Cosmetics "Topping": opinion beauticians and reviews.

German cosmetics "Topping" therapeutic and prophylactic effect produced on the basis of natural oil components.The product line is represented by the means for daily and additional facial skin care, hair and body.

Doliva - this is a full range of nutrients, protective, tonics, which provided that a competent care helps to prevent compromising the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

medical cosmetic line products contain a unique combination of active ingredients, which is implemented through a profound preventive effect on all skin types.If you choose, you can rely on the recommendations of cosmetologists and reviews.Cosmetics "Topping" found a lot of feedback from customers.

Shower gels

Fortified shower gels are designed with Tuscan olive oil.Raw material belongs to extra-class oil produced by the method of the first extraction.Such means ideal for frequent skin care, implemented daily.It has a pleasant, moderately thick texture, with a light unostentatious aroma.Product tones and refreshes s

kin without drying out, maintaining the water balance of epidermal cells.

manufacturers produce such varieties as fitness shower gel and a means of adding green tea that is designed for sensitive skin.The final opinion will help shape product reviews.Cosmetics "Topping" is realized only through pharmacies, which also must be considered.

Customer Reviews.Shower gels

Feedback from those who enjoyed shower gels of this brand, they say that it is really effective tool.The skin becomes soft, well-groomed.Shower Gel learning a pleasant aroma and texture, it has a proper impact.Good moisturizing dry skin.

Body Lotion

Like all products of the brand, the lotion is based on olive oil extra class with the addition of almond oil.Care with the funds become delicate as ever, it becomes soft and supple.Panthenol, milk proteins, jojoba oil, tocopherol erect lotion several balms that nourish and moisturize the skin cells.Make the right choice to help submitted reviews.Cosmetics "Topping" is constantly updated with new types of body lotions.You can choose the means most suitable for your skin type.

Consumer reviews.Body Lotion

Women use this cosmetic brand "Dividing" argued that after the damaged deep skin becomes silky and pleasant to the touch.Lotion for skin care, which has been age-related changes, lotion delicately effect on dry, sensitive skin and can be a good basis for winter maintenance when all the problems are manifested quite sharply.

Cream for dry and sensitive skin

Purpose: caring for aging, irritated, dry skin.

composition has a high concentration of active ingredients based on olive oil, wheat germ, almonds.The consistency of the cream allows all agents to quickly penetrate into the skin.There is regeneration of cells, turgor is restored, the balance of the skin.

Regular use of the cream can improve the color of a person who acquires a healthy, radiant and well-groomed appearance.Cream is instantly absorbed, it is suitable for use under make-up, leaves no oily sheen, which fully confirms reviews.Cosmetics "Topping" is characterized by excellent quality.

opinions of consumers.Face Cream

According to many of the fairer sex, this tool is suitable for dry, easily irritated, sensitive skin because it reacts strongly to all cosmetic products.Cream "Topping" - this is the drug that can be a real panacea for the disadvantages of this type.Reviews to use this means of saying that the regular use of the cream the skin becomes more well-groomed, moisturized, with a means of regenerating noticeable impact.

Night Cream Q10

tool is available as part of the line "Vitafrish", which is based on Tuscan olive oil 1st spin and jojoba oil.A list of useful components supplemented with coenzyme Q10 and olive leaf extract.

With regular use of the cream Doliva allows for smoothing wrinkles already formed, formed an obstacle to the emergence of new ones.This became possible due to the impact of enrichment cream panthenol, vitamin E, which actively increases the elasticity of the skin, providing a deep nourishing effect, normalizes the water balance of the cells.

Doliva Night Cream reviews

Many women have concluded that it is an effective night care - wrinkles disappear as a result of regular use.The cream has a pleasant texture and does not weigh down the skin, there is no hint of shine after soaking.The tool is ideal for aging skin, it literally pushes the wrinkles, making the face of an attractive, younger and more radiant.

Balm Skin Care Eye

drug is perfectly cope with wrinkles, circles under the eyes, and edema.Main components - microencapsulated Tuscan olive oil, caffeine and extractor Rhodiola.The sensitivity of the skin around the eyes is very high, because this tool is ideal for daily care, as it has a delicate but powerful influence.The cream contains fragrances, preservatives, dyes.

