Deshele all ages

age makeup has always been a subject of interest for middle-aged women.This is natural, because it is after the period of adolescence and early adulthood have symptoms of skin aging, fading hair requires some correction in the care of the body and face.To help to clients of beauty salons came professional Israeli cosmetics deshele (DeSheli).

innovative solutions resulting from research scientists -biotehnologov production and laboratory areas of Israel became revolutionary in the world of professional cosmetics for more details see the link substances that make aging skin to rejuvenate and update, have been used by deshele on exclusive terms.The company's products - it is the international quality standards, compliance of European countries.

key finding in obtaining a high effect of cosmetics company was integrated use of a series of products for hair, skin and body.It is the systematic application of cosmetics, it is logical to complement and de

velop the effect of the reduction and wrinkles, loss of skin tone, uneven body, reducing hair loss, brittle and tips section.And as a result - slow down the aging process.

Brand cosmetics - a few sets and apparatus.The most popular of them - a set of tools designed to change the process of aging.He recommended a lady after 30 and is designed for skin with special needs because of age.The set has all the necessary means containing an innovative formula to turn into mature skin young and flawless

Set "Black suitcase" become women with mature skin.It includes the cream of collagen, which helps to smooth out wrinkles and fix other age-related changes.Also, it will help get rid of unpleasant age-related changes under the eyes, the skin will turn into a soft and velvety.

following sets of cosmetic skin care contain a unique composition of mikropudru precious stones, as well as, new exhaust, exclusive extracts of plants and herbs.

hair care kits contain tools, such as shampoo, conditioner, mask, protective spray and spray after styling serum for the problem of hair.Sets are 2 tumbler and a special tool, helping to accelerate the growth of hair.

Set for body care and shape - a massage device and the necessary innovative tools that promote weight loss, increase the elasticity of the skin and eliminate stretch marks and other skin imperfections of the body.

photon-ultrasonic device through active liposomal gel and light waves, effectively on the skin, eliminating all its shortcomings.

Today the brand is known on the territory of many European countries, he received recognition in the territory of Russia.The success was not accidental, because thanks to cosmetics deshele millions of women have acquired the beauty and harmony of life through the restoration of the natural properties of the skin.