Curling Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl: reviews, photos, price

to the market broke new styling tool for styling and create beautiful curls, fundamentally different from that of all the friends ploek.Many buyers compare the new product with a hairdryer, t. To. The hair does not act as the temperature of the heater plate that is inherent to many stylers as a hot air flow.

Styler in

After clamping locks styler "swallows" it to the tip, heats a certain period of time (the average time of placement of the curl can be about 5 sec.), Then the tool you need to let go, and it completely releases the stranded portion of the hair.Many client say that after wrapping the curl is not as hot as in the conventional curling.Thanks to the sophisticated design styler curl curled uniformly to the tip.

Curling Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl can cheat hair from the roots.Many are afraid to burn with the scalp, because the end of the Screw tool is made in the shape of the ball and has a wide area to the touch.But this should not be afraid, t. To. The main impact of the styler is poss

ible due to air circulation, and the outer part of the chamber is not heated.A tool for creating curls is completely safe, should not be afraid of burns when using the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.Reviews show that many client's have already seen the original security styler.

Features tool on the handle for stacking cars are 4 sensors:

  • light sensor - serves as a signal to connect the instrument to the network and ready for use;
  • temperature sensor - enables the issuing of 3 modes (190 - the most gentle treatment, 210 and 230 ° C), depending on the structure of the hair;
  • timer - Specifies the number of seconds (from 8 to 12 seconds.) Wrapping strands depending on its thickness;
  • control direction cheat curl - set for a wave of regime right, left or automatically.

Exposed the laying styler counts short beeps, each of which is equal to 1 sec.They do not even need to be considered.After a long time, it makes a signal to the fact that while wrapping one strand passed.If your hair is thick, then at the time of styling irons can be changed to curl had a clear outline.Please note that part of the tool, which "swallowed" a strand of hair, has an open and a closed part.The open part of the need to keep to his head, and closed - to the ends of the hair.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl - Instructions for use

Follow the exact instructions to get the best effect of curling:

  • styler connect to the network;
  • install sensors for your hair type and desired intensity of cheating;
  • wait until the light on the sensor will be sustainable - it is a sign that the styler is hot and can be used;
  • remove the hair piece for easy wrapping, separate strand of 2-3 cm;
  • somknite styler in the hair, do not forget about the correct direction of the tool: the open part - to the head;
  • during cheat you will hear a brief signal, counting down the time you set;
  • further styler will know the end of the repeated sound;
  • unplug it after completing a wave.

Despite the seemingly simple application Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, instruction necessary for initial familiarization with the principle of the styler.

Duration laying

to work styler effect lasted as long as possible to fix the curls in the hair will need to apply a special tool.You can distribute the foam on strands before curling or sprayed on the resulting curls paint.If curls out very tight, then before applying the fixation means divide the hair with your fingers.In no case do not use for this purpose a comb with frequent teeth - so you can spoil the hairstyle.Also, if you have healthy hair, you can switch the sensor with gentle low mode to a higher and increase the wrapping.But do not get involved in this, t. To. Like any tool styling hair styler acts on heat.Abuse of hot air will cause dry, brittle hair and a deterioration of their structure.

Protection Hair

each time before you create curls using the styler is better to use specialized tools to protect against thermal tools.Most often they are issued in the form of a spray.When using such means there is no need to pre-coated foam hair, t. To. It will not only protect the hair, but also serve as an additional latch locks.However, it's recommended to use nail to fix the curls after curling laying Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.Reviews of clients prove that the curls are kept for a long time, but the extra help they never hurt.If you frequently use the styler, make sure to moisturize hair masks, t. To. The spray provides extra protection, but can not fully protect the structure of the strands.Masks with olive oil, honey or avocado perfectly serve for this purpose.

original and fake

Manufacturers styler asking customers to pay attention to the following features that distinguish a professional tool from household forgery:

  • Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl original is available only in black with a white inscription on the handle;
  • time of his life - 10 ths. Hours for comparison, household appliance - 5 thousand. Hours;
  • original styler heating time - 30 sec., Forgery - 100 seconds;
  • professional plates temperature is 3;
  • original has the option to select the direction of the Lock;
  • inscription on a professional tool reads: Mira Curl the Perfect Curling Babyliss PRO.Look at the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl (photo) to remember the look of a professional styler.

What are the risks of using counterfeit:

  • can burn the hair because of poor coating nozzle;
  • Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl fake shock can hit;
  • may jams hair;
  • not a gentle temperature, which is required when using the styler on thin and dyed hair;
  • service life is significantly less than that of professional tool.

Price range

On Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl price ranges from 2,500-3,000 thou. Rubles on the sites offering to buy their shares for sale or to 4500-6500 thousand. Rubles.Knowing the main differences from the domestic professional tool, you can identify where the real action takes place, and where they sell fake, veiled under the price "discount" on the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.St. Petersburg stores can offer the goods in the presence and under the order.

Advantages over curling

Through Styler can create curls from the roots of hair, without fear of getting burned scalp.With curling is not so easy to do - often cheat when it turns away from the roots to the beginning of the curl.It should also be noted that when creating curl styler and tips of the strands are wound.When working with a curling curled ends often are weaker or may be rotated in different directions, which creates disharmony in hairstyle.Curling Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl makes a uniform curl without any effort.Most often, only professionals can create beautiful, perfectly arranged and curly locks.With home styler, no need to spend time on the interior - it is possible to make perfect hairstyle in a familiar environment.

Manufacturer Warranty

original instrument gives one year warranty for trouble-free use of the styler.During this period a failure of the buyer can contact the company, which was bought Babyliss.In this case, employees of the company are required to solve all the problems related to the malfunction.


When purchasing styler buyer receives complete a special device for cleaning the inner chamber.Sprays for thermal protection or styling products, applied to the wrap may be formed on the walls of the accumulation chamber.Subsequent heating styler gradual accumulation of these tools can even lead to malfunction of the tool for curling.To avoid this problem, it is best to clean after each use of the tool.

opinions about Styler Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl

reviews suggest that clients who have already become the happy owner of a tool for curling, just loved it.For practical tips include the following:

  • before using styler locks should be well comb, t. To. The tangled curls can not "swallow" the camera;
  • wind hair better tiers - first the lower, then the upper;
  • waving at a high temperature thin strands can keep the form up to 3 days.

reading about Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl reviews, potential buyers can verify the efficacy and safety of this tool for curling.To create a hairstyle will leave an average of 15-20 minutes - imagine how much time you have lost, making the same locks in the salon or at home using a curling iron.With styler you can create uniform curls absolutely correct form.Use the unit is very simple, but you need to get the hand - many frightening sound working chamber and begin to pull the tool to do that is by no means impossible.Remember that after the last of multiple audio signal can not pull the styler - just unclench the camera and release the lock of hair.Observe care tool to extend the term of its operation.