Pencil appliances makeup: Master Class

Every girl wants to be beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.That is why we try to dress fashionably, make interesting hairstyles and emphasize their looks decorative cosmetics.In recent years become very popular in the makeup pencil technique that allows transform virtually any eye.The main thing is to do a make-up is possible even at home, if it is good to practice and understand the basics of this technique.

Purple makeup

First of all eye makeup in pencil technique requires proper preparation century.Remember that it is impossible in this case to use the usual primer, as it will be quite difficult to pencil shade, and this is what is the main feature makeup.But do not worry about the resistance, it can be achieved if you know one interesting way.First, apply a little foundation on the eyelid, then secure it with powder and add a little white matte shadows.Now you can start the process itself.

Pencil appliances makeup - is a great way to emphasize their appearance and add to the image

of "flavor", so it is trying to understand the many girls.Do not be afraid to experiment and try, because it is different enough simplicity.To make beautiful eyes in this technique, take the first shadows a few shades darker than your skin.They should be applied to the inside of the eyelid.Do not miss the area.After this is applied on the eyelids white pencil, and our previous step will make it more contrast.Pencil, draw a curved line that runs to the center from the inner corner.The space that was formed, it is necessary to completely fill the white pencil.Then, to purple makeup pencil technique (photos you can see below) will receive more intense, take a small flat brush and use it to apply white shadow on the eyelid.You can choose pearl, as they give brightness.You can now pick up a pencil with a different color.Since the makeup in purple color, it is best to choose a berry or burgundy.They need rather short strokes to paint the outside corner of the eye, with a preliminary line, which will be a continuation of the lower eyelid.Blend the pencil with a flat brush, being careful not to go beyond the line that was drawn first.It is the turn purple shadows.They need to fill in pencil form.To drive their costs very carefully, while stretching to the inner corner.The contrast can be added to the outer corner of the black shadows.Take a fluffy brush and blend the top edge of its shadow.To make a more natural, you need to dial the brush a little white matte shadows and apply them under the eyebrow, and then shade.Do not forget about the lower eyelid.On its inner corner, apply a little white shadows, and external - purple.Mucous coat white pencil.This technique pencil makeup master class which was presented above, allows you to create a seductive transitions and make eyes more expressive.

Gray makeup: you need to know?

Despite the fact that most makeup artists do not like gray makeup and lay people consider it commonplace, with it you can work miracles, if you know how to use it properly.Why it is rarely used?The fact is that the gray is too far from the tone of our skin, in addition, it can make a dirty makeup.To make-up pencil technique with gray looked decent, you need to remember some rules:

  1. best to use a different shade of gray tones.For example, it looks very beautiful with a pink tinge.
  2. gray shade is better not to use on skin with freckles or sunburn.But for the light, this color is well suited.
  3. Remember that pencil makeup technique, especially with the use of shades of gray, is more suitable for an evening out.But the warm shades of that color can be used during the day.

If you want to create a make-up using a pencil and gray shadows, then you only need to master this process.The above described technique pencil makeup steps.You should only replace the color tones to create other interesting images.

Evening makeup pencil technique

Many girls, going to a party or celebration of an event, for example, the New Year, try to create a unique image, to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.It is with a pencil to make it easier.Just a couple of lines - and your image will attract the eyes of men.To pencil technique in makeup for the evening was unusual and playful, you need to use the correct shades of shadows.Evening is the best way to create with the help of black, plum, purple, violet, or any other deep shades.For the face, choose a natural color tone cream, add a little blush.To make a perfect evening make-up in pencil technique, you need a palette of pink blueberry and black pencil.Let's start!

  1. With pencil frame to change the shape of his eyes, then blend the line quite resilient brush which has the shape of the tongue.
  2. area, which turned out, fill in the shadows.This always start with the darkest color.
  3. Complete makeup perfectly flat hand and mascara.

blue color in the makeup pencil technique

Perhaps the most rare colors that are used in his works make up artists is blue.But we all love turquoise, cornflower blue and shades, but not always understand how to best use them.Interestingly, it is quite simple, the main thing - to know the basic rules.And then even a wedding makeup pencil technique with blue color will look just fine.The fact is that the blues are very far from the color of our skin, in addition, they can make dirty makeup.But this tone perfectly enhances the eyes, making them more expressive, if you take into account the pencil technique.

Instructions for creating make-up in blue

  1. First you need to prepare the ground.To do this, apply a concealer on the eyelid and light powder.
  2. to feathering was not dirty, you need to use in this case is not black and blue pencil.
  3. This color will be more difficult to distribute, but the result is worth it.
  4. To enhance the contrast and to make more unusual lid, add the mobile part of a little white watercolors.It is this shade goes well with blue.
  5. In the corner of the eye apply the darkest color.Doing this is clearly to emphasize the shape.
  6. Apply a sequence of 4 to 5 shades of aqua, with the final to be white.Under eyebrow closest to the nose, add caramel color.
  7. To create an unusual gradient applied to the inner eyelid navy.So you protrudes slightly eyes.
  8. Add arrow contour using eyeliner and mascara to highlight the lashes.

proper construction of base

Keep in mind that if you are going to do make-up in pencil art, the most important point is to create the right framework.It is very important to the places where later will be feathering pencil lines, pearl strike.This will not only add beauty, but will also help to make everything perfect, fast and easy.You can choose any shade, which are silk pearl base.It is important to impose a thin layer.The shape of the future make-up is necessary to begin to build a drawing of the lower eyelid.This technique was created to raise drooping eyelids, so the line must go up.Pencil is a small brush to shade, and all to do gentle movements.

Terms pencil art

  • Choose only those colors that are perfect for your skin.Remember, no makeup will not look good if the colors are chosen correctly.
  • All lines should be as qualitative shade as much as possible.
  • Despite the fact that the line you will want to eventually shade, first they need to draw very smoothly.

What you need to create the perfect make-up pencil technique?

If you think that you need a lot of professional tools, then you are very much mistaken.You will need:

  1. shadow with a metallic sheen.
  2. soft pencil.
  3. Sequins (if you want to add unusual make-up).
  4. Liner.
  5. Mascara.

What tools to choose?

makeup in pencil technique you need not just a pencil and specific, that will be soft enough, but does not spread.To date, the ideal option is to Eye Liner Pencil from LaCordi.Its price is affordable enough (about 138 rubles), so you can buy pencils several shades.In the palette of this company there are so many different colors, but do not select black (if you do not smoky eyes), since rastusherovke makeup too dark.

very important to have a good sharpener, if you want to use your pen more than once.Also, pick a special brush.For beginners suit two options.One should be different elasticity and be small, the second - a little more.We professionals are very popular brands Novara, Sigma, NYX and Coastal Scents.They can be purchased at shows or on the internet.Equally important is the pearlescent pigment and mica.Note that, unlike the shadow pearl does not shade, and only illumination.Mica - are special sequins, which help add unusual make-up.