Cosmetics "Lancome" - French quality in your home

What is attractive and truly magical power has cosmetics!Every woman involuntarily lingers around the shelves with colorful jars and bottles.We can examine and choose them for hours.And this is not surprising, but pragmatic men we will never understand.But we know the magic power of these wonderful tools, bestowing our youth, beauty and good mood.

In today's market cosmetic products are presented in a huge variety.Select any item is sometimes difficult.But many women are attracted cosmetics "Lancome".What is it good for?


famous brands, which today is present on the shelves of any perfume store in the world, was founded in 1935 in France.For almost 80 years we are pleased with the creation of Armand Petitjean, is the founder of the company.Famous French adored women, roses and gourmet flavors, tickling the subconscious.All this he embodied in his makeup.

company developed rapidly.Within six months after the founding of it localized in the global market, and cosmetics "Lancome" was sold

in 30 countries.Today, that number has increased.Cosmetics are sold in 163 countries.Petitjean enterprising early in his career does not stop there.After 7 years, he opened a school where young girls learn the art of selling perfumes and cosmetics.Later, it was there that will prepare professional beauticians.

duo Lancome and L'Oréal

two sonorous name caress a female ear and evoke many pleasant associations.In 1964 there was a merger of large companies.After that, "Lancome" sparkle with new shades of colors and smells.There were such masterpieces as Eau de Lancôme.This undying classics.And women were presented with exquisite Climat.

corporate identity attributes

Love Armand Petitjean to flowers not been in vain.Company logo became rose pastel shades.

Today, it serves as a symbol of quality and style.But the name of the company must eponymous French chateau.These parallels also suggest an elitism and sophistication.Cosmetics "Lancome" was created for the king, but is available to any woman.Although each of us a little queen, especially if there is a beloved man.A beautician occupy a place of honor best perfumes from famous brands.

Cosmetics "Lancome" Secrets of the popularity of

For what women around the world so appreciate the products of this company?The reasons are myriad.Judge for yourself:

  1. responsible for the quality of cosmetic more than 3,000 scientists.And research centers that develop new flavors and textures are not only in France.They exist in countries such as Japan and the United States.
  2. All products are based on natural ingredients that are safe and very pleasant to the skin.
  3. There is another advantage that has "Lancome".Cosmetics are presented in a wide range.It includes means for all age and skin type.
  4. In 2005, there was another great event.The company has made a gift to modern supermen and offered a line of care products for men's skin.Thus, the spectrum of consumers has been extended.
  5. Attracts and feedback from customers."Lancome" has its own website, where you can find and buy the necessary goods.

Kaleidoscope of goods from the French firm

What is included in a set of cosmetics "Lancome"?Weight means are used in the prevention, hygienic and decorative purposes.20 lines of cosmetics and 11 unique flavors.A good range of products, is not it?

Products "Lancome" includes:

  • mascara able to paint each eyelash, giving the look and appeal of the charm.
  • creams that not only moisturise and nourish the skin, but are able to remove a small inflammation.For example, to eliminate the effects of insect bites.
  • toilet water.The most popular and beloved by many women is considered Hypnôse.This line contains several flavors: playful, floral, sensual, summer.
  • lipstick.And only this brand offers a moisturizer for the lips.They have a shimmering brilliance, making our way incomprehensible mysterious and sensual.

can buy cosmetics company, each separately, and complete.If you care about your skin, do not be lazy to buy a unique set including night and day creams and facial wash.The results you will see in a few days: the skin tightened, wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion improves.

Opinions fashionistas all over the world

Enormous popularity of cosmetics "Lancome".Reviews women talk about its safety and effectiveness.The only negative - it is a fake, which are issued for the original products.Therefore it is better to buy it, or in the large, well-established stores, or imported from France.In all other complaints.Women emphasize the quality of the carcass, which is not smeared and did not crumble, unique foundation that can hide age, sensual fragrance, used to play with a different skin on different notes.

If you want to keep up with the times, cosmetics "Lancome" - your choice.It has no age, it is popular and always in demand.