"Angels & Demons" Givenchy (Givenchy, Ange ou Demon): description of the flavor and reviews

As is known, there is no garment more erotic and sensual for a girl than a refined perfume.As Coco Chanel said, you can do without expensive dresses or jewelry, but without favorite flavor - no way.Marilyn Monroe admitted that he was asleep, "wearing" the only delicious flavor.In this post we will talk about this perfume known as "Angels & Demons" Givenchy.

Who should wear it as it is "sound" and who fit this flavor the most, you will learn from this article.Moreover, today there are many variations of the famous fragrance house Givenchy.After reading this post, you will learn how they differ on the "sound" and packaging.

gift from the fashion house Givenchy women

known fact that many of the houses that specialize in high fashion and production of designer clothes, sooner or later extend its specialization and start in his name to produce perfumes, cosmetics and other popular products.

fashion house Givenchy no exception.And if you can not afford a luxury dress for thousands of dollars, then y

ou can "put on" the fragrance Givenchy just a few dollars, that every girl can afford.Aromas of Givenchy vary, but all of them are known for their versatility and such a special "sound" that can not leave indifferent any girl.

house Givenchy has nearly half a century.In the early fifties fashion house was founded by Mr. Hubert.He was the first to sell the collection of ready-made clothes, not sewn to order by the standards.In fact, it was a revolution in the then fashionable structures.In addition, Givenchy is the first to introduce concepts such as fashion show and ready-to-wear.

«Angels & Demons» Givenchy appeared in 2006.This gift for girls and women - merit perfumers Oliver Cresp and Jean-Pierre take.Aroma admire the beautiful ladies around the world and is popular to this day.What is his secret?

Perfume Givenchy «Angels & Demons»

There is not one person who would have been the same all the time, and certainly no one girl who would not have to try on a variety of masks.Today she is gentle and affectionate hostess, tomorrow - a mysterious seductress, and the day after - a rigorous business-woman.However, all of these traits - the verge of one man, a mysterious woman, being beautiful and not the slave of formal logic.Who is she, this beautiful and dangerous woman, really-in-one blended angel and a demon?Givenchy knows the answer to this question and gave it to the world in her perfume.The face of the fragrance was the daughter of a senior official from France twenty Marie Steyss.Her face in two ways (angelic and demonic) depicted on the posters advertising the flavor.

on flavor

Givenchy Fragrance "Angels and Demons" refers to a group of oriental floral.Consider pyramid composition is odor.The top note make saffron, thyme and mandarin.

Central - lily, orchid and ylang-ylang.A note in the base are vanilla, oak moss, rosewood, and tonka bean.The aroma of thick, chewy and sweet, but not cloying, and not intrusive.If you are a fan of subtle flavors, it does not mean that "Angels & Demons" you do not like Givenchy."Rasprobuet" all facets of flavor and feel it in all its glory.

results of the first presentation of perfume

Fragrance quite extraordinary.The first presentation was held in the perfume shops "Letual.""Angels & Demons" Givenchy - fragrance that like most of the respondents.Girls clearly felt lily, thyme and humid forest moss from the forest.Lily has special properties - someone likes, someone causes headache and hostility.But this does not apply to this fragrance as a lily "sounds" are flawless, leaving only a bright and pleasant emotions.Almost everyone who "tasted" the smell of "Angels and Demons" Givenchy, left the most flattering reviews.Of course, the taste and color of comrades not, but this flavor attributed to the smell, which "goes" all to any outfit and a way, because the ideal of perfumers was the woman herself.

«Angels & Demons» Givenchy: reviews

As noted by all who managed rasprobovat flavor of "Angels and Demons" Givenchy is the fact that this perfume is extraordinarily resistant.In order not to embarrass others strong, although pleasant smell, it is not recommended to be applied by spraying, but to create a cloud of fragrant air and go through it in clothes or naked.Despite the fact that the scent is not new, it is still in high demand, and you can find out what people think women customers.Yet the majority of girls and women is "fragrant dress" from Givenchy like, and how!Delight cause subtle interweaving of fresh lilies, soft moss and vanilla, which make this fragrance suitable for use in the warmer months, and in the cold.

«secret» easy interpretation by Givenchy

In 2009, the fashion house has decided to release a lighter version of the beloved fragrance - Givenchy "Angels and Demons.The Secret ".Its peculiarity is the more daring and sensual fruity colors.The composition opens with aromas of sweet caramelized apples, middle note aroma envelops pink roses and jasmine in the database, you can clearly feel the sweet smell of patchouli and musk reserved.The fragrance was released in a "crystal" vials of 100, 50 and 30 ml.

