" Jansen " ( cosmetics ) : reviews and advice beauticians .Professional cosmetics Janssen Cosmetics

care is unthinkable without the use of cosmetics.Numerous shelves in our bathrooms are constantly made to all sorts of multi-colored jars and bottles.Perhaps the most important thing in this business is to select the right cosmetic products that are right for your skin, and are able to solve many problems.Today, on the lips of many women the name "Jansen" - cosmetics, that attracts quality-price ratio.

History of the brand

Where did we come to this magic tonics and scrubs?As they emerged on the market today?Unlike promoted perfume and cosmetic companies, the history of which has about a hundred years, Janssen Cosmetics is considered a young brand.

It all started in 1990.Birthplace of "Jansen" is considered to be Germany.Or rather, the small town of Aachen.The creators of the new steels Walter Janssen with his family and pharmacist-biochemist Roland Sacher.They became engaged in the development and production of new tools for skin care.So a "Jansen" - professional cosmetics, designed to solve many

problems and give women youth and beauty.

In 1997 the company released the debut line tool called "Beauty Secrets".It was a sensation in the beauty industry.Cosmetics literally burst onto the market of professional tools and has been appreciated by many cosmetologist.Today it enjoys the confidence of nearly 70 countries.

Talk about kosmotsevtike

feature means that the brand is still in the fact that they have a healing effect."Jansen" - cosmetics, which arose at the intersection of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In today's world it is still a new trend called kosmotsevtikoy.The uniqueness of these products consists of the following properties:

  • They have high concentrations of active ingredients.
  • During their production using advanced design and formulation.
  • Gives attractiveness of data assets and natural raw materials, which is the basis of creams and lotions.
  • They are characterized not only cosmetic but also medicinal effect.

range of products from the German company

«Jansen" - cosmetics, which is represented on the Russian market in a wide variety.Germany gave us a lot of money, which are suitable for all ages and skin types.In addition, all cosmetic products are classified into several types: body, hands and feet, facial hair.

Janssen Cosmetics is great for wellness- and a SPA-therapy.However, its use is not prohibited in the home.What means presented professional cosmetics for salons?

Creams of professionals

These tools are available in different variations.This emulsion, which is washed with water, creams and gels, and conventional means soft and tender texture.

How to choose the cream "Jansen"?Much will depend on the characteristics of the skin, but will not disappoint you buy tools such as:

  1. NIGHT REPLENISHER.This Nourishing Night Cream.It is full of nutrients, so in the morning, your skin will look rejuvenated and healthy.
  2. AQUATENSE MOISTURE GEL.Day cream with a gel structure.Producers promise superuvlazhnenie.Those women who have used it, confirm that the cream perfectly fulfills its function.
  3. RICH EYE CONTOUR CREAM.Cream created specifically for the skin around the eyes.It not only nourishes, but also softens the skin.The fine wrinkles are smoothed out after a few applications.
  4. BI-CARE EYE CREAM.Regenerating Cream designed to take care of our centuries.Especially effective in winter, when the skin is dehydrated.A good lift is provided to you.

gels, masks, tonics

whole kaleidoscope of necessary funds gives us the firm "Jansen".Cosmetics of the brand is efficient, safe for health and pleasant texture.

  1. RADIANT FIRMING TONIC.This structuring tonic is perfect for the skin around the eyes.He will give you not only the necessary moisture, but also a feeling of freshness for a long time.
  2. DE-CONTRACT SERUM GEL.This tool is a must for people who have highly developed facial expressions.The gel-relaxant perfectly relaxes muscles and prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles.
  3. RICH ENERGY MASK.Regenerating mask that can give the skin a healthy appearance is almost a matter of minutes.
  4. WHITE TEA MOISTURE MASK.Excellent gel mask.If you have dehydrated skin, then it's your choice.Perfectly moisturizes and gives a pleasant feeling, with it you will forget from dryness and flaking.

scrubs and peels

Cosmetics "Jansen" takes care of the cleansing of our skin.To do this in her arsenal is a rich set of tools.Worth a try at least some of them:

  1. MILD FACE RUB.Excellent scrub, thanks to its creamy texture gently on the skin without damaging it.
  2. SKIN REFINING ENZYME PEEL.Do you want to align the complexion?Then this enzyme peeling, having a gel base, you perfect.He is still capable and smooth wrinkles.It is advisable to carry out 2-week course of 2 times a year.After peeling, apply a night cream of the same company.

Ampoules "Jansen»

This brand also offers another product - the medical vials can restore the health of your skin.

Especial popular HYALURON FLUID - ampoules with hyaluronic acid.All we know about the effect of the acid on our skin.We got good reviews and NTENSE SERUM + PCM-COMPLEX - ampoules, providing hydration and excellent lifting.

purchasing these remedies, we should remember that they are only in the event that after the course of treatment.Typically it comprises from 10 to 12 applications.It is unlikely that you will see any results if you try to use the vials a couple of times and then forget about them.

Professional cosmetics

Funds This series includes an assortment of "Jansen" foundation.They have a variety of shades: ivory, cappuccino, olive, china.In addition, all varieties line the skin, effectively fight fat, have a moisturizing effect.

Main series cosmetics "Janssen»

enormous diversity of the German manufacturers offer us.To make it easier to navigate in the cosmetic realm drugs are combined in a certain line, which is based on a certain characteristic.Such lines have "Jansen" many will tell you about some of them.

  • Line Natural Care.At its core are numerous herbal extracts.Constant use will restore water balance, returns elasticity to help in the modeling of facial contours.
  • line for dry skin Dry Skin.Provide the necessary moisture, enhance the ability to retain moisture.
  • Line for lifting Trend Edition.It should be used at the time when you notice the first signs of aging.The results will surprise you.
  • line of sunscreens Sun.With these tools you will be able to enjoy the sunlight and not to worry about the health of their skin.
  • Line Secret Look.Here is a professional decorative cosmetics, allows you to turn into a beautiful princess.

It's not all the series that are designed for you and the company "Jansen".Do not forget about the men and the manufacturers.For them, too, produced special cosmetics.

recommendations beauticians

The range of famous brands present as professional tools and products intended for home use.Using this cosmetics, it is necessary to adhere to the advice of doctors cosmetologist.Otherwise, you can not achieve a result.Or he will be absolutely opposite to the expected.

Experts recommend the use of these funds for acne and rosacea, increased sensitivity of the skin and premature aging.All these problems are solved by force cosmetics "Jansen".Reviews Most women tell us that it really works if you use it in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

Benefits cosmetics "Janssen»

Among other similar means products of the German company stands out a whole range of advantages.

  1. It ensures high quality and performance of their product.
  2. «Jansen" - a combination of the latest biotechnology, Thalasso, aromatherapy, herbal medicine.
  3. Underlying cosmetics are algae and mud from the Dead Sea and other natural raw materials.For example, estrogens are orris root, which anciently regarded as hormones beauty.
  4. all means do not cause allergies and are safe for health.
  5. huge range of presented products are not only for professionals but also for home use.

As you can see, cosmetics "Janssen" can work wonders.Its magical properties all over the world recognize the beauticians.