Cosmetics Fresh line - the beauty of nature

Unfortunately, hardly anyone uses for grooming natural products, giving preference to finished cosmetic products that contain in their composition a significant amount of harmful components.But natural substances have a very beneficial effect on our hair, skin and nails.If you prepare your own masks and gels, no, you can buy a ready-made natural cosmetics.Such means consist only of natural ingredients in their manufacture are not used preservatives, coloring agents and harmful substances.One of those lines is a cosmetic Fresh Line.Reviews of this cosmetics very positive.What is the secret?Let's look at the article.

little history In 1992, Greece Myra Vadzhioni Stasinopulu-established company Fresh Line, and in 1993 in Athens, it opened the first store.After 10 years of hard work the company has entered the international level.Today, shops Fresh Line opened in many countries: Germany, England, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Serbia, Russia and others.

brand concept

As part of the cosmet

ics present natural medicines and herbs.In retail stores, consumers will find a wide range of products for personal care.All products created by masters of old recipes almost by hand, and every facility is unique in its production technology and components.

Cosmetics Fresh Line is made only from natural products such as oils, herbs, vitamins, vegetables, milk, honey, fruits, plant extracts, herbal teas, essential oils.By manufacture clean and fresh ingredients.These harmful substances such as Sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, parabens, trietanoly, mineral oil, silicone, are not used for cosmetics that Fresh Line receives only positive responses.Those who tried the products of this brand in the future prefer to use it only.The fundamental position of the company is the rejection of ingredients tested on animals.Finished cosmetic products are not tested on our smaller brothers.The company pays special attention not only to human health, but also to preserve the environment.

Products Fresh Line

company offers a wide range of all necessary cosmetic products for body care, hair, face.An important fact is that the line means aromatherapy and herbal medicine produced for each skin type.

for facial cleansers produce creams and masks.Moisturizing Mask Fresh Line contain essential oils, vitamins and other useful ingredients that nourish, moisturize and soften dry skin.Perfectly Clean and restore skin tone masks, peels, their constituent cleansing oils help to eliminate even such a serious problem as the acne.Means for care of a body composed of natural soap, gel, cream, lotion, scrubs.Hair discharged liquid and solid shampoos, face masks, oil.The company also produces a special line of products for mothers and babies.

Interesting offers

feature of this brand is that some stores cosmetics can be purchased in bulk.These products really fresh, have a short period of use, so you get all the benefits of the active ingredients.

Surprisingly, cosmetics Fresh Line you can do for themselves.The company offers three pillars for the manufacture of cosmetic products: the basics of face cream, shower gel and shampoo.After the purchase of you will just have to add a ready mixture of oils, aromatic or essential oils.According to many users, this approach is very interesting.

Products for men

Among the huge diversity of the perfect beauty product will be able to choose not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex.Manufacturers Fresh Line have tried to create cosmetics specifically for men, given the problems and peculiarities of their skin.After all, their skin needs no less rigorous maintenance than women, more so that the visible flaws on the face can not hide with the help of makeup.In this regard, the company produces a series of cosmetic products that prevent aging and strengthens skin cells, actively supplying it with a complex of vitamins and amino acids.In addition, the composition of the products, especially for men, the components are present, by which the upper layer of epidermal healing is faster, and a part of wetting agents eliminate swelling and irritation.

Fresh Line Cosmetics are harmless.In the future the company is not going to abandon our principles: only natural ingredients, manual labor, high quality products.Having tried this makeup brand, you're sure will be pleased!