"Expert Hair" (shampoo) - reviews.

Factors that worsen the condition of hair, permanent impact on modern man.These include a negative environment, unbalanced diet, chemical and thermal treatment in beauty salons.

Modern drugs can have complex effects to address the entire spectrum of problems."Evalar" developed a range of tools aimed at improving the hair both outside and inside.It includes vitamin complex, in the form of a spray lotion "Expert Hair" Shampoo.Reviews on all products will be presented below.

little brand

largest pharmaceutical company in Russia, specializing in the synthesis and release of drugs of natural origin, and biologically active additives to food.Developed considered drugstore chain "Evalar", which presents the entire extensive range of medicines.

deserves close attention product line, aimed at reviving the beauty and health of tired, damaged locks.All funds are combined under the name of "Expert Hair."To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to provide a comprehensive impact.


Innovative detergent hair from "Evalar" presented a very rich composition that forms its effectiveness.Key active ingredients:

  1. Arginine.The substance belongs to the category of amino acids, stimulates growth, improves.In the bud bulbs get absolutely all the nutrients necessary for healthy formation of the hair shaft.
  2. Carnitine is especially useful on a roll and managed to prove its effectiveness.It is a natural stimulant of growth of new, stronger curls.
  3. Biotin.This water-soluble vitamin B group - the source of a beautiful, long and healthy hair.Biotin - a true healing elixir for damaged hair.
  4. Creatine hydrolyzate.This component is often used as an additive to sports nutrition.Substance optimizes metabolic processes in the tissues, which stabilizes repeatedly accelerates the growth of hair.
  5. glycolic acid.The drug normalizes the outflow of sebum, helps to achieve exfoliation of keratinized particles from the scalp.
  6. D-panthenol.An important factor of a healthy shine, strength, helps simulate a luxurious volume.
  7. Horse chestnut extract is an excellent protection against negative influences.
  8. Citric acid gives a spectacular healthy glow.
  9. Collagen.The substance is formed on the surface of each hair protective film and helps maintain optimum moisture balance.As a result of repeatedly reducing the formation of split ends.
  10. Argan oil.This is a unique component that can also be called a true elixir for hair.It strengthens, heals the deepest damage.
  11. Castor oil awakens the dormant bulbs and triggers the growth of new hair.
  12. soluble collagen with elastin - a real fountain of youth and vitality for every hair.This innovative material presented in the line "Expert Hair."Shampoo reviews which sounded everywhere, thanks to this component gained unique properties.
  13. Chitosan perfectly moisturizes the hair, prevents the formation of static electricity.
  14. Taurine strengthens and creates a healthy cuticle.

All components are key to the effectiveness of this product series "Expert Hair."Shampoo, reviews of which can be seen quite often available on the open market, as a rule, in large pharmacy chains.For bottle 250 ml will have to pay an average of about 435 rubles.

Effectiveness of

  • Hair loss is subject to regular use is reduced by 85%.
  • undergoing profound strengthening of the root bulbs.
  • structure curls recovering from root to tip.
  • active ingredients shampoo provide protection against thermal effects.
  • Treatment of split ends.
  • lipid balance of the scalp is stabilized.
  • Elimination of dandruff.

Among all products of a series "Expert Hair" Shampoo, reviews of which are presented below, it is the most popular.Professional opinions formed as follows:

  • Most experienced artists working in beauty salons and barbershops large, time to estimate the balance of the composition of the detergent.It is full of useful substances of natural origin.
  • No other domestic shampoo can not excel as rich composition.This preparation for the hair from "Evalar" is unique.
  • in a professional environment Shampoo proved themselves as one of the best means, produced by Russian manufacturers.Effectiveness is not immediately, it is better to rely on the cumulative effect.

of consumers

  • hair washing means so lets get rid of the high fat content in the roots.Achieved visible results, which can not be achieved by using analogues.
  • Curls are amazingly beautiful.Using shampoo justify the claimed effect, but the best results can only be achieved through an integrated use of the entire line of "Expert Hair."The composition of assets is credible.
  • can not expect instant results, it is better to be patient and treat your hair for at least three weeks in a row, using vitamins and spray.

Lotion Spray is the second basic tool for hair care.He combined the characteristics of balsam, conditioner, but was more practical and convenient in-home use.The effectiveness of very large, as can be seen by the reviews presented below.

the lotion

  • ethanol.
  • Purified water.
  • Liposentol complex.It is an innovative vitamin preparation, has diverse effects.
  • Panthenol coats each hair microfilm, without aggravation by protecting the structure from external damage.
  • ascorbic, citric, lactic, glycolic acid.
  • Sodium ascorbate - vitamin component has a positive effect on metabolic processes in cells, improves growth.
  • Menthol.
  • biotin, carnitine.
  • Euksil - a substance that moisturizes the upper layer of the hair shaft, protects against negative external effects.
  • Aminophylline improves blood circulation in the scalp.
  • aromatic compositions.

