Fundamentals of proper makeup every woman should know

For the modern woman beautiful make-up - this is one way of creating an image, the manifestations of individuality.

In order to study the art of beautiful make-up is not enough to have a good makeup, we must also learn the basics of proper makeup.For many years, the rules remain the same for any makeup techniques.They help the girl to create your elegant style.

Selection Rules powder and tonal framework

to face does not look unnatural, and the skin glowing with health and freshness, you must select the tonal resources, appropriate skin tone.Using makeup color tone darker shade transitions should be paying attention to the boundaries of the application.Thus be able to avoid a pronounced contrast to the neck and hairline.

How to use eyeliner

To always look beautiful, every girl must know the basics of proper makeup.The basic rule is the ability to create perfect arrows on the eyes, as they face more expressive.For many women, the arrows are the natural way to hide flaws.Using decorative liner re

quires certain skills, so beginners before going out you need to pre-training.Painted arrows should match the shape of the eye, to be flat and thin.If you do not have time to prepare, it is best to use a pencil outline.

Choice shadows

To image of the girl did not look tasteless and vulgar, it is not recommended to combine clothes and shade of red, orange and blue.It is permissible to use the rich make-up only if a neutral shade of clothes.

basics of proper makeup when applying blush

Blush applied light strokes from the middle of the cheek to cheek.For light skin the best fit pink color, but for the dark - brown or carmine.It is not recommended to allocate cheekbones too, otherwise the image will turn humorous.Blush also need shading.

General rules

makeup Every woman thinks she knows how to do makeup.From early childhood, almost every girl her doll tinted and enjoyed my mother's makeup.Today, teenagers are not inferior in the number of shadows, lipsticks, pencils in her purse older girls.But if they know the basic rules of makeup?

First of all we must remember that it must meet age, location and overall image.It is absurd to look during the day and evening make "war paint" on the pupil.

all cosmetics applied to the face with special applicators, sponges and brushes.They need to keep clean, to prevent the likelihood of bacterial growth in cosmetic accessories.Indeed, they remain excess cosmetics, sebum microparticles, and so forth.With regular use, sponge the whole mass is rubbed into the skin.Creams and foundations applied with your fingertips.

correct facial makeup done in good light.It is desirable that the shadow does not fall on your face or part thereof.Daytime makeup is applied in daylight and evening - artificial.

Learn how to use cosmetics

is important to put the right make-up steps in the sequence.Before you use makeup, the face should be thoroughly clean and moisturize the usual simple daily cream.Next, apply a small amount of tonal framework sponge.The cream should "lay down" on the skin, so recommend to apply make-up in 5-10 minutes after the foundation.Defects in the skin can hide corrective tools that come in different colors.Redness Corrector green camouflages well and unhealthy yellowness of the skin - the color purple.After the application of corrective cosmetics is necessary to align the tone of the face.

Then apply makeup to the lips and eyes.It is essential that the focus was on one thing.For the eyes or liquid used crisp shadows, eyeliner or pencil loop and mascara.

in the morning or daytime use soft colors, feathered lines.This makeup should emphasize the natural beauty of the face and hide minor flaws.Lip gloss is better suited or pastel lipstick.

For evening make-up and bright colors.If you wish, you can use eyeliner, false eyelashes and shadows with glitter.Lips stroke a path, and then paint the bright lipstick.In order to understand how to apply the right makeup, a photo can be seen in magazines.

Next imposed blush that matched the color of the skin and cause broad or narrow brushes.Superimposed is a cosmetic product according to the shape of the face.In addition, thanks to blush, you can resort to various tricks.For example, shading the tip of the nose, it can be done visually shorter, and pronounced chin softened and rounded.Brown blush superimposed on areas of the face that you want to mask, and light - to attract attention.

For daytime makeup is best to use matte blush soft colors and for night - brilliant, gold and pearl shades.

Ends and fixes make-up powder.The shade is chosen by color.Many women use just two or three shades.Powder is able to mask the appearance of some of the shortcomings.For example, expand or narrow face and hide a double chin.Happy is better to use opaque or reflective powder.When artificial light is more favorable looks radiant powder.Such a cosmetic sponge or coated round brush, after shaking off the excess with her.Knowing the basics of proper makeup, any woman can be transformed.