Waterproof cosmetics: Overview

Girls love always and everywhere to look amazing.That is why in the arsenal of any self-respecting lady necessarily have to be water-resistant cosmetics.Contrary to the well-known opinion, it is used not only on the beach.It will help to avoid confusion during the hot summer days, while an unexpected fall or spring rain or snow in the winter.In addition, there is a special water-resistant cosmetics for synchronized swimming, which helps athletes always look at height.But to make your purchase has brought only positive emotions and do not harm health, need to know what money is worth paying attention to, and what better to pass by.

waterproof base for make-up: the main thing - the basis

It starts with the basics, even the most simple makeup.That is why, when it comes to what is best waterproof cosmetics, particularly worth discussing it up.In order to create a perfectly smooth and clean skin, the girls need such tools: foundation, powder, blush and makeup base.Today, you can find a huge variety of

bases from different manufacturers.But perhaps the greatest popularity among them were the following:

  1. Tone Cream Artdeco Long-Lasting Foundation Oil-Free SPF 20 .Due to its easy enough consistency, the foundation not only to hide all the flaws of your skin, but also help to avoid unpleasant cases with potekshim makeup.At its heart there are special components that can adapt to the skin tone and make shine much less.Its popularity can be explained by the fact that it is quite rapidly absorbed into the skin, so you do not feel its tightness.Through SPF 20 This foundation also acts as a protector against ultraviolet radiation.The softness of the skin and its hydration are guaranteed, because the cream also contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.Waterproof cosmetics are usually characterized by a high enough value, so the foundation is not an exception.Its average price - 960 rubles.
  2. foundation (powder) Givenchy Teint Couture Compact .With two colors, this powder will be indispensable in the creation of the ideal image.The first will help to make a beautiful tone and smooth, the second - makes the skin a little fresher in appearance.Waterproof cosmetics, reviews of which proves its effectiveness, helps to look beautiful in any situation.This powder is not an exception to the rule: it is well kept on the skin and lays down on her, hiding all the shortcomings.It protects against sunlight thanks to SPF 10 and nourishes the skin with vitamin E. The average price - about 2400 rubles.
  3. makeup base Collistar SPA 10 .This tool is created to make your skin smooth, supple, radiant and supple.The composition has vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin B5, so that the hydration, nutrition and toning effect, you are guaranteed.The cost - about 1300 rubles.
  4. Blush Faberlic "Velvet Lights" .If you think that the waterproof cosmetics spared blush deeply mistaken, because this facility is no less important in any girl's purse.This product is characterized by soft texture, making blush of Faberlic easily applied to the skin.They are based on no lanolin and mineral oils, but they contain vitamins E and C. Price - about 270 rubles.

pencils and eyeliner: the eyes that attracted the attention of

course to eye makeup was beautiful, it is necessary to have special facilities such as water resistant pencil and eyeliner.Many girls, creating a make-up on the beach or by the pool, forget about these important tools.As a result, their eyes within a few hours look tired.What to do?You will be waterproof cosmetics, which was created by various manufacturers to ensure that women have always been excellent.

  1. Clarins - waterproof pencil .Thanks big enough palette of shades, you'll have no problems finding just such a pencil, which is best suited to create a unique image.The soft structure makes it better to put it on the eyelids and effortlessly attach view expressiveness.Pencil by Clarins - it is water-resistant cosmetics sea, which will help you keep the brightness of the make-up for a long time.The average price of a pencil - about 600 rubles.
  2. Chanel Liquid Eye Lines .This waterproof liquid eyeliner is perfect for those who want to attract the attention of men to the yarn a single glance.Due to its liquid structure, it perfectly fits to the skin, helping to create a smooth and thin arrows.Price - about 1500 rubles.
  3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Line .This waterproof eyeliner will help to create a vivid image of a little experiment with colors, and all thanks to a huge palette of colors.It is well pigmented and is composed of polymers.Thanks to a special applicator on the liner, you can spend a perfectly straight line.There are pearl, matte and diamond line.The cost - about 1900 rubles.

Eye shadows and waterproof lipstick: and we are not afraid of the rain!

to complete the waterproof makeup, you definitely need to purchase a waterproof shadow and lipstick.Among the many modern manufacturers can choose a tool that is ideal for you.But among them there are very popular:

  1. YSL Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant .Ideal shade for those who want to always look beautiful.Their creamy texture makes it easy to apply eye shadow, and the metal overflow does makeup trendy.You yourself can adjust how much color is saturated.The shadows will hold perfectly all day, even if you spend it in the water.The price - about 25 euros.
  2. Nee Make Up Lipstick Star .With this waterproof lipstick your lips are tempting all day.A large palette of colors.Price - about 420 rubles.

