Automatic curling irons Hair : customer reviews .How to use automatic curling hair ?

not known why, but the fact that women with straight hair are constantly striving to make them wavy, has remained unchanged for many years.What caused this, it is not known so far, and it is unlikely someone will be able to give a concrete answer to this question.

little history

A long time ago one of the ways hairdressing considered simple cloth: ordinary cloth torn into many rectangles (the required size), and cheat them of any hair.Over time curler were invented, but they were one big "piece of iron", which is heated on a hot fire (in the later times curlers greatly improved).And now quite all devices, so make wavy hair: metal rollers, plastic, foam, and various curling irons and stylers.

curling first appeared in ancient Egypt, Babylon.Control the temperature of the heating was quite difficult, as the device was heated on the fire, it leads to permanent burns to users.And after hundreds of years of "curling" (in those days it was the usual metal rod) became heated on the stove.

Who was the author of modern curling, do not know to this day.The story mentions that in 1866 Hiram Maxim patented "improved" curling hair.Most sources point to the 1870 second as the year in which Maurice and Marcel Lenterik grata presented drying hair with various nozzles to create waves in the hair.

first electric curling appeared in 1959 from the company BaByliss, over time it improved and modernized.Today, this model is very popular among young people, and not only.

In this text we will consider in detail the concept of "automatic curling irons hair" and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Automatic curling and its main function

Automatic curling irons hair - this is the machine for you to create a suitable curls.The main and only its function - a perm hair.Depending on the device, you can make various wave on hair.For example, there are 3 styler Babyliss different modes to create curls, which depend on the direction (left, right, automatically), temperature (250, 270, 290 degrees) and the timer (8, 10 and 12 seconds).Thus, choosing a certain mode, you will automatically choose how to wavy hair.

automatic Curling hair and advantages in using

  1. Save time.
  2. quality locks.
  3. not want to use hairspray.
  4. Curling for at least 5 hours (depending on the structure of the hair).
  5. alert beep at the end of work.
  6. Inability to burn the hair.
  7. build quality and reasonable price.
  8. You can buy anywhere.

Deficiencies in styler

  1. change the structure of the hair.
  2. It takes time to learn how to use curling irons.
  3. Automatic curling (some models) at constant use (use every day) can lead to dried hair and visited tips.

How to choose a styler hair curling?

1. First of all, pay attention to the material.Automatic curling irons should not be covered with metal (metal surface is heated unevenly).Preference is given to ceramic products, can also draw attention to the titanium and tourmaline coating.Experts also advise to buy styler with ceramic-coated tourmaline - it almost does not spoil the hair.

2. Select the device, based on the specifications.Curling automatic hair must meet the following criteria:

  • When using the power of his house should be from 25 to 50 watts.It depends on the power through a Time styler come in usable condition (2, 3, 5 or 15 minutes).
  • desirable to have the thermostat (the structure of the hair at all different, and therefore the temperature of hair curler every woman own).
  • draw attention to the power cord.Automatic curling should be thick and the rotating wire.
  • diameter.Here, you take your pick, depending on what kind of locks you need.

3. To surely choose the curling that you need, it is necessary to check on "automatic curling" reviews on sites with a description of the styler and get acquainted with the operation of these videos on household appliances.

tips when choosing a particular type of curling hair

For thin and fragile hair curling preference should be given to low temperature conditions (this will allow you to avoid problems such as posechennye ends and dry, overheated hair) Notice the factthat curling has to be a perfectly smooth surface.

For owners of coarse hair and hair that are highly electrified, suitable automatic curling, perming hair which occurs at high temperatures.Ideal models will supply warmer regime, but rather the hot air pressure.And it is desirable that Styler attended infrared rays, they will reduce the stiffness of the hair and it will add a little sparkle.

with long and thick hair the process will be much more difficult, so buy curling fast heating and high temperature.

Types ploek

  • cylindrical curling (classical, with a round rod).
  • Cone (it forceps have a conical shape).
  • double or two-barrel.
  • Triangular (characterized by the presence of the triangular cross-section).Triple-
  • .
  • Spiral Curling (now considered to be one of the most popular Styler).

Carefully follow all instructions that are in the instructions for use of the device.In no case do not drop the unit and use it away from water (not recommended for automatic curling iron in the bathroom as well as humidity and water can affect the performance of mechanisms styler).

styler can be used automatically every day, but still not worth it, as though minimal, but the risk of hair damage is still present.

And yet - it is not necessary to give curling a gift.You can miscalculate with the necessary parameters, and hair styler just spoil your girlfriend or sister ...

Get curling exclusively for themselves, based on the characteristics of your hair and use it to health.Good luck!