Benefit (cosmetics): reviews, prices and expert advice

Benefit - cosmetics, which began its history in 1976.The first store was opened in San Francisco, a unique cosmetic boutique immediately attracted attention as more like a candy shop.New cosmetics and style of the sisters came up with Jane and Jean Ford.New milestone in the development of the company expected in 1999, when it was merged with the holding company LVMH Louis Vuitton.

In Blumigdeyle Benefit opened its own bar, of course, is not an alcoholic, and beauty.Each visitor can get advice professional makeup artist, to try and personally pick up the necessary products.

recognizable and beloved brand

Benefit - cosmetics, which is easy to find among all the different brands of cosmetics.The main distinguishing feature - a fun and unusual design packing retro.Benefit Cosmetics Letual introduced in the whole range of products, only a few minutes - and you find yourself in the fabulous world of powder, lipstick, gloss and highlighter, including any fashionista will find suitable means.

Corporate handwriting brand - unusual packaging that resemble jewelry box or candy wrappers.Since the establishment of its make-up artists follow the principle of a combination of various shades of rouge, lipstick and shadows, allowing you to create unique images.

considerable popular perfumes Benefit, presented by a ruler Crescent Row.The manufacturer offers its admirers toilet water with ironic and intricate names Laugh with me LeeLee, Something about Sofia ..., Maybe baby.And this is not a complete list of fragrant innovations offered by Benefit.

Cosmetics Russian women won in 2009, when appeared on the shelves of the largest shopping centers.High scores received products and professional beauty-industry.

Legendary Benetint

his ascent to Olympus cosmetic panacea for cheeks and lips began in 1970.Most notably, the reason for the request was the creation of a product stripper who lived next door to the sister Ford.The girl asked to create a persistent agent which would have allowed her nipples long time to keep a bright pink hue.

Benefit - cosmetics, which should last a long time, and the most prominent representative catalog, confirming it is precisely Benetint.For the first time taking a bottle in hand, you will see a bright liquid, which has some similarities with beet juice.Getting on the skin of the lips and cheeks, she absorbed and creates a sense of natural blush, which appears in the cold.The tool has phenomenal stamina and does not leave your face during the day.These are all wonderful works Benefit cosmetics.Buy in Moscow can be a novelty in the Corner mark or online stores.

Dr.Feelgood - base makeup

Base makeup Dr.Feelgood certainly will appeal to owners of combination and oily skin, because the manufacturer has given its matte quality.If you open the jar, before you would wax that has the color of vanilla cream.Means well and spread evenly with a thin layer of skin using a sponge, included in the set, or fingertips.

According to the consumer, it is perfectly hides shine and affects its resistance.Applied as a comfortable base for make-up and at it.Going for new clothes for her beautician, keep in mind that funds can not afford to hide the serious defects of the skin such as pigmentation and redness.

Benefit cosmetics in Moscow.Review of tonal resources

Benefit regularly publishes news, pleasing his admirers.Legendary line of facial care products became Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Lineup, which was packed in a classic bottle and had a liquid consistency.The development of the line took nearly 3 years, the result was a complex, enriched with vitamins C and E, and peptides that improve metabolism and cellular respiration, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.Done a lot of noise tonal resources Non Fiction Liquid Foundation and You Rebel.

Benefit to care for radiant look

Cosmetics Benefit, reviews of which point to the highest quality, offering a wide range of masking concealers.A different form of packaging allows you to choose the most comfortable and convenient form of release.In this category also has its own leader - a dual-layer stick Fake Up.The composition of the concealer include reflective particles, which hide under the force of even the most obvious signs of lack of sleep in the form of dark circles under the eyes.

outer ring design - moisturizing complex with an extract of apple seeds, and vitamin E. Such a tandem is not only conceals dark circles, but also provides nourishment to the skin around the eyes, reduces the number and depth of facial wrinkles.

