girl.Interestingly, the very first released a pencil popular at the time, the company Max Factor, which continues to hold a leading position among the producers of women's products today.While the makeup of the company used only the very rich of the fair sex, as well as the Hollywood actress to create a new image.A few years later a similar tool to improve the clarity of makeup lips firm released Maybellin.Thus began the story of one of the most common subjects in the female beautician.The shape and size of a pencil constantly changing, but the appointment was still the same: make the girl even more attractive and sexy.

What is it - part of modern stick?

course, the composition of these funds depends on what they are, what their purpose.If a pencil is made to sum up the eyebrows, eyelids and lips contour, then the rod must include a special emollient oils and waxes.However, they may be mineral and vegetable.Generally, the most common vegetable oils are considered to create a handle holder (jojoba oil, palm tree, and so on. D.).

To those pencils that are designed to eyeliner, special requirements, as they are in contact with the mucosa.They must be present natural ingredients, such as aloe extract, grape seed oil, evening primrose, special vitamins, minerals, and UV filters.