BBC Cream: customer reviews.

today become increasingly popular new cosmetics market - Blemish Balm Cream, or the so-called BBC cream.Feedback from those who have experienced it for yourself, talk about the versatility of this tool.Many women choose it as an alternative to both a day cream, and tone.However, to achieve the desired results, it must be applied correctly.In this article we look at the most popular brands of this tool and learn how to properly use them.

History of cream BBC

This cosmetic product was created by German doctors for skin regeneration after plastic surgery.First BBC cream only served as a medical device which was used to accelerate the healing of scars, scars and traces after surgery.It perfectly moisturizes and protects from the sun, smoothes and evens skin tone.Such versatility appreciated and Korean manufacturers have launched large-scale production of this cream.Asian women appreciated the new cosmetic product.Currently cream successfully conquering the European market.Every day more women are aban

doning their usual means of skin care products for the benefit of the BBC cream.


This tool can successfully replace several cosmetic products and to act as:

  • moisturizer;

  • makeup base;

  • cream protects from the sun's rays;

  • corrector and concealer;

  • cosmetic product to remove pimples and prevent wrinkles.

At first glance it may seem that only a cream can not solve many problems.But reviews of women and girls to try this product, confirm its versatility.An important feature of the Asian BBC cream is that it consists mainly of natural ingredients, but the number of chemical additives in it is minimal.This cosmetic product is manufactured in only two to four colors and has a grayish tinge, but this is not a problem, since BBC cream miraculously able to adapt to the color of the skin.Therefore, choosing a product, give preference to maximally close to your skin tone shade.Consistency Asian BBC little thickish cream in comparison with the conventional creams, but the European counterpart of this tool has a light texture and gives a translucent coating.

first appeared in Russia Cream BBC Japanese brand Murasaki Japan.Every day, the range of these universal tools is growing.Consider the most popular ones.

Cream BBC DayWear brand Estee Lauder

This tool has a rich composition and a high SPF-factor - 35 units.Perfect for the summer.The cream contains antioxidants with seaweed extract that helps to effectively fight wrinkles.The tool has a non-greasy, light texture, evens skin tone, but as evidenced by the feedback gives a transparent coating, so rashes and other visible shortcomings will not hide.

Means Dream Fresh brand Maybelline NY

cream creators claim its versatility, and those who tried it, confirm it.This cosmetic product hides inflammation, gives smoothness, radiance fills, adjusts skin tone, moisturizes during the day, gives a feeling of freshness, protect against UV rays (SPF 30) prevents greasy.However, careful to disguise blemishes with this tool fails, just qualitatively cream evens.

BBCream - the company's product IsaDora

In comparison with other similar means of this cream completely weightless, gives velvet translucent coating.The composition of the product there is wild flax seed oil that slows aging and softens the skin beautifully.The cream leaves no greasy on the face and protects against ultraviolet rays (SPF 12).

Tool Age Defence brand Clinique

This product has a high protection factor (SPF 30).On the face lasts for six to eight hours.It has a dense texture, perfectly disguises flaws, removes redness while allowing the skin to breathe.

Cream "The secret of perfection" brand Garnier

tool moisturizes all day long, wrinkles, evens, effectively hides redness, gives radiance of the skin, has a protection factor - SPF 15. The produced "Garnier" BBC creamIt merges perfectly with the tone of the skin, has a melting texture, mask defects, without weighing down the face.

Nude Magique - B.B.Cream of L'oreal Paris

moisturizing agent has a light texture, in contact with skin turns into a foundation.BBC cream "L'Oreal" quality hides imperfections, corrects the tone, moisturizing, well adapts to the natural color of the skin, lasts for five to six hours a protection factor - SPF 12.

Useful information

on the shelves of our shops hardFind a real Asian BBC cream, European manufacturers offer lightweight, adapted to our skin variations of this tool.Despite the many positive attributes, some women, this product may not be suitable.So, if you - the owner of skin prone to greasy luster and acne, it is preferable to choose a foundation, as a cream BBC will not be able to hide significant deficiencies and give the face a matte for a long time.If you are going to an important event or meeting, as your choice on foundation.Through reflective particles and saturated pigments he literally transform the face and disadvantages adjust dense coating.You should also know that the BBC keeps the cream on the skin for a few hours, so the need to update periodically make-up, especially in the hot season.But owners of normal skin, without significant disadvantages, it should choose a cream BBC.It evens the complexion, slightly mattes, moisturizes, gives the effect of "naked" skin easy to apply and blend well.

How to use BBC cream?

Since it's still a little different foundation, then it must be applied differently.Firstly, they should cover the well-cleaned skin immediately after use of the lotion or tonic, secondly, the movement should be like rubbing.Tone Cream BBC is very easy to apply and spread the fingers, like a normal moisturizer.In order to achieve a more natural look, the foundation should be applied thinly and carefully shade.If necessary, problem areas can be covered with another layer.

How to clean the skin from the BBC cream?

In no case can not be used for cleansing facial, sunflower, grape, olive, coconut and other oils.This will clog the pores and skin will become dull, gray.Conventional cleaning agents can be washed off only the top layer BBC cream.Completely, and most importantly - without any adverse effects, remove the cream with the skin can be a hydrophilic oil.When mixed with water, it turns into a soft milk, which is very gently cleanse even the most sensitive and prone to the emergence of allergic reactions skin.As part of this means there are vegetable oils that effectively soften the covers.We hope that this article will be useful to you and help you choose the best BBC cream.