Makeup 1 September (photo): Ideas

As with any representative of the fairer sex, high school girl wants to look beautiful and attractive.Children tend to imitate adults around.So, seeing how older sister, mother or aunt daily apply makeup, schoolgirl also tries to explore the basics of makeup.

All schoolgirl walking on the feast of the opening bell, compare themselves with each other.Each of them wants to look and especially compelling.Young girls, causing light make-up on September 1 feel more mature and more confident.However, in order not to spoil the delicate young skin and visually not add schoolgirl few years, it is necessary to choose the right make-up.Consider a few options, some make-up on September 1 student can do.

Skin preparation

First of all make-up of adolescents differs in that it requires special skin care and its preparation.Every girl should be set, which includes several phases clean the face.Similar care must be used every day, no matter what style will be applied makeup.

First we need to clean the face wit

h a foam or gel.Often, young girls have problems with the skin, so these funds must be matched correctly.You can not use the funds for dry skin on oily inflamed epidermis.

After washing, wipe the skin tonic or lotion, which is also selected based on the type of skin.

In conclusion, daily care is necessary to moisten the skin appropriate face cream.

tonal framework and masking flaws

beautiful makeup September 1, requires a healthy complexion and smooth skin.If you have small pimples or redness is necessary to use special corrector.If the face has a red or brown spots, they must disguise corrector greenish tint.

Next, you should use the tonal foundation.For teenagers it is not recommended to use a cream with a dense texture.They give the skin an unnatural appearance.Tonal foundation also has a light texture that perfectly disguise flaws and even out the complexion.At the same time, it looks natural and does not clog pores.

Makeup September 1 must be applied carefully.Proceeding step by step, you will receive a harmonious and natural way.


Schoolgirls love to experiment with color.Where they really unleash the imagination, not in eye makeup.However, the bright flashy colors and causes is not the best option for schools.That is why eye makeup for teens should be moderate, easy and natural.It is necessary to consider several options for make-up.

natural look

similar makeup September 1 approach can be very useful.Thanks to its easy application, he will emphasize the natural beauty of the eye and is almost invisible.For its application, you will need a pencil and a black lengthening mascara.Blonde girls should give preference to dark brown or graphite shades.

  1. Apply a pencil line, as close as possible to the edge of the upper eyelid lash.To do this, cover with the lid and gently pull the skin towards the temple.
  2. lower part of the eye is necessary to emphasize a thin line extending from the middle of the eye.
  3. Thoroughly blend the pencil on the lower lid, making it barely noticeable.It should not be too bright.Its application is only necessary for easy separation eyes.
  4. apply mascara to the eyelashes, treating it only the ends.This way of visually lengthen the cilia and make the look more expressive.

Using shadows

If you do not want to give up the shadows, creating make-up as of September 1, prefer natural beige and pearly shades.

  1. Apply a light shade a few shades darker than your skin tone on the outer corners of the eyes.The inner part of the eyelids lightly coat the transparent pearl shades.
  2. Flatten the blend of colors with an applicator.
  3. Lower eyelid emphasize light brown shadows, causing a small amount of the external area.
  4. nakraste lashes classic black ink in a single layer.

focus on eyes

This season, the fashion make-up, in which the most marked eyes and lips are completely without makeup.In order to create such an image, make a shade of soft pink, barely noticeable shades and pearly shades for shading.

  1. Apply to upper eyelid light pink shade with a damp applicator.This technique will help to make make-up more restrained.
  2. color put on top of a strip of pearly shades and blend transitions.Remember, shading - color is not rubbing the skin and soft dithering.
  3. Take the black eyeliner and emphasize the lash line on the upper eyelid.For beginners fashionistas is better to choose a soft liner brush.It will be easier for them to create a straight line.
  4. Apply mascara to cilia in a single layer in the complete image.

Lips Makeup

September 1, better complement the natural lip gloss.You can leave a transparent or combine with caramel lipstick.Do not use bright and rich colors.They will give your image a vulgar appearance and certainly did not get the approval of the teachers.

final touches

Finally, create the image, apply a pale pink matte blush on cheekbones with a special brush.If you have too oily skin, treat it with a special mineral powder, prevents greasy.

Tidy eyebrows, giving them the right direction of a special comb.Do not pull their own excess hair.You can only spoil the natural form.


carefully plan your way before creating makeup on September 1st.Photos of beautiful works can be found in this article.

natural beauty never goes out of fashion, so if you prefer not to use cosmetics, it is only to maintain health and youthfulness of the skin for a longer time.

Remember that the make-up should be neat and well combined with hairstyle and clothes.