Niche perfumery - Niche perfumery is ...: reviews, prices, photos

In this post, let's talk about the phenomenon of "niche perfumery."This concept is not very known to a wider audience, and it is not surprising if you do not know what it is.It's time to get acquainted with the term and know what niche perfumery (selective) is different from the luxury and traditional flavors.

What smells like selective perfumery

you enjoy the smells, and on your home shelf with cosmetics worth more "tasty" bubbles?What is the name?

If we looked into several apartments of any city an ordinary house, it is likely to be met by those names, which are often flashed on television or in glossy.Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Versace ... These names do not go from the pages of magazines, and even children, who can not read, they know these words.So, fashion brands that so well known around the world, not the niche perfumery.It turns out that fragrances are classified into three groups, which vary in price, fame and, of course, to what they smell.

mass market, luxury and niche perfumes

It is true that the motor trade - advertising.It is working on 90% of marketers determine what will be fashionable in the new season, and you buy yourself clothes or makeup to feel confident.Advertise also promotes and perfumes.You are unconsciously influenced by the beautiful spots and unusual pictures in the magazine, first of all come to the store to specific brands and choose something to taste.

So the first and most common group of fragrances - mass market or consumer goods.Perfumes such often sold in hypermarkets, cosmetics stores, and because of the great demand also in small cosmetic shops and transitions.Forge a perfume is not difficult, and counterfeiting differ on "hurray", because the flavors are all familiar with - from small to large.Odor is not sophisticated, pleasant and easily distinguishable.Interestingly, in the last century fashion houses prepared flavors 2-3 years, and now produce one every season.This mass-market gain in the main, it takes about 75% market share.

Perfumes luxury worth more than the mass market, but is also widely advertised.As an example, brands Chanel, Guerlain, and fragrances are produced mostly clothing fashion houses.Not far behind, however, jewelery and perfume house, new smells and is one hundred percent match fashion trends.Why is that?The fact that perfumers involved in product development, before the release of grandiose audience research, identifying the preferences and expectations.Who creates the perfume luxury?Most often for new work is a whole army of artists who strictly follow the prescribed settings.Perfumers can not do, and to yield to impulse of the soul, because they create a product that will be one hundred percent fit the desires of the client.

Selective - a fundamentally new concept flavors

Niche perfumery - a creation of individuals - perfumers who do not follow anyone's expectations.Perfume is no different price (often niche perfumes can cost as much as new items are suites), and "sound" and the ingredients.For selective perfumery exclusively use high quality raw materials, which allows you to open up the smell on the skin suddenly bright fireworks - this is what determines the value of the goods.In addition, some works use expensive elements in the design of packaging, such as gold, special types of wood or precious stones.But an unusual package - it is rather an exception.In the first place it is in the selective perfume - he is the determining factor in the niche perfumery.The most well-known brands including selective considered Penhaligon's, Jo Malone, Montale, Creed, Le Labo, M. Micallef, Amouage, Parfums de Rosine, Byredo, Fragonard, Frederic Malle, Kilian, Serge Lutens.

For the history of the perfume business in the twentieth century

What does "niche perfumery" We have already sorted out, but for some reason there was a branch in the "fragrant reality"?

To do this, go back a bit in the past.Just one hundred years ago was a lot of the elite perfumes, but rather the people of power and security.But with the development of industrial production, when the goods have become cheaper and more accessible, perfumes also fell markedly.In 50-60 years, it became available to almost all, and later, to the nineties manufacturers began to think about how to convince the customer to buy just their products.After all offer far exceeded the demand, so perfumers began to work for the consumer.

Now perfume houses have ceased to create just something, and began to make a product that meets the wishes of the people.Original creators who do not want to work in narrow confines, went into hiding under the name of "selective perfumery."

How different niche perfumery

So, what features in an area of ​​fragrances as a niche perfume?Shops in Moscow are ready to offer selective, which has the following characteristics: a distinctive flavor, the best raw materials, the almost complete absence of advertising, selling unusual places.

Fragrance - is the first and most important difference niche perfumery.If the purpose of perfume luxury and mass-market consumer and cajole to create the most attractive "candy", the creators of this selective and do not even think.Niche perfumery can be completely unimaginable "image" as an attractive and repulsive.Imagine notes moist tobacco, rubber, honey syrup, or satisfies gayakovogo wood, musk - it's niche perfumery.Reviews on her very different, because the perfume could confuse, cause confusion, fall in love, or push, but what exactly - no one is left indifferent.