Guarding the eye makeup cosmetics Benefit

sets shadows offered by the company, it is difficult to imagine without the legendary product - Stay Do not Stray.Small compact tube hides a base under shadows, able to keep in place not only the "naughty" eyeshadow, but concealer.Thanks to the classic neutral shades, which is suitable for nude-make-up base can be used as a standalone product that can align the color of the century and hide little pigmentation.And that's not all that prepared Benefit!

«Ekaterinburg Benefit Cosmetics" - a frequent search query, which is sure to introduce you to the must-have of every girl - blush, highlighter Fine One One.Universal product will appeal to those who live life in the fast rhythm and was not used to spending a lot of time to make up.Compact, naturalness, application speed and feathering output product in the top ten most popular and sought after.

glance from beneath his eyebrows

It's no secret that the expression is largely determined by the shape and the correct definition of the eyebrows.Those who are not lucky with the bushy eyebrows, the company offers a gel for eyebrows Gimme Brow.Have microfiber (polypropylene) as part allows you to create volume.Its developers have presented a novelty in two shades of light / medium - for blondes, and medium / deep - for brunettes.

about shadows and lipsticks

shadows of Benefit have a classic structure, which is inherent in extruded, dry shadows.On the basis of colors Thanks a Latte and Call My Buff can create lasting make-up day.By adding a bit of color Kiss me, I'm tipsy, you can turn a single brushstroke day make-up in the evening.By the way, Benefit - the only cosmetic company which produces the shadow of one color with different effects.

Most funds lip gives a light coating, so the makeup artists recommend to put their fingers performing a light patting motion.His popularity lipstick Benefit received not only by a pleasant texture and quality's Skin, which allows to solve the problem of dry lips.

Bestsellers Benefit

His bestsellers company carefully collected into sets, thereby offering its buyers a comprehensive approach to the selection of cosmetics.

The average price range of $ 45 is the set of Benefit - confessions of a concealaholic, consisting of leveling base That gal, concealer Erase paste, correcting means Boi-ing, yellow basis for corrective century Lemon aid, highlighter for the eyes Eye bright.

Lovers various haylaterov bronzer and offer a range of Coral My World!-this $ 18.The kit includes all two products.However, it is recommended to start with their familiarity with the brand - it's gold and powder highlighter Sunbeam Coralista.

Rank perfect travel-set earned Goodtime gals, consisting of Tinta Posietint deluxe mini, primer That gal and lyuminayzera Girl meets pearl deluxe mini.

Brow zings - professional set for correction of the eyebrows, presented in light, medium and dark shades.A small box fit a pair of tweezers, pigmented wax, tint powder, hard angular brush, brush for blending and a mirror.

Manufacturers have taken care of creating products narrow focus, such was compact set of offsets, called Perk it ... then work it!Several shades of dense texture allows to hide and neutralize redness and dark circles, refresh and make the eyes look brighter.

Big beautiful eyes - set for increasing the visual eye, consisting of a masking agent for the skin around the eye shadow and pink-colored cocoa-shadow and eyeliner brush.Reliable assistant will also be illustrated abstract, created by make-up artists of the company.

Smokin Eyes - an integrated approach to creating makeup Smoky Eyes, which, according to developers, should be created with the obligatory participation of soft black pencil, eyebrow wax, light pink wax and three shades of shadows.

Benefit - sweet-n-wow!- A set of full-size products - rouge Sugarbomb and pigments for the cheeks and lips Posietint poppy.Rate the quality of products to help eyelashes sets Double the real!and Badrageous love !, consisting of the full version and travel mascara.

Pretty porefect - Trio, giving the face a perfect view.It consists of a primer for the face lightening That gal, moisturizing cream for the eyes It's potent!and professional makeup base The POREfessional.Experts recommend apply a foundation on well moisturized face, paying special attention to problem areas.When used correctly, the facial skin becomes smooth and applying makeup - durability.