"Princess" (cosmetics).

Moms little girls once faced with a request to buy a child lipstick or perfume.And some come home, find scattered shadow bitten lipstick and perfume poured out, and the small miracle sitting at a table with a mirror, examining herself painted."Princess" (cosmetics) for the girls, help parent to choose the first lipstick for my daughter and my beautician leave intact.

Why children cosmetics

Often there are parents who do not approve of the fact that the child used cosmetics.Parents usually explain its ban children that it will spoil the skin, and they will quickly become ugly.But it is important to know that the child's mind is a feature of an imitation adult.They always take an example from them.So watching how beautiful my mother every morning, going to work, trying to imitate her daughter.The little girl just wants to be as beautiful as a mom.It remains to be seen what effect the cosmetics to the skin.Therefore it is so important to create special products for girls.


Baby Care "Princess" in 2003 appeared in Russia.Come up with a suitable name was not difficult.After all girls dream of being fairies, queens and princesses.Advertising slogan was the phrase, "As a mother, only better!".This suggests that the cosmetics do not pose a risk to children.

Cosmetics "Princess" Girls are not harmful to the skin, which should please parents who buy kits for their children.Composed of natural vegetable ingredients.It is intended for girls aged 3 to 12 years.

brand in 2006 was recognized as the best producer of children's cosmetics.


There are tools for hair care and body care: a variety of shampoos, foams and gels.Production of these products the company is engaged in "red line."Baby Care "Princess" has a large number of different products for little fashionistas.

Under this brand are manufactured accessories for make-up, which is responsible for the production company "range of colors."Producing lipstick, gloss, eye shadow and nail polish, which are very popular.

"Little Princess" - cosmetics for girls, who tend to be older and want to skillfully use such tricks as makeup. Smelling the perfume my mother, they try to try them out for yourself. The company for the production of children's cosmetics decided to help moms and began to produce fragrances forgirls.

Products for children this brand has become very popular, and under him began to produce accessories and items such as combs, mirrors and handbag.


"Princess" (cosmetics), are sold not only individually, but morelarge and small sets. For example, both can be purchased: shampoo and bubble bath or purse, lip gloss and a strap, different variants of funds for hair with bobby pins and elastics. Baby Care "Princess" - a set of different combinations that attractand girls are taught to care for themselves at an early age.


Why buy it for my daughter a children's line of care products for themselves and make-up?Maybe mothers should allow them to use their own cosmetics or completely prohibit the use of such funds?This solves every parent myself, but here are some features.The uniqueness of children's products is as follows:

  • bright and beautiful packaging (child draws exterior boxes, they were especially happy if they find there is a surprise).
  • convenience.Firstly, the ability to open the bottle without the help of an adult.Second, the material from which made objects - plastic, and if the child dropped something, nothing is broken.
  • ingredients of natural origin.
  • A variety of goods.
  • set of makeup "Princess" will be a good gift for the lady of the future.
  • Strict quality control over all products.
  • It cosmetics for those who care about the health of their children.

Popular products

Small "queen" of all the cosmetics of choosing what is most like.And the rating of a line of products "Princess" in popularity among children.

leading position in the list is a lip balm.It moisturizes and gives the desired softness, as well as a good supplement is a pleasant smell.For example, raspberry, vanilla or banana.You can choose any flavor depending on the willingness of the girls.

A little further down is shine.Sponges little beauties shimmer, shine, like a balm, pleases its aroma, which again, you can choose to taste.

A third place in the rating of the line, "Princess" is the fragrant water.Big its advantage is that it will help not only to maintain the purity of the body of the child, but also give a sense of softness and pleasure.Flavors such water is very attracted little beauties.
fourth position in the list is the nail polish of different colors, which did not give to look away.A note on the mothers: they are easily washed off without damaging nails.Also pleased with the absence of noxious fumes.For little girls paint is not stable and it can be removed with water, but not to deprive the girls are older, they have developed a more resistant.

should pay attention to the fifth paragraph.This is toothpaste.The most important feature of her - this, of course, maintain the health and strength of teeth.A children attract different tastes.You can choose fruit toothpaste.Then the child will tend to brush your teeth morning and evening, so as not to miss the opportunity to feel the smell of the fruit.

Special Products for daily care of the body provide the required quality of purity and freshness.These include shampoos, shower gels, bubble bath, baby soap, and roll-on deodorants.

Where to buy

Cosmetics "Princess" Girls represented in urban stores and specialized retail chains, where a wide range of products more.You can also buy kits or products separately in the online store.The price of the average products.Lip balm and nail polish can be purchased for around a hundred rubles.Shampoo for hair care will cost a bit more expensive.


Many mothers positive about children's cosmetics.It does not harm the child's health, and girls can copy their mothers, using their own makeup.Lip Gloss is highly regarded among customers, as it moisturizes and eliminates the irritation on the lips and the color is not bright.Cosmetics pleases with subtle shades and security.

What childhood girls begin to use makeup, a positive impact on their future ability to apply makeup.It is therefore important when buying cosmetics show her daughter how to properly use them.Firstly, it will serve as the establishment of a trusting relationship.Secondly, when the girl becomes an adult and will apply the usual make-up cosmetics, it will remember the advice of my mother, who taught her when she was little.

"Princess" (cosmetics) will help to develop a significant quality for future lady like femininity.So, before you restrict your child in this, it is important to think well, do not lose if he needed his stage of development.