"Akvapiling" Foot: customer reviews

Daily external environment adversely affects the skin of our feet.She is constantly under pressure of body weight, suffering from prolonged wearing uncomfortable, tight shoes, or shoes with heels.As a result, the skin on his legs eventually begins to coarsen, gaskets, can form calluses, hyperkeratoses (corns).

care for your hands, face, décolleté, we tend to pay much attention, but the care of the feet, many, unfortunately, neglected.It threatens the development of more serious problems: painful cracks may appear, which often become infected, as a person begins to feel a burning sensation and discomfort when walking.Similar phenomena can also occur on the knees, elbows, and sometimes on the palms.To eliminate such troubles can be in a beauty salon, where experts offer several methods of solving problems, and many of them are really effective, but, unfortunately, are not cheap.Today we have an opportunity to get rid of rough skin and in the home.Will this special means "Akvapiling" leg.Reviews about th

is product satisfied customers leave very positive.Let's talk more about it in the article.

composition means

«Akvapiling" leg contains in its composition substances that soften the horny layer of the skin, antiseptic, has anti-fungal, anti-microbial action.The tool has no effect on healthy skin."Akvapiling" leg consists of substances such as acrylate / 25 palmet tetraborate, sodium acrylate copolymer, a phosphorous s20-22 alcohol, potassium hydroxide, sage extract, aloe vera, menthol, water.

Method of production

«Akvapiling" produced in the form of solution and cream.At strongly desiccated skin, large blisters, keratosis is recommended to use both forms of the drug, first solution, and then the cream.The solution should be applied 1-2 times per day.The cream can be used as many times as its constituent substances are safe.When the structure of the skin of the treated area will return to normal, to maintain the health of the feet can only use the cream.Continuing to use a different form means "Akvapiling" (solution) of the foot should be, because its composition is present in antiseptic.


Using the "Akvapilig" leg is shown at:

  • thickened rough skin of the feet, knees, hands, elbows;

  • dry calluses and corns;

  • cracks;

  • as a preventive agent against the formation of rough skin.

also "Akvapiling" can be used as an antifungal agent for the treatment of fungus on his feet.It is often accompanied by a rough skin fungus.In order for treatment to be most effective, you must first get rid of the hardened layer of the skin, and then use antifungal creams and ointments.

«Akvapiling" leg: the instructions for use of the solution

before using the funds should not be washed with water or wet feet.The procedure is as follows:

  • On the floor is necessary to put a piece of plastic film, which you can wrap the foot.On top put a paper towel or cloth, which will need to cover the problem skin.

  • Moisten a paper towel or napkin solution "Akvapiling."

  • Put the foot on the surface of tissue.

  • wrap it with plastic wrap and leave in this position for 15-20 minutes.

  • After this time, remove the film and tissue.

  • scrapers, included in the kit, remove the softened layer of the skin.

  • warm water without using soap thoroughly wash the foot, well dry with a towel.

After using the solution on its feet is recommended to apply the cream "Akvapiling."

Advantages cream "Akvapiling»

This product contains urea, natural aromatic oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender), plant extracts (green tea, chamomile), which gives the facility "Akvapiling" additional benefits:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;

  • accelerates the healing of cracks;

  • does not cause pain or a burning sensation.

The drug has no effect on healthy skin, the risk of infection is excluded, for example, when using pumice.There is also no danger of cut, as is the case with the use of machines, grinding nail files, abrasive scrapers.

Consumers apply the cream, say one positive thing: "Akvapiling" (cream) devoid of excess fat, as opposed to other means for the feet.This is achieved due to the predominance in the composition of silicone.With regular use, the cream can prevent the formation of new dry, calloused skin areas and cracks.Even after a week of using funds legs become more healthy and smooth.

reviews means

Customer reviews of cream and solution "Akvapiling" mostly positive.They noted that

  • after using the solution heels are really "like a baby";
  • with regular use of a cream corns almost completely disappeared on the tenth day of use;
  • cream is not only perfectly moisturizes dry skin feet but also has a deodorizing effect;
  • even after a holiday by the sea, where salt water and sand have a negative effect on the skin of the feet, by using the "Akvapiling" is possible in a short time to return the heels soft and smooth;
  • "Akvapiling" - a great alternative to expensive salon procedures.

How to apply the cream?

As mentioned above, the shape of the product "Akvapiling" (cream) leg is used after applying the solution.If the corn is not very pronounced, it can be used for regular maintenance as an independent agent.The drug "Akvapiling" intensively softens and moisturizes the skin of the feet.

Precautions Avoid contact with eyes.If this could not be avoided, the eyes wash with plenty of water.Re-use solution "Akvapiling" for the feet, if necessary, it is recommended not earlier than the day after the first treatment.


Today, beauty salons offer a variety of treatments to help maintain an attractive appearance.However, most of them tend to be expensive.Fortunately, the science is not in place and available for sale are regularly received the means to quality care for your body, not leaving home.One of them is drug "Akvapiling."With him your legs and other parts of the body that require attention will always be in perfect order.Naturally, this regularity is important, because any problem is always easier to prevent than to fix a long time.Take care of yourself with pleasure, and the result will not take long.Be beautiful!