AHA acid.

huge number of load falls on our skin.She suffers from stress and lack of vitamins, it is experiencing the negative impact of wind and ultraviolet radiation.Add to that the mechanical injury, improper care, age.It is not surprising that sometimes there are problems with it.On the skin it is necessary to take care of, and then it will please you to its smooth and velvety.And this may help in the miraculous power of nature.For example, AHA acids.You have not heard of them?Then it's time to lift the veil of mystery and find out what it is.

kingdom Fruit acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA they are called for short) - is a biologically active component.Their main advantage is considered naturalness, which is very important in the modern world of cosmetics.Often referred to as fruit acids.This is due to the fact that they were first discovered in fruit.But they can be found in the old wine, sour milk, sugar cane.

Today Cosmetics is unthinkable without AHA acids.Due to its beneficial properties, they are co

nsidered the most popular ingredients in gels, masks, creams.

Ana acid: types and characteristics

A variety of fruit acids helps to solve many problems.Alpha-hydroxy acids - is a collective term that includes several types:

  1. Glycolic.It is extracted from green grapes and sugar cane.Among all species it has the lowest molecular weight which gives it the ability to easily penetrate the skin.In addition, the strength glycolic acid to reduce pigmentation, and sometimes even save us from it.
  2. Dairy.It occurs not only in yogurt or sour milk, but also tomatoes, blueberries, apples.Its main task - hydration (hydration) of the skin.It regulates the pH and retains moisture.
  3. Apple.Another type of AHA acids.It can be found in apples.It is responsible for cellular metabolism, also has a peeling effect.The peculiar natural scrub.
  4. Tartaric (in other words, wine).As you may have guessed, is contained in grapes and mature, well-aged wine.It exfoliates dead cells and is a good bleaching agent for the skin.
  5. Lemon.Its the keepers are all kinds of citrus fruits: lime, grapefruit, orange.In contrast, glycolic, this acid has a very high molecular weight.Good whitens the skin and prevents its aging.Efficiency increases in combination with tartaric acid.

Influence AHA acids on our skin

How does this affect the whole kaleidoscope of fruit on our skin?

  • AHA acids have pronounced peeling property.The top layer of the epidermis becomes thinner, and in its place appears tender young skin.This update process is due to the enhanced production of collagen.Its synthesis was provoked fruit acids.
  • Characteristic of these natural helpers and moisturizing effect.Special responsibility for this lies with lactic acid, but not far behind, and others.After moistening it is possible due to exfoliation and renewal.In young cells is much higher than the natural moisturizing factor called NMF.
  • AHA acids - an excellent antioxidant.The effect of them is amazing: they contribute to the proper operation of the cells, protect the skin from free radicals.
  • should be said about the anti-inflammatory properties of these fruit assistants.The skin after application looks healthy, elastic, updated.

To sum up, we can safely say that these acids have the effect of youth, returning us to the beauty and health.

Benefits AHA acids over other substances

its popularity these biologically active natural helpers got through indisputable advantages.Judge for yourself:

  • These acids are highly effective because they act directly on the three levels - molecular, cellular and tissue.That is, they are not only beneficial to the skin, but also stimulate the growth of cells and improve their structure.
  • not have age restrictions.They can be used both in their teens and seniors.But it is better to start getting to know them after 25 years.
  • Unlike retinoic acid, AHA acids are suitable for almost everyone.Anyway, people with individual intolerance of these substances are much smaller.


In some cases, the use of these substances is justified, and sometimes even necessary?

you should pay attention to the cream with AHA acids or other cosmetics, saturated by them if:

  1. you have dry skin.
  2. you notice the inexorable signs of aging.Wrinkles become more and more.
  3. you have long wanted to get rid of blackheads.
  4. on your skin has scars or scars.

Side effects and safety

Many people wonder, "Do not bring any use of fruit acids harm?"Do not bring, if the right approach to the selection of funds and their use.The fact is that all cosmetics with fruit acids divided into 2 types:

  • for home use.
  • For professional use.

