Unique and exclusive cosmetics deaura

standard of professional cosmetics are cosmetic sets Deaura from Israeli manufacturers.Development and production of the new brand is based on the use of innovative discoveries and high technology.After five years of research, a careful study of medicinal properties of plants, as well as the search of ideal proportions of minerals, Israeli scientists together with experts from other countries have managed to create a unique formula of the complex biological NIAPEPTYGOLD.It is the basis of all cosmetic sets Deaura.

main components of cosmetics Deaura

Israeli cosmetics are very popular all over the world.Tools deaura cosmetics are no exception.The gifts of the rich nature of the land of Israel, Dead Sea minerals have allowed them to take a leading position among the huge popularity of this range of products from manufacturers and are the source of natural ingredients.Form a unique cosmetics are:
• gold particles for a toning effect and the effect of lifting;
• vitamin B 3 to stimulate metabolism and

restore the required level of moisture;
• plant extracts to nourish, restore skin and hair;
• hexyl peptide-19 to strengthen hair, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;
• Dead Sea minerals to preserve the natural beauty and attractiveness.
Benefits fragrance sets Deaura
world market leadership in the exclusive care products for skin and hair Deaura well deserved.Israeli cosmetic sets features many advantageous characteristics.These include:
• compliance with quality standards ISO;
• the possibility of correcting age-related changes;
• presence of special devices to enhance the impact of natural components;
• integrated approach, at the same time providing an opportunity to rejuvenate the skin, body and hair care;
• Ease of Use;
• increase the moisture level of the skin and hair;
• High-performance anti-wrinkle;
• firming and improving skin texture;
• skin smoothing;
• restoring the hair structure and reducing their losses;
• use of natural high-quality raw materials;
• matching the price and quality;
Exclusive cosmetic sets Deaura
line Israeli Deaura includes three brand cosmetic kit:
• hair;
• Face;
• Body.

High efficiency results obtained by using the Israeli cosmetics brand Deaura confirmed by the results of research and positive feedback.Biological complex mineral components and extracts of plants fully meet the physiological needs of the skin and hair.The unique formulation of the Israeli cosmetic sets Deaura provides an opportunity for women of all ages to extend soybean youth and beauty for years to come.
Cosmetics Deaura - the best choice of our century!