"Killian" - luxury perfume and passionate.

¬ęKillian" - spirits, which can not be forgotten, but once felt their fragrance.Today we'll talk about this work of art perfumery, tell who was his inventor and thus the maestro has created this creation.

Compatibility incompatible

say that every respectable man must necessarily be its own special flavor that will eventually serve his original card.Works from "Killian" with dignity carry out this important mission.Let's take a closer look at this company.

founder of one of the famous brands "Killian" is Killian Hennessy - the heir of a wealthy family, intelligent and purposeful Frenchman.What a surprise it was family when the grandson of the founder of one of the most expensive cognac houses suddenly refused to continue the family business, he said he intends to become a famous perfumer!Having worked for years in the field of cosmetics, Killian Hennessy dared to create and introduce the world to its own brand, and his mentors were well-known, and Alberto Thierry Vassor Morrill.Under the brand "Kil

lian" spirits were presented only in 2007.

Colleagues recognized Hennessey tireless workaholic.Just imagine: all day long he is willing to explore and pinpoint accuracy to select the most expensive ingredients for their spirits, and at night arranges press conferences and presentations.The perfume "Killian" intertwined set of feelings such as jealousy and love, tenderness and fiery passion.It is thanks to a rich range everyone can choose the flavor to your liking.

Perfume as an erotic novel

In his case the manufacturer pays attention to any detail.So, caskets, which are sold "Killian" (perfume), decorated with Greek ornaments, and the coveted bottle basked in black silk.The value of such a gift emphasizes equally important element of the decor - a case can be closed with the scent on the silver key.Perhaps it is the deliberate desire of the author to show how important it is for him this creation.In an interview with K. Hennessy encourages fans not to throw an empty bottle, as it is a work of art.

over the name of the fragrance works as a guru himself - "Prelude Love", "Sweet Redemption", "Back to Black."These phrases sound like the names of the novels, excite the imagination and cause the anticipation of something unusual.It is to love the works of the author equates their creations.Each flavor has its own history, their own world and an unforgettable atmosphere.It's hard not to agree that by now, "Killian" spirits - is a sign of prosperity and sense of style.At the moment they are incredibly popular and are classified as "luxury".One day, Christina Aguilera has admitted that one of the fans gave her "Killian."Perfume soon became one of her favorite.

Queuing for fun

Creator guarantee: once felt the smell of perfume, you will never be able to forget it.The unique French flavor pep to your image, will bring a storm of positive emotions.As he saw Killian, perfume should combine sweetness and astringency of wine brandy with good exposure.Experts say that the creator was able to achieve the perfect balance of luxury and elegance, which is indisputable proof of the skill.No wonder that the owners of perfume boutiques admired demand for spirits "Killian": the price of one vial sometimes reaches 300 dollars, but, despite this, the product sold out instantly.Moreover, for new flavors a queue connoisseurs.Last year, the peak sales of these spirits fell on Valentine's Day.Not for nothing, "Killian" has received well-deserved status of "spirits for lovers."

French flavor in the Russian style

recently held a grand presentation of spirits from "Killian" in Moscow, which attracted a large audience.High society happily agreed to become familiar with the new fragrance from such well-known brand.French visitor personally met the guests and presented the spirits of the audience.He also expressed his sympathy to the Russian culture.A real discovery for journalists was the fact that the creation of another fragrance was inspired by Faberge Easter eggs.

celebrities present at the event have discovered a new creation, "Killian" (spirits).Reviews pleasantly impressed by the author's flavor.Killian Hennessy promised consistently delight their fans with new developments.

not restrain passion!

One of the most successful fragrances of Killian Hennessy recognized as a masterpiece entitled "Dangerous Liaisons," which was presented to the audience as a light summer fragrance that envelops the unique aura of the air.After a year he was recognized as a classic.Aroma "Dangerous Liaisons" was presented in the film "Three meters above the sky."Sam Hennessy claims that this is the best reel of film reveals the main idea, which created these spirits.

feature of this fragrance is that it is ideal for both men and the fair sex.Everyone is sure to find in it something of their own.There is tenderness, femininity, which is replaced by courage, passion and risk.These spirits are built on the theme of love and ardor.Creator if calls plunge into the world of feelings, emotions give in even when your passion goes beyond what is permitted."Life is short, do not need to hide emotions," - said at the presentation of Hennessy "Dangerous Liaisons."Do not be afraid of their feelings, take risks and win!

main notes of the fragrance are the plum and geranium, secondary - vanilla, musk, cinnamon and sandalwood.Those who chose the spirits "Killian," "Dangerous Liaisons", reviews left the same contradictory, as the scent itself.

Looking to the future

Fortunately, every year new products from perfume Killian Hennessy becoming more affordable.Now they can be purchased in many large shopping centers, boutiques, book on the Internet.The main thing - beware of imitations, because it is no secret that there are those who are happy to take advantage of other people's success.Let's hope that the inspiration for a long time the master is exhausted, and he did not just delight us with their bold experiments.