"Evalar" made sure that the lotion had the most useful and balanced composition that is inherent in all products of the series "Expert Hair."Spray, reviews of which will be presented - one of the most effective means for the recovery of curls among the whole range of similar products on the market.

Effect of

  1. recovery of microcirculation of the scalp.
  2. formation of normal water-lipid balance.
  3. stabilization of growth of hair follicles.Effectiveness proven by clinical trials conducted by the company specifically for the series "Expert Hair."Spray, reviews and opinions about which surprisingly united, proved to be the best.
  4. profound beneficial impact directly on the roots.
  5. significant reduction in hair loss.
  6. increase in volume by 2-3 times.
  7. high cosmetic effect.


agent is applied directly to the scalp 3-4 times a week.The drug is rubbed with light circular movements and does not require rinsing.The course lasts two months.

Spray is the best-selling product line "Expert Hair."The lotion, which reviews provided by real customers, deserve a lot of praise:

  • maximum results can be achieved using the drug at the first sign of hair loss.The visible effect is noticeable after eight weeks of regular treatment.
  • Spray well manifest itself as an independent agent.It combines perfectly with any everyday shampoos and balms, without losing the respective characteristics.
  • Lotion helps achieve a healthy state of each strands at the cellular level, repeatedly improving their appearance.
  • Practical application of different means of convenience, it should not be washed off.Spray evenly allows the lotion to the hair.After drying curls look wonderful: become elastic, shiny, have a pleasant scent.

In order to form a comprehensive opinion about the product, it is recommended to get acquainted with professional responses trichologists.Means in 2012 passed clinical studies, which failed.A popular product series "Expert Hair" - lotion, reviews of which are shown above, proved to be as follows:

  • Spray is recommended for use by most doctors as an additional care for damaged locks.
  • drug is indicated for women who began to notice the irreversible changes in the condition of the hair.This is an important indicator of the effectiveness of spray series "Expert Hair."
  • composition is totally safe and balanced.

Lotion be sold exclusively in pharmacy chains, what should I look for when buying.Its effectiveness is based on the beneficial effects of panthenol, acid, biotin, menthol and fully proven practical experience in the application.


pelleted product contains in its composition of brewer's yeast autolysate, horsetail extract, cystine, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, zinc oxide, and taurine.It is a drug of natural origin and is part of a biologically active complex of "Evalar" - "Expert Hair."Vitamins, reviews of which are heard in a positive way, it can be used separately.

Effect of

  • presented in the line "Expert Hair" tablets contain extract of horsetail.It is a valuable source of natural silica.It increases the production of collagen, which is necessary for the health of hair and skin.Vitamins nourish the hair shaft from within, helping to achieve radiant health and shine.
  • cystine and taurine - two essential amino acids, providing all the conditions for the growth of strong and sturdy locks.Hair becomes elastic, elastic - it is a reality with a series of "expert hair."Vitamins, reviews of which will be presented below, the most balanced in its composition.
  • Zinc helps stop the uncontrollable hair loss, it awakens the dormant bulbs.

Contraindications and reviews

  • Allergic reactions caused nepernosimostyu individual components.
  • lactation, pregnancy.

Every potential customer will be interested to hear the views that have earned the pill "Expert Hair."Reviews based on the practical application of the following:

  • Vitamins of natural origin much better absorbed by the body, so the drug has a stronger effect than synthetic analogs designed for hair growth.
  • Despite the natural origin of all ingredients recommended to undergo preliminary medical consultation, as tablets are biologically active additives.
  • Although means comprises barm, it does not cause weight gain.New hair originate in large numbers from the outset gain strength and health.
  • Vitamins "Expert Hair" can be a real saving in the rapid hair loss.Visible results can be seen after three weeks of regular use.

How much is "Expert Hair"?

buy all the products at any pharmacy network - so the company "Evalar" distributes its products.The line "Expert Hair", the price for a set of products which do not exceed an average of 1,100 rubles, always available for sale.For the price you can buy the specified three funds.

If desired, each component line purchased separately:

  • In Shampoo "Expert Hair" price varies from 410 to 435 rubles.
  • Lotion as a spray - from 310 to 325 rubles.
  • Vitamins - from 300 to 320 rubles.

Instead of conclusion

Beauty is available every girl.Referring to the achievements of the modern pharmaceutical industry, have adopted the power of herbs and natural ingredients, it is possible to achieve really excellent results.The entire line - shampoos, sprays, tablets "Expert Hair" - Review which were presented, has managed to earn the trust of consumers.Curls with such care will gain health, well-groomed appearance, a pleasant heaviness and radiant shine.