Consumer reviews.Cosmetics "Topping" - a balm for the skin around the eyes

According to those who use the balm of this brand, the effect is seen after two weeks.Women in old age wrinkles are reduced to a minimum, the bags disappear, the bruises under his eyes.The look becomes youthful and attractive.Balsam "Topping" helps to quickly tidy up the area around the eyes, which is important in the morning.It may be useful during the day, when the bruises start to form from long sitting at the computer.

Gel for the skin around the eyes is presented

composition components such as bisabol, extracts of calendula flowers and olive leaves, caffeine, soybean lecithin, hyaluronic acid.The cream perfectly absorbed and has a light texture.Active microcapsules improve the water balance of the delicate skin and provide deep nourishment.

With regular use of the drug toned skin, circles under reduced gases, swelling disappears.

Concealer deep wrinkles active action

microencapsulated olive oil, which contains a whole lot Doliva (cosmetics), is ideal for the care of thin skin around the lips and eyes.In these areas there is the largest number of facial wrinkles.Even the deepest wrinkles are corrected due to the healing effects of natural ingredients.The product does not contain alcohol, dyes and preservatives.

Evening revitalizing mask

mask helps to achieve deep skin repair.The composition is enriched with vitamins, oils, African shea butter, extract of fig.Shi and figs - a potent stimulator of collagen.Epidermal cells acquire the elasticity, strength and elasticity.

Evening Doliva (mask).Product reviews

As the responses of women who used the evening mask "Topping", the skin after it after a long day gets a true respite.The tool is very effective, it can be useful before an important evening event.But the mask is useless for very young skin, the desired effect can be achieved if the woman is over 25 years old.

Purifying Mask

tool allows not only to carry out a careful cleaning, but also moisturizes the skin.Basis of preparation (except olive oil) - shea butter and seaweed.The skin receives a beneficial effect, water-oil balance back to normal.An additional effect is realized masks as prevention of inflammation and toning.

Relaxing Mask

mask relaxant enriched cocoa butter, which has a lovely relaxing and moisturizing effects.Olive oil, shea perfectly soothes and refreshes the skin.The epidermis retains moisture, the face is smooth and well-groomed.

presented Doliva masks are designed for all skin types.

Hygiene Lip Balm

refreshing peppermint oil, coupled with healing oils softens, soothes and protects lips from all negative influences.The tool also has a profound regenerating effect and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips.Balm can cope even with very chapped lips, heals wounds and soothes irritation.

Balm Hand Doliva

Cosmetics hand contains almond milk, which allows to provide intensive care every day.Amino acids and proteins to block free radicals and protect the hands from the adverse impacts.Epidermal cells are recovered, indicating that anti-aging effects.

cost of curative and preventive drugs

All proceeds from German manufacturer presented for sale at any pharmacy network.Their availability is due not only widespread, but also an acceptable cost.The most effective therapeutic and preventive drugs for skin care and body - a "Topping" (cosmetics).Prices range from 120 to 900 rubles, which is able to withstand any budget.The most affordable products are Lip Balm (120 rubles), the cream-balm for hands (135 rubles), masks, which cost less than 200 rubles.More expensive cosmetics - creams containing coenzyme Q 10 (900 rubles), a little less expensive are the means to care for the skin around the eyes, wrinkles correctors (from 550 to 600 rubles).Shower Gel can be purchased for 220-240 rubles.

Professional beauticians look

Any cosmetics recommended to use after the related consultation with a specialist.In the category of exceptions is not included and cosmetics "Topping".Reviews beauticians will help you choose just the drug that is ideally suited to your skin type.Such an approach is key to the safety and health of the skin.

about products such as therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics "Topping" reviews cosmetologists say the following: all means completely dermatologically tested and approved by the best specialists for everyday use.Preparations relevant statements of composition and really help to neutralize the effects of the negative effects of aging pause phase, start the process of cell regeneration;masks, creams, balms work equally well on dry, sensitive, normal, oily skin.

All tools are designed in the pharmaceutical and functions are realized only through pharmacies.

Instead completion

entire line of cosmetics makes it possible to organize a full skin care and hair.The beneficial effects disclosed after regular use of drugs, drawing on the recommendations of cosmetologists.