Cosmetics "Lash" - reviews.

On the shelves of the usual shops selling perfumes and care products for face and body is not found cosmetics "Lash".It is sold only in specialized centers in different cities of our country.Goods sold under this brand - made in England.Creators of the company are its history of 1970.For several decades cosmetics "Lash" managed to gain the trust of customers from around the world.What is special about it?At its production uses only natural and high-quality ingredients: fruit and vegetables, oils and so on.It looks these cosmetics are not exactly what we are used to seeing it on store shelves.She sold mostly in bulk.Bombs Bath entitled "Sparkler", "Northern Lights" soap "Ring of Fairies", "Yog-Nog", "Alaska" Shampoo "Sail", "Beer for Cynthia," face masks "Holy Truth""Amazon," "Love the salad": these are just a small part of unique handmade products for the beauty of body and soul.

few words about

In 1970 in England triholog Mark Constantine met in one of the salons cosmetologist Liz Uier.The subject

of their conversation was natural cosmetics handmade.A few years after this meeting, they have opened a joint venture for the manufacture thereof.The main buyer was the unique production company The Body Shop, which soon acquired the brand and Liz formula of cosmetics and the right to its creation and implementation.According to the contract of sale, the creators of the brand, "Lash" for five years had no right to open their own shops.Therefore, Mark and Liz decided to create a new company called Cosmetics To Go, selling cosmetics by mail.Unfortunately, it's their company collapsed.But desperate Mark and Liz are not discouraged.And the term of the contract came to an end.And then they, along with several partners, will soon have your makeup done by hand from the products purchased on the market and sold it in the retail shop.It is in 1995.It was then coined the name for the new company - Lush.All subsequent years, a network of centers for the sale of the cosmetics expanded, opened new branches in America, Canada and other countries.Manufacturers of these products today strongly oppose animal experiments are fighting for the preservation of purity and ecology, are spending huge amounts of money to charity.

On the composition of cosmetics "Lash"

creators of these products claim to use at the same time basically only natural ingredients.They even almost abandoned the packaging of its products in cans and plastic bottles.It is therefore mainly solid produced this cosmetics.Prices are not small.Let's see what the natural ingredients included in its composition.Glycerine, grapefruit, orange, jojoba, ylang-ylang, violet leaves, patchouli, lime, extracts of gardenia, jasmine, lavender and so on.But if you carefully study the composition of these products, it can be concluded that the production of cosmetics, "Lash" are not only natural but also synthetic components: a variety of colors, mica, alcohol and more.This can be guessed by looking at the abundance of colors of the products.Bright blue, pale pink, blue ... Natural cosmetics can not be so colorful.As for her strong and persistent smell, it is quite possible that it give the essential oils, which, even in very small concentrations provide enough bright flavor.

Hair cosmetics

We used to buy shampoo and conditioner in bottles and vials.Manufacturers of cosmetics "Lash" we offer these products in solid form even without packaging.Most shampoos here look like large multi-colored pills.Among them are such as "clean green" with an herbal mixture "Sail" from oil and aroma of juniper tar, "Neptune" with algae and sea salt.Women write about that to use such cleaners for the hair - a pleasure.To do this, just to moisten "tablet" with water, apply the mixture on the head and foam under running water.Hair after such procedures become extremely soft and shiny.But there were women customers who were dissatisfied with the hair cosmetics of this brand.This is the henna.It looks like this herbal product chocolate bar, smells oriental spices.But this, according to some consumers, the positive aspects end.After painting a henna hair becomes stiff and dull.The cost of one plitochki product is about 700 rubles.Suffice it to several procedures.Poor product quality and overpriced?It may be that all is not so bad.The fact is that henna for coloring is not suitable for women with thinning hair dry as it dubit and further dries them.But the cost of the product is clearly overstated.Plain packaging henna costs only 10 rubles.Many women like hair masks and care for the scalp of the firm.According to their responses, these products have a specific, but pleasant flavor.After their application hair become stronger, have a healthy shine and elasticity.Such means as superbalzam scalp, helps to effectively fight dandruff.However, the prices on these cosmetics are high - from 600 to 1000 rubles per jar.

Solid toothpaste

«Shu-Shu - I love you," "Ultrablast", "Atomic", "Sparkle" ... The uninitiated people will long to guess which products belong to these names.It turns out that it's hard toothpastes, which are manufactured by the company in the form of small tabletochek.To use them, just need to put the pill in his mouth, moisten it with water, and then, when it starts foaming, brushing teeth usually brush.Interestingly, and how effective are these funds for oral hygiene?Feedback from customers suggests that such foam "pills" good.Feelings after brushing are the same as after the treatments with any other toothpaste.Some say that, thanks to the ease of use, is an ideal means of long journeys, in the country and so on.The cost of the package is 220 rubles.

Caring for a person

Cleansers, toners, creams, scrubs, serums ... The products we use in facial skin care.All of this is in the company's catalog, which presents natural cosmetics Lush.If you look at the customer reviews of the product, it can be concluded that their opinions are divided.Someone thinks the goods the best means to care for skin.It is mainly composed of only natural ingredients and pure spring water.Women wrote that creams and tonics of the brand quickly and reliably eliminate acne, redness, excess fat or skin dryness.But some buyers are only added to the problems.They appeared after applying make rash and irritation on his face.In most cases, this may have been allergic to the presence in the means of natural ingredients.Should Face "Lash" from 800 to 2,000 rubles or more.

