Coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR": guide, reviews, palette

At any time, in any age and under any circumstances, women and girls are carefully watched his appearance.Everyone wants to be fashionable and at the same time, unlike the others, so ladies endlessly change their appearance: clothes, accessories, hairstyles, make-up.And a change of hair color, sometimes quite radical, is not even discussed.

course, regular repainting and touch up curls is not without unfortunate consequences: hair grow dull, whipped, their structure is broken.Nearly all women know about it, but nothing will sacrifice for the sake of beauty?It is for them and for those who are more slaughter of their hair and dreams of a safe color, and it was invented by a tool such as coloring shampoo.

One of the most famous Russian brands producing these coloring agents for hair - "ROKOLOR."A separate niche in a rather wide range of domestic brand is engaged in coloring shampoos.


«ROKOLOR" as the brand actively started operating since August 2008.The main objectives are the dev

elopment and production of cosmetic products, relevant to the modern consumer and the most satisfying its needs.Another important factor is the creative development and the creation of creative ideas, which then spills over to the Russian market in the form of extraordinary novelties.

Colouring shampoos "ROKOLOR" repeatedly nominated for the annual award in the field of cosmetics.And sales of the retail market among similar products of foreign competitors is around 20%, indicating a willingness to Russian buyers acquire and use coloring shampoos domestic production.In addition, the products are exported actively in the coming CIS countries, Europe and the East.

undergo regular renewal of production and technology through internal development and contracting company with its European partners, allowing you to withdraw money for the hair coloring to the next level, improving their quality and durability.

coloring shampoo - what is it?

coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" - a means for instant hair coloring.The main difference from the usual paint is that the composition does not imply any harmful to ammonia oxidizers and shag.

operating principle of toning shampoo hair is enveloping the film, and not penetrated into its structure.That this is the same time as the pros and cons of the coloring agent: coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" does not destroy the hair, but it does not have such a lasting effect as the usual colors - each color washing head over and over again will dim.

What is the coloring shampoo

coloring shampoo "Light color" will be indispensable in the following cases:

  1. you urgently need to go to the meeting date, shooting, and hair have unpresentable appearance.
  2. you want to refresh the existing color brightness, but no desire to go back to the salon in the capital chemical hair coloring.
  3. Have you ever dyed your hair because of the belief that ordinary kolorirujushchie means hopelessly spoil them, but at the same time, want to try on a new image.
  4. You need toned regrowth without extra investments and spending time.

Features tinting shampoos "ROKOLOR»

coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR.Glow color "has many positive qualities:

- smooths the porous texture of the hair, giving curls silky and shiny;

- refreshes the color, making it brighter and more saturated;

- almost every color of hair can pick up your coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" - a palette of natural colors, in addition to basic, includes several intermediate colors;

- as part of the means does not contain harmful substances such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and alcohol-containing compounds;

- coloring pigment is distributed only on the surface of the hair without altering its texture;

- contributes to the speedy restoration of normal hair after coloring;

- at the conclusion of the procedure does not require the application of an air conditioner or balm.

Kit "ROKOLOR.Shining colors »

In completing each package includes a toning shampoo:

1. 3 bags with coloring agents themselves.Recommended amount depends on the length and thickness of hair.

2. Gloves.

3. Instructions for use.

Palette coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR»

main reason why Russian women customers so actively used coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" - colors, to be more precise, their rich palette.Each tone has its own number, noting that it's easy to find later in the store:

  • 1.0 Black;
  • 4.4 mocha;
  • 4.45 Red;
  • 5.0 ​​Brown;
  • 5.4 chocolates;
  • 6.43 copper;
  • 6.54 mahogany;
  • 8.4 milk chocolate;
  • 9.01 platinum blonde;
  • 9.03 honey caramel;
  • 9.10 pearl ash;
  • 9.12 amethyst.

Color coloring shampoo selected on the basis of the objectives to be achieved as a result of the staining procedure.

How to choose a coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR.Shining colors »

If you sort all coloring shampoos as belonging to a particular color, you get 4 large groups:

- dark;

- light;

- red;

- chocolate.

main rule when choosing coloring agents - rely on the color of the hair that you have at the moment.It should be remembered that the longer kept on hair shampoo, the richer will subsequently be cast.

If you're blonde and you want to give your hair more shine and luster, take a light tone.On curls if sparkle sunlight.

Owners red hair, decided to slightly toned bright color, suitable coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" chocolate.For those who have light hair and light skin, or pinkish, on the contrary, it can be repainted in a copper or reddish.

Brunettes to achieve color depth recommended by the dark tones of shampoos.That hair sparkled in the sun red tint, experiment with "copper" or "mahogany".Regardless of the color luster luxury you will be provided.

If you want to only add luster to hair grooming and healthy, regardless of their color, rinse the head with one of the bright rooms.Keep long coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" does not make sense, but for a couple of minutes to refresh the look of your hairstyle so very real.

In cases when time allows, you can try several coloring shampoo on individual strands, and then choose the most suitable.In addition, at home it is quite possible to make their own highlights or shading, to use cap and coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR."The palette of colors is quite a such experiments, and if the result is not like it, you can always paint the whole or wash for some procedures.

Instructions for use

Once the desired tone is selected, you can proceed to its application.Coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" instruction on the use of which is in each box, very easy to use.The whole procedure of coloring is as follows:

  1. If necessary, pre-wash your hair with regular shampoo.
  2. Wear gloves.
  3. Wet hair.
  4. Evenly coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR" on strands and lather it.
  5. Depending on how intense the color you want, keep the shampoo on the hair from 3 to 30 minutes.
  6. Wash strands under warm water without using a conventional shampoo.
  7. In especially dry hair as a finishing procedure, you can use a mask, but usually this is not required.

coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR": reviews

among shoppers tinting shampoos series "Shining the light" survey was conducted in which women rated a product on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), simultaneously commenting on it.All were interviewed about 50 people, and the results were quite interesting.The voting was as follows:






Affordable, healthy glow effect lamination present goodstaining along the entire length, a pleasant softness, full compliance with the declared shade.



softness to hair, but does not seal them, in contrast to the paