Deodorant " Nivea " " The effect of powder " : customer reviews .Antiperspirant Deodorant NIVEA « Effect powder " : the features and characteristics

personal hygiene - that's what comes first to every self-respecting man.Fortunately, manufacturers of household chemicals and perfumes do not rest on our laurels and continue to produce new tools designed to facilitate and improve the lives of the modern man.

Meet new cosmetic product

In this post we will focus on innovation such as deodorant "Nivea" - "Effect of powder."Comments about this vehicle appeared immediately after the release of deodorant on the market.What do the ladies of the "effect of the powder", whether it is a means to acquire?

"No" natural smells!

Nature has provided man with everything necessary to ensure that he could no sight and hearing to determine how his kinsman or someone else's.It is the sense of smell.Every second our body during the operation and functioning allocates hundreds of shades of subtle smells that "talk" about our mood, emotional state, health and well-being.The system works so subtly that, trusting it, you can see the person you are agreeable or not, c

ause if you have a desire and interest in or, conversely, repel them.But that is quite ironic, people willfully reject this gift of nature.Natural flavors (including pot) cause 99% of the civilized inhabitants of the planet disgust.But, no matter how it was funny, a much more pleasant person to seem artificial, synthetic fragrances such as perfumes and deodorants.For this reason, manufacturers of personal care products will always be in charge.

What do customers expect from deodorants, antiperspirants?

will understand "what women want", before moving on to study the advantages and disadvantages of such means as deodorant "Nivea" - "Effect of powder."

give feedback on "good deodorant" that's what they say:

  1. Every woman in any age group wants to avoid the smell of sweat.It does not matter what kind of activity it is involved (business-woman, which does not leave the office, or aerobics teacher), which is a way of life - your own body odor is perceived by the fair sex as something antisocial and extremely unpleasant.
  2. Antiperspirant must protect from the smell of sweat is not less than the amount of time promised on the package.That is, if the manufacturer claims 48 hours of action and protection against odor, the woman should rely on this period of time, knowing that it will not have an unpleasant extraneous flavors.
  3. dryness.This option is quite willing, but, as noted by the girls, even deodorants, which are designed for an active lifestyle people who can not ensure dryness.Indeed, after one of the most important functions of sweating - heat and water exchange.Normal (ie approved by dermatologists) deodorant in any case should not block the sweat glands - this can lead to disease, including tumor formation.
  4. absence of stains on clothes.As the eight out of ten women, they change deodorant only for the reason that he leaves traces on clothes.On the black fabric such spots appear as white streaks on light - as the yellow stains.

These are the basic requirements that girls and women make on deodorant.Among the desirable, but not mandatory properties - pleasant fragrance, skin care, ease of use, environmental friendliness.

products from the brand "Nivea»

«Nivea" is known worldwide as a manufacturer of looking after cosmetics - shampoos, body lotions, deodorant agents.

Product Lines expands from year to year, because the consumer is always hungry for something new, superior in quality already known and tested tools.So, before there was deodorant, giving freshness for more than 12 hours.To date, there is a deodorant Nivea, ensuring the purity and freshness of up to 96 hours.In addition, existing products are constantly being improved, giving consumers the ability to not change the favorite brand and already love means.

New from "Nivea»

Not so long ago there was the novelty of the company - deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder."If you fancy a powder exclusively as part of decorative cosmetics, you are wrong - in this case it is a question of kaolin.Another popular name of the kaolin powder - a "white clay".What is it and why this ingredient was a part of the new deodorant?

This substance is known for its excellent absorbent and enveloping properties.It is this quality that underlies the "Effect of powder."Deodorant has a pleasant and yet unobtrusive floral aroma.

What do women customers?

If there is a desire to buy a deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder", reviews of those who have tried it, interested in the first place.That's right, since no ads will not tell about the product is better than the real consumers.

Advertising Agency conducted a survey of 1,000 respondents among those who have bought and used the product.And what are the results:

  • majority of those who tried the deodorant, namely 78%, say it is not sticky, nice structure;
  • «Effect powder" dries very quickly (60% took part in the survey noted that women drying occurs almost instantaneously);
  • gives the skin softness (73% of women who used "effect powders", it noted that in the first two weeks of use, skin was much softer, 35% lost irritation and redness in the underarm area);
  • 96% said that a deodorant does not leave white spots and stains on clothes;
  • 100% confirmed that "Effect powder" for 48 hours and gives greater protection against odor, and 68% confirmed that provide dry skin deodorant.

The fact that the antiperspirant is no alcohol, makes it very attractive for buyers Deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder."Reviews

real consumers mean to potential customers much more than a bright and beautiful advertising.Most of the respondents participating in the survey, there were more than satisfied with the work, "Effect of powder."

opinion dermatologists

Considering specialist deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder", the composition satisfy dermatologist.Above all, this means hygiene without dyes and alcohol.These additives are often used to create antiperspirant, and these components cause skin irritation and allergic reaction.

The second important point - is the presence of kaolin powder in the composition.This component makes "effect powders" means not only soft, but also much more effective than deodorant, do not contain this "secret" ingredient.It is for this reason, "The effect of powder" approved by dermatologists and recommended for use.

How much is "Nivea" "The effect of powder?"

If you decide to buy a deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder", the price you will not confuse.In his new deodorant makers have set the average market price of the ordinary.In Ukraine, in the large cities "effect powders" can be purchased from 25 hryvnia in Russia - 80 rubles.But it should be noted that there are three kinds of deodorant.

This antiperspirant spray, solid stick and roll-on deodorant.All three species are identical in their effect, and differ only for the reason that some ladies are accustomed to solid deodorant, while others like dusts.

Deodorant "Nivea" "The effect of powder" can be bought in any large store specializing in the sale of decorative and care cosmetics.