"Versace Bright Crystal Absolute" - reviews.

This new fragrance from Versace.It is only at first glance remind "Versace Bright Crystal".The updated Bright Crystal Absolu all notes magical flavor brought to the "absolute perfection", while retaining the freshness of icicles and tremulous.

Components "absolutely"

captivating oriental citrus yuzu and pomegranate create a unique magic, filled with clean fresh bouquet.

epitome of perfection serves a combination of fruits and flowers, sweet velvety raspberries.Magic peony complemented by fresh magnolia and warm splashes of lotus petals.Passion fragrance pronounced sexual amber, bright, disturbing the blood of warm musk and warm mahogany.

ideal model!

Candice Sveynpoul becomes the face of this fragrance is not for nothing, it is characterized by passionate timidity and perfection, which extols Bright Crystal Absolu.Absolutely everything!

Explosion reviews for unsurpassed flavor

blow up the world absolute perfection, fragrance Bright Crystal Absolu caused a lot of conflicting opinions.On the o

ne hand, a huge flurry of excitement and great love for him, but on the other - the strictest criticism which is fully defeated all the efforts of the authors of extraordinary flavor.

But really now feel Bright Crystal Absolu possible everywhere.When you pass by the store perfume fragrance "Absolute" will be in the air.A thin trail of perfume is felt among the passers-by, in offices and factories, which employ women.Why then is this merciless criticism?

The most important may be the only user opinions Bright Crystal Absolu.After all, those who buys and uses it can most accurately express their impressions, feelings and emotions using this flavor.It is they who will decide whether this fragrance is filled with magic and cold of absolute sensuality.What they say themselves buyers of fine crystal?

According to numerous customer reviews, impressed with some flavor of elegance and a fresh bouquet of flowers.Persistence of the perfume pleasantly surprised many.

also note the fact that Bright Crystal Absolu - not just "Vodicka", and spirits, which are different unique train.Sometimes this perfume resembles any other, but the main notes of this fragrance are unpredictable and perfect.

Many appreciate "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute" for notes that emphasize femininity, and for what it calls a positive smile and fills the air with bright and juicy flavors of spring.This fragrance is full of seduction and passion.

true comparison

Very often celebrate the fact that the scent "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute" is comparable to the smell of freedom, it is light, weightless, and at the same time bright and rich.This fragrance is like a first love, a gentle romantic date or a passionate night.His scent gives happiness and inspires, soft and warm, gentle and pure, it is unforgettable.

The review also common opinion that Bright Crystal Absolu full of youthful recklessness, unpredictable positive.It affects the ease in which there is absolutely no serious notes.Perfect "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute", reviews of which are overcrowded positive opinion about this unforgettable aroma of warm summer awakens memory gentle, barely perceptible smell of raspberries, warm pink sunset, reflections which are displayed on a unique bottle.And most importantly - Bright Crystal Absolu encourages, inspires, moves into the unforgettable world of cool fragrant fantasy.

When customers write reviews, the question arises: "How could so much criticism?"When you read the warm and pleasant words about Bright Crystal Absolu, may have one wish - to plunge into its tender, to take a piece of the sun in her hands, gather the audacity and enjoy absolute perfection.

Those who are confident in themselves, very often say that when you use Bright Crystal Absolu, there are new forces, the desire to conquer the summit.Compare this perfume with a unique antidepressant, which is able to lift the mood warm spring notes, light sweet aromatic odor.

absolute or failure?

enjoy a nice review, which highlighted all the perfection of flavor and unique sensations, it is to try to understand and a second side.Whence there is so much criticism and misunderstanding fans Bright Crystal Absolu?

user reviews

Somehow those reviews that are filled with criticism Bright Crystal Absolu, differ little from one another.Such comments often indicate little distinguishable features of this fragrance from its predecessor "Versace Bright Crystal".Delicate and light scent is considered too simple and too crowded with notes of sweet raspberry.Compare Bright Crystal Absolu with flavored cream cake, candy and other "girlish nonsense" I have impressed many, but at the same time there are allegations that the flavor is too sour, and reminds the sea air freshener.Some he recalls the smell of vegetation, without sweets and fruit notes.Often complain and the sharp notes of musk, which irritate.Bright and beautiful bottle in the form of a gemstone also gets a lot of negative reviews.

In search of absolute truth!

Where is the truth, Bright Crystal Absolu fascinates or repels?If you pay attention to the views of all who leave comments, you may notice some inconsistencies in judgment.

It should be noted that the comparison of Bright Crystal Absolu with "Versace Bright Crystal" must be and always will be.It's true, in 2006 was released first extraordinary flavor and he was able to charm many people in the world.And only in 2013 with the brilliant creators of Versace perfume Alberto Morillas created Bright Crystal Absolu, in which all possible notes of this fragrance was brought to absolute perfection.Note that the "Versace Bright Crystal" has a description similar to the later released version of perfume, but at the same time they are very different - it's like to compare excellence and ordinariness.Each of these scents attracts with its uniqueness.Eau de toilette "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute" is persistent and daisy flavor.

key to perfection

numerous judgments that a delicate aroma and a light, but at the same time simple and sweet sound quite convincing.In addition, "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute" proves that the combination of value - in the composition.After all, how it can be combined such incongruous note in the fragrance?Easy and gentle can not be too sweet!The same can be seen in comparing Bright Crystal Absolu with cake, candy and other "girlish nonsense."But the flavor and created for women, and for very young girls!Still an interesting question: "What is the flavor at Bright Crystal Absolu - like a cake or in the sea air freshener?"Is this possible?The aroma of herbs and sweet yet?Critical comments on the appendices of musk, can not help but surprise, because this component is added to virtually all of the world's perfume.Why is there a pattern?What prevents really reveal all the negative aspects of Bright Crystal Absolu?Such contradictions suggest that the comments were untrue.Although, of course, can not even such a lovely fragrance to please everybody, without exception, it is also necessary to consider, because everyone has different tastes.

in the discussions positive, there is complete idyllic nature and regularity, emphasized just those notes that are closer to the Bright Crystal Absolu everyone.All those who took advantage of this perfume, found something special, emphasizing individuality, and virtually all have noted the absolute happiness, summer mood, youthful recklessness, solar heat with a gentle raspberry aroma, slight breeze and most romantic love.It's something that the creators were able to recall Bright Crystal Absolu.

victory Bright Crystal Absolu?

Given the fact that everyone has their own preferences, no one flavor will not be able to win absolutely everyone in the world.But even the criticism should be well-reasoned.It may be easier to buy something that is more like without making nonsensical remarks to the other side, after all, a favorite scent can be criticized.Bright Crystal Absolu, despite various criticisms, has managed to win their customers, those who have learned to appreciate that for their creators create perfumes.Enjoy what creates the most famous perfumers of the world for the most spoiled and demanding their customers.Find exactly the fragrance that will give you such a cherished and absolute happiness.

After all those sensitive and tender romance, stylish and self-sufficient women who are able to assess this perfume, looked at the world through a magical precious crystal, steel in his perfectly happy.

Such a welcome winged happiness begins with small droplets Bright Crystal Absolu!It is a real gold bottle of perfume.Perfume "Versace Bright Crystal Absolute", reviews of which are discussed in this article, gives happiness, joy and inspiration.You will love this klasichessky flavor because it is designed to give a real feeling of weightlessness and beautiful, so that you not only shine, but have always been the focus of the opposite sex.Incredibly beautiful and captors aroma "Versace Bright Crystal".Photos of his advertisements can be seen everywhere.Be captivated with the wonderful perfume that turns the dance sensation and beautiful emotions.Your uniqueness and pleasure - it is his merit.