Waterproof eye shadow eyebrows

If you want to make your eyebrows look perfect after the makeup, we recommend that you use a special shade Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit .This waterproof makeup eyebrow has advantages that differentiate it from conventional means.In this line all the tools are together in one box.There is a special brush, shade themselves, the gel to create a waterproof effect and instruction.

How to use waterproof makeup for eyebrows?

To draw beautiful eyebrows using waterproof shadows, you must first prepare the surface, where it will take place, and proper mixing of the gel of the funds.This can be a back of the hand, and a small mirror.Carefully pour some shadows, apply a small amount of gel on the brush.The gel can be mixed with the shadows.Remember that when mixing the color shades may vary a little, to become brighter.Apply carefully to the slow movements of an eyebrow.

Waterproof mascara: the main "weapon" confident women

Among the myriad of resources is waterproof mascara is the ideal.And if the rest of the waterproof makeup can be seen not every girl, you are buying a mascara.If you browse the products of modern cosmetics manufacturers, the eye catches mascara Dior Diorshow Black , which is characterized by high stability and excellent color saturation.The shape of the applicator is very comfortable, and the formula of the mascara differs exclusivity, and therefore attracts glances from buyers.With this mascara your lashes are thick, long and voluminous.Price - about 1500 rubles.

Composition waterproof mascara: what is the secret?

Even in ancient times, women have tried to somehow highlight their eyelashes.Then the foundation of such cosmetic products often were weird for us components: lead, ants, flies, moss.The first modern mascara was created by "Meybelin" in 1913.But waterproof mascara made a real revolution in the world of fashion.What is the secret of this cosmetics?In a particular composition, which necessarily include natural beeswax and mineral wax (which can be paraffin or stearin), there also has latching components, for example, silicone, and the volatile solvents.The composition may further include vitamins, essential oils or plant.

advantages of waterproof mascara

course, immediately clear that the waterproof cosmetics has its advantages.Among the advantages of such carcasses are the following:

  1. you protect your cilia from moisture.Your look will be perfect at all times.
  2. Because of its durability such means long will your eyes, not showering.Today you can even find such carcasses, which easily holds up to a week.
  3. The quality waterproof mascara has vitamins that nourish the cilia and care for them.

Disadvantages waterproof mascara

Unfortunately, like any other, these tools have their disadvantages.

  1. These carcasses envelop every single hair impermeable film which protects the color of the water.This film does not penetrate well and the air that could harm your lashes, especially if you use a tool often.
  2. It is highly allergenic, therefore, is not for everyone
  3. not use waterproof mascara if you wear contact lenses.
  4. need to remove the special tool.
  5. relatively high cost compared with conventional ink.

How to choose a waterproof makeup?

Before you buy be sure to test any water-resistant agent on the skin, as its composition easily can cause reddening or allergies.Also try not to skimp on such cosmetics, do not choose those brands, which as you are not sure.Remember that in this case it is better to overpay than to try to restore the health of the skin.Before buying explore means structure.If it contains harmful substances, formaldehyde and mercury, it is better to pay attention to another brand.It should pay particular attention to cosmetics.Some water-resistant agents are stronger than others.Pick the ones that suit you in this situation.High-quality cosmetics should not have additional odors.

The wash waterproof makeup?

course makeup with waterproof makeup looks very nice and helps to always be on top.But after a day rinse it can be difficult.That is why you need to buy special tools, which are based there are substances that can dissolve and gently remove even sverhstoyky makeup.So, what modern lotions and oils can handle the job?

  1. Biotherm Biocils Make-Up Remover for the Eyes .This is an effective two-phase lotion, which allows you to quickly and easily remove waterproof eye makeup.The first (fat) phase has specific components and volatile silicones, which will not leave an unpleasant film after removing makeup.The second - the aqueous phase.In its structure there is an extract of plankton, which allows you to completely clear skin.The average price of 700 rubles.
  2. Oxigen Botanicals Makeup Remover .It is relatively inexpensive tool that makes it easy to remove waterproof makeup.Thus, due to its composition, it does not dry out the skin.Suitable for people with sensitive skin.Price about 466 rubles.