Unique bath products

How to relax and unwind after a busy day?The makers of cosmetics Lush assured that you can do it in the bathtub with warm water, foam filled with tender and delicious flavors.The product range of the company's water treatment unusually broad: and soap and bath foam and oil, and even a "bomb".What is it and what is the popularity of this product among consumers, we can find out from their comments.People who like cosmetics "Lars" wrote that the soap is simply wonderful: a gentle pleasant aroma of musk and flowers, bright natural colors, very economical.But such a product, like a bomb for bath, many disappointed.It looks like a small ball or disk.The manual states that when lowering the bomb into the bath she should hiss and foam to change the color of the water.This bathroom is filled with wonderful aromas of nature: citrus, flowers, fruits, vanilla and so on.As it turns out in practice?Buyers write that bomb dissolves very quickly, much hiss is not made, the water becomes not pink or turquoise, but a cloudy greenish or pale purple hue, the foam disappears quickly, and the smell after all this "action" poor.There is this "miracle" of the order of 220-390 rubles.Many consumers begs the question: "Should I buy these" things? "Maybe it's better to buy the foam and bath salt?»

Funds shower

Some people believe that the cosmetics Lush - this is a great gift and a woman and a man,and enamored pair on any celebration.And there are to choose from.Funds for the soul presented gels, scrubs, mousse, gel and soap.To use these products, you need to put them on a sponge and foam under running water.Their names are promising: jelly "cherry pie" gels "Pink jam", "olive branch" and other mousses "Sweet Dreams" and "Oriental luxury" scrub "young skin" soap "Ring Fairy" and moremore.Very beautiful.But see, Is the hope of buyers these exotic names.Many people agree that, as a gift, these products are very good.But for yourself, you can choose something and cheaper.The price of these goods rather big: from 220 to 1260 rubles.At the same time buyers write that expected something more from the funds for the soul of the brand.After all this cosmetics - handmade.This means that there should be only natural ingredients.As part of these products were also found all the same synthetic components that are used in the production of conventional shower gels."Why are they so expensive?" - The question asked by many of the buyers of cosmetics.

New items All new stores throughout the world opened the company producing the goods for beauty.The work of the firm also does not stand still.There are new unique products, pleasing customers who already fell in love with cosmetics "Lash".What most attracted buyers here?Firstly, bubble bath "Brilliant pumpkin" and "Holly".People say that the dissolution of the products in water it changes color, foams, and the bathroom is filled with scents of ylang-ylang, citrus, roses ... And sold this product is not in the liquid state in the usual bottles, as well as a solid piecewhich is necessary to crush the foam and the water jet during use.But the next novelty - solid toilet soap called "Reindeer" and "Yog-Nog" - not popular with our customers.In the review, it is mentioned that the product is very uneconomical.This soap soak quickly, losing shape.After that, it becomes difficult to use.

What is a fan?

And this interesting product in other cosmetic brands is extremely rare.It is called a fan.What is it and what is it?According to the opinion of many customers who like natural cosmetics "Lash" fan - the perfect gift for a child.It's the combination means "4 in 1" - soap, bath foam, shampoo and product modeling.It looks like clay.Many comments tells users how bathing becomes a favorite pastime for even the most capricious toddlers.BLIND fun a face, and then use it to wash the head and body - what could be more interesting while swimming?Children liked this cosmetic product.


Lush Cosmetics sold mainly in bulk.This is convenient if you buy it for yourself.But what if you want to make a gift to someone you know, or native people?In that case, the company has prepared a ready-made, packaged in a beautiful branded paper, presentation: Blooming Beautiful (foam and a bomb bath), Lush Life (cleanser, gel, scrub the shower, bomb, fan, soaps, shampoos, creams and oilsbody) and more.The cost of such gifts ranging from 600 to 9100 rubles.People write about the fact that many of them, instead of rushing to the shops in search of a suitable a present prefer to buy a set of them and bring happiness and colleague and boss, and relatives, and loved one.


there in the line of cosmetics, "Lash" and solid perfumes and toilet waters.Assortment of small.Some of the flavors already caught the fancy of our customers.But if we take as a whole, these products are not very popular among the population.Buy them mostly women.They write that the flavors are very specific, not everyone will like them: that somewhere between the smell of grass, oak, spice ... By all accounts, keeps a perfume somewhere 5-6 hours.The only thing worth mentioning in this product line - solid perfume 'Karma' with oriental flavor.Many women have this particular product is isolated in their reviews.


What else can please their customers cosmetics "Lash"?Reviews of her clients say that the relatively firm recently released a series of decorative cosmetics called Emotional Brilliance, many of whose products have liked them.It consists of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and jojoba oil, infusion of rose petals and pink wax.This basically tonal resources.What are the pros and cons of this makeup?Comments women say that the makeup base and foundation of this brand are great: economical means, lie flat, completely invisible on the skin.But mascara is not very good: inconvenient to use (too short handle brushes at) glued together after application and after washing, has an unpleasant odor.


And now summarize all of the above.Very nice cosmetics "Lash".Reviews of consumers say that it is in demand.But buy it mostly for gifts.For myself, as there are funds and cheaper and better quality.The advantages of the cosmetics include: a very pleasant aroma-resistant, no preservatives in the composition of (according to the manufacturer), that it contains many natural components.Cons: High price, low shelf life, is not always good quality.

We have tried to consider, based on reviews yet all the advantages and disadvantages, which has cosmetic "Lash".Addresses of the stores of the company simply can not be put in the article, because they have more than six dozen, and are they in many major cities of the country: Moscow (str. Skakovaya, 9 Street. Decembrists, 12), Yekaterinburg (st. March 8, Str.Pleasing, 129), Voronezh, Novosibirsk (st. Vokzalnaya Magistral 4), Ryazan, and so on.Therefore, buy the goods and ensure their quality is not difficult.