If describe in words, it is what it is like this version of the fragrance, "Angels and Demons" Givenchy?Reviews indicate that the fragrance will take you into a blooming apple orchard, where you can enjoy a cool jasmine tea.Or you find yourself in the country, where there is a veil of flowers and enjoy the fragrant apple pie.Apples are not to everyone's taste in perfumes, and if you do not like DKNY, be sure to try the "secret" version of the fragrance from Givenchy.Apple is "sound" subtly and gracefully, without overloading you with sweetness and acidity.

Aroma mystical feminine, more "young" and fresh than the classic "Angels and Demons", but it will fit women of any age.This perfume is not as durable as the original version, but 6-7 hours, you'll definitely feel it, and the environment will feel a nice trail on your clothes, and the next day.If the first perfume reveals fruity notes of apple, then after a while you feel the transition to patchouli.Suitable for use at any time of the year, does not seem very hot in the summer and will not be out of place fruit in the cold winter.Not least important is the feeling of "chemistry" in flavor - "Secret" that does not sin, smells seem natural, fruit.

«Angels & Demons.The secret.Feather »

air and light scent of the" secret "the creators decided to change and make more gentle and" girlish. "It has therefore been released "Angels and Demons.The secret.Fieser ".It is based on a tart green tea, jasmine and lemon.The heart of the fragrance will be revealed frangipani, orange blossom and cedar.The peculiarity of this version of "The Secret" is not only in the light floral fruity fragrance but also in a very unusual decorating the bottle.Peach feathers and satin ribbon can be left on a yellow-crystal bottle, and can be worn as an elegant bracelet.

variation of the "secrets" of 2014 - "The Secret.Kruse »

In 2014," The Secret "was supplemented by a new release, which is based in amber and vanilla top note clearly sounds lemon, jasmine and neroli, and the average note of chord wins salt and tiare flower.The creators wanted to make a new flavor reminded of the smell of warm sand in the summer wind.The smell is very bright and somewhat exotic, but because immediately transfers the owner of the warm countries where the ocean waves caress the shore.This fragrance is not as versatile, longer summer than the winter.Furthermore, it is more striking in terms of sensation of fruit.

Sensual Elixir of Love

In 2011, Givenchy presented the continuation of a favorite of women line called "Elixir".The scent can be clearly attributed to the chypre.Let us open the composition.Perfume greets you neroli, tea and lemon.The heart reveals sweet jasmine, orange blossom and frangipani, and the database you will feel patchouli, musk, cedar and vanilla.Vanilla and patchouli fragrance from Givenchy doing "Angels and Demons.Elixir "magically sweet, attractive and inviting.Perfume can be called universal, because all the components are chosen so harmoniously and smoothly, they do smell just perfect.On the first "trial" clearly felt patchouli and musk, then gently cools green tea and felt a light citric acidity.Note that the smell on the skin can reveal a completely unique, personal way for you.When is it best to use this fragrance?Feel free to wear it in the winter, you will perfume warm sweet notes of patchouli and vanilla.But in the summer of "Elixir" is not strangle you as cool lemon and green tea flavor will make fresh and not heavy.

How to distinguish different types of flavors, "Angels and Demons"?

all perfume fragrances are made in the form of a crystal, captivating, beautiful and still quite sharp and dangerous.But the flavor varieties differ in color, partially transmitting the contents of the vial.

Classic "Angels and Demons" is made in cold blue and white and looks like an expensive gem gorgeous cut.If you purchase a licensed version of the original flavor, the color of the bottle will not change over time.

Givenchy "Angels and Demons" yellow - is "The Secret".Warm colors like flowing out of the package, giving a precious bottle of perfume with a warming glow from within.The color scheme of the packaging conveys the feeling of content.Introduced in 2014, "The Secret.Crusoe "also made in yellow, but the crystal deeper hue, similar to amber.The label is decorated with ornaments made of exotic flowers.

If you see in the store perfume pink and yellow bottle "Angels and Demons", decorated with puff of feathers and satin ribbon, know that this is one of the variations of the "secret" - "Feather".

purple crystal cold shade - a mysterious "elixir."Delicate purple shimmer vial makes a gem in amethyst.