Lip Balm Maybelline Baby Lips

Ladies, now let's talk about the new facility lip Maybelline Baby Lips.This lip balm that protects them from drying for 8 hours.Also gives your lips shine, gives color and a pleasant aroma.This may be a cherry with a slight tinge of red or pink gloss with passion fruit.Perhaps peach with delicate beige hue.There is also a colorless lipstick with mint aroma.Its refreshing scent gives a pleasant tingling, coolness.In the heat of summer it really helps.

summer and spring this balm - a great assistant for the lips.After all, it includes SPF20 UV protection.In the fall and winter balm protects lips from chapping, prevents cracks on the lips.


Maybelline Baby Lips perfectly moisturizes lips, lasts a long time, is applied evenly and looks very tempting.Gloss can be applied both individually and for lipstick and can be on it.It is also recommended to apply it before going to bed and the next morning lips will be soft and they will be pleased with the flavor.This tool will appear on the lips of course,

making a gentle way.

often came home in the evening, we wash off makeup and causes your favorite night cream.Caring for the skin to shine the next morning beauty.Neat skin always makes us a little better.And how we take care of our lips?After all, they are also prone to the harmful effects of the environment and also need vitamins.Men often look at women's lips on how they look.We do not want to at this time the man saw over-dried skin of the lips, yet richly shaded lipstick?

With the new Maybelline Baby Lips do not worry that the lips will look bad.Just apply this balm on the lips not only during the day (for beauty), but also at night - care.You will see after 4 weeks your lips will be smooth, dry cease to torment you.

Another advantage Maybelline Baby Lips that this balm does not slip into lipstick.Lipstick is applied exactly as if you painted a professional makeup artist.Each girl's case the situation when on the lips lipstick appeared on the edge of the white stripe.It looks ugly, and felt on the lips is not very nice.Maybelline (Chapstick) Baby Lips really eliminates the problem, even if you have an inexpensive lipstick.

Even after eating a portion of retained balm on the lips.After tea or coffee there is no need to tint the lips.Balsam perfectly does its job.


On the Internet, many are asking where to buy the balm are also asked to express their opinions about the product.We are interested in this excitement and read reviews.Assessing some of them, we will discuss what qualities primarily emphasize the owner of this cosmetic product.So Lipstick Baby Lips: reviews.

According to fans of the balm, the smell is very pronounced, especially true for the chemical cherries.The fragrance for an amateur, but quite acceptable.It does not cause irritation.Balsam pleasant in application, easily and gently glides over lips, melts them.Consistency optimal, not too oily, when the facility starts to melt in the stick, but do not dry or hard.There was no taste there.SPF20 - definite plus, especially in summer.

lips very well moistened.After that they are soft and tender.Eight hours of protection against dryness, moisturizing, caring, pleasant aroma.And all this - in a small vehicle.


Another advantage balm Baby Lips Maybelline - price.It means so many advantages that it seems it should be worth a fortune.But the price of this little miracle is only 80-100 p.For the price balm makes the job of expensive high-quality tools.

it worth trying?

When we offer something new, there is always a question: do I need it?If you're a girl, a woman you are experiencing dryness of the lips, windburn or you just want to make your lips look beautiful - Maybelline Baby Lips exactly for you.It's a little secret that will help you look well-groomed and neat, even without makeup.And its flavor and color are nice bonuses to other advantages.Care & Beauty - two in one, what else can you ask for?

few words about the manufacturer

«Maybelline» - a cosmetic brand, today owned by L'Oreal.Company «Maybelline» created a New York pharmacist TL Williams in 1915. Once the young Williams to observe how his younger sister named Mabel apply the mixture, which consists of coal dust and Vaseline to your eyelashes, thus makingtheir darker.Then he reproduced the mixture into a small private laboratory, sold it under the name «Lash-Brow-Ine».The product became a local hit, but the unattractive name scares off potential new customers.After that, Williams renamed facility in "Maybelline" .There is another version, which indicates that the first Williams created mascara for Mabel, is a means to charm a girl helped groom.The name of the cosmetic product instead of a portion of the name of the creator's sister, that was the name the company has achieved legendary status in the cosmetics field.By 1917, the brand released the ink, which was called the first modern cosmetics for the eyes, designed for daily use.In 1960 appeared «Ultra Lash» - means that obtained a water-resistant formula, in a case supplemented dispenser.It was the first liquid ink into a pencil case with a spiral brush applicator.