Ingredients selective

If manufacturers 'ordinary' perfumery chasing cheaper product, choosing the cheapest synthetic ingredients, the perfumers niche products generally do not think about.Did you know that, as for a good wine, has its own characteristics for each "ingredient" of good perfume, including the place and time of collection.For example, the most "correct" colors orange tree harvested in North Africa or Morocco.If the perfumer needs concentrate gayakovogo tree, then he will go for it in Indonesia.It is the raw material largely determines the future price of perfume.Some types of selective appear very limited in scope due to the unavailability of a component.

dress for the king, or to the package you want

rhinestones and glitter?Then, just for you - the luxury perfumes and mass market.Especially for unsuspecting buyers made special editions of magazines, telling how a bottle of perfume was created.Funny, is not it?The bottle is on the shelf, while you just need a perfume!

As selective, the perfumers to work more on content rather than on appearance.The most common packaging niche fragrances and flashy looks unremarkable, although there are exceptions.As an example, the brand Martina Micallef, bottles of which are painted a manual way and is decorated with stone.Of course, for packing fee none other than the buyer.

Delivery volumes

How much do you think the bubbles produced with a new flavor, such as Nina Ricci?Several tens of thousands, because goods need to bring in all the stores and hypermarkets cosmetics!As for the selective, the production is directly related to the number of components.If you need to create a fragrance raw material which can get a limited amount of, the manufacturer can issue just a few bubbles.Therefore, for some types of perfume literally a queue.

Places sale

If you're intrigued by selective, hurry into a major supermarket or store for cosmetics fragrance purchase, you will be disappointed.Niche Perfumery in "Rive Gauche" is not for sale, but you can find it in special boutiques with selective.What is the point of sale?

At its core, boutiques with such flavors - a kind of "casting" among cosmetics distribution points.They have too many people, and certainly you will not see the queue.In addition, these shops do not indulge in shares and customers are common.The best that can expect a regular customer, it is the fact that as a gift to the chosen scent he can get something out of the bath-house collection of the same brand.As a rule, regular customers boutique owner knows personally and between them add up a relationship of trust.

Do not be afraid to go to this shop!If you want to touch the world of niche perfumery, then that is where you can get acquainted with the flavors.But do not pretend that you are a well-worn buyer because the seller once you see through!It is better to admit that you only want to learn something about the niche perfumery.

And what price, how much can cost a selective perfumery in Moscow?The price of this kind of fragrance is unlikely to be less than 2,000 rubles per 20 ml.But you must admit, it's not that much money - just for the same amount you can buy for example 100 ml popular and advertised perfume.What to choose - you decide.

Another fundamental difference

Niche and selective perfumery differs from the luxury and mass fragrances by the fact that practically advertised.This is the case.Buying a novelty or a popular flavor that does not come from the pages of glossy, you're paying now for that: about 60% for advertising (part of models and movie stars, a public relations company, probnichki in magazines and in stores), 30% for packaging and payment of workcreators of smell and only 10% are raw materials.

situation with niche scents is quite different, one might say, is diametrically opposite.Selective hardly advertised because it is not designed for the mass market, and you do not pay for advertising and not for the box, and for the truly unique composition.

How to choose a niche perfume for yourself

Niche Perfumery in "Rive Gauche", not sold in small boutiques with selective probes for all kinds of perfume will not appear.But since such perfumes quite unusual and buy for yourself, do not try it in advance, you can not, how can that be?Especially for this purpose there otlivanty.Selective perfumes because of its high cost is not available to everyone, and if you will have the opportunity to buy the precious vial, then surely you need to know that you gain, is not it?

in online stores and small boutiques you can buy otlivanty.Selective perfumes poured into a special small containers (atomizers), a volume of 2-5 ml.With so many precious liquid, you can "protest" flavor and determine whether you like perfume or not.

Is it worth spending money on selective

As we have seen, niche perfumes - is not cheap.There is quite a reasonable question of whether to spend money on such a refined thing as selective.In addition, the smells are very peculiar, and not to everybody's taste niche perfumery.Brands also easier, such as mass-market or a more expensive suite, are well recognized and popular with everyone.

Well, the simple answer to this question is no.The addiction to a particular odor shows the taste of the man and his culture.Here it's not the money, as niche perfumes does not cost much more expensive luxury.However, some people at some point in life starts just turn up on popular scents and want something more individual.

Reviews selective

Where can I find reviews about vintage or rare edition of a book?It is clear that the forum connoisseurs such things do not talk in chat rooms and do not leave comments.Niche perfumery - is what stands out above the popularity and public opinion.Of course, you can find reviews, something like that - "yes, the smell is divine," but that's what you can tell?

Remember that selective smells so unique and personalized that trust someone's opinion can not be.You must choose a perfume for themselves, following only their taste and desire, and not someone else's advice.Because I want to warn you from studying other people's opinions, follow only their own intuition and perception.However, be aware that among the variety of flavors selective you are sure to find something to their liking yourself.