Conventional means that we use on their own, contain no more than 10% alpha-hydroxy acids.So they are absolutely safe and does not give you trouble.In beauty salons use products in which the concentration of these substances can be up to 30% for medicinal purposes may use the funds, which contains up to 70% AHA acids.Therefore, if you decide to self-heal your skin, look for those cosmetic products, where the fruit acids are represented slightly (to 10%).

When treated correctly, side effects are observed.Sometimes a slight reddening of the skin, burning sensation.Since it reacts to the application of these substances.If such symptoms appear only in the first days of use, there is no reason to worry.When this continues throughout the period of application of these funds, should abandon them and consult a doctor.

Features of

To avoid unpleasant consequences, use cosmetics containing AHA acids correctly:

  • Before acquaintance with the new product is best to put it in the crook of the elbow and wait for a while.If no adverse reaction is not followed, it is safe to carry out cosmetic procedures using this tool.
  • better to start to apply the cream with AHA acids once a day.A sensitive skin - in a day.
  • Apply these drugs preferably at bedtime, but in any case it is impossible to do it after sun exposure.
  • not forget about another condition.In the morning be sure to apply sunscreen.
  • Beauticians recommend to carry out cosmetic procedures at the following times: a time to use funds from the alpha acids, and then replace them with usual cream.So you can reduce your risk of skin damage.
  • desirable to use such cosmetics in conjunction with a humidifier.

Kaleidoscope cosmetics

Today, products with fruit acids is represented in a wide range: cream, conventional masks and mask-peeling gels.Choosing means, do not forget about some of the nuances:

  1. The optimum concentration is AHA acids 5-8%.
  2. funds, which must be washed off after the procedure, do not have the desired effect.After acid must be absorbed into the skin, and then they start to act.

When comes to the rescue gel

few years ago Estheticians warned us about what causes skin damage usual washing with soap and water.Then there were the first gels that were used for this purpose.For those times it was know-how.Today, special means for washing are nothing new, but the progress is not standing still.Currently popular gel with AHA acids.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it not only cleanses the skin but also restores it.A month later, you will notice a marvelous metamorphosis.Many women who have experienced the effectiveness of the reporting tools claim that the skin becomes radiant, rejuvenated, with no trace of over-dried.Everything else, such as gels and slow down the growth of bacteria.

only thing experts warn: do not use the best means with fruit acids girls up to 25 years.At this age, the skin has the ability to take care of themselves.

miraculous power of masks

For many of us, this procedure is one of the favorite in the arsenal of other cosmetics.The advantages compared to the mask can be seen with the naked eye creams:

  1. It higher the concentration of nutrients.
  2. It has a more powerful effect, because it is better absorbed by the skin, and penetrates deeper due to the special basis on which it was created.
  3. mask acts instantly.If you need to look in the evening at 100%, you can use this tool.The result did not take long.

Among the lovely ladies are very popular mask with fruit acids.They can be cleaned or updated.They can be purchased at pharmacies, large supermarkets, specialty stores.And you can do it yourself.Do you want to try these simple but useful for skin mask?

  • tumble strawberries (100 g) mixed with a raw egg yolk.Keep on the face for 15 minutes.This means perfectly moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity.
  • pulp and juice of one orange mixed with honey.Duration of procedure - 10 minutes.Then you need to wash with warm water.Mask returns face a healthy glow and radiance.In addition, Orange will make the skin supple.

And useful peeling with AHA acids.Under the influence of biological agents dead cells are removed and dissolved.But after it is necessary to soothe the skin.To do this, you can simply wipe the treated areas swab dipped in a broth of wild rose or chamomile.

What do buyers

Reviews of women who regularly use cosmetics with AHA acids, confirm the effectiveness of these funds.Many people say and what they are best combined with salicylic acid.It is known, refers to a beta-hydroxy acid it is fat-soluble and, unlike water soluble alpha-hydroxy acids.In addition, many are advised to simultaneously buy and sunscreen, because without it you can not do while using AHA acids.

is worth the pleasure is not cheap.For example:

  • Cream with AHA acids will cost 2240 rubles.
  • Shower Gel - 1280 rubles.
  • Chemical peeling - 2,520 rubles.

But beauty is more important than the money spent.

As you can see, AHA acid - a valuable tool that allows our skin to look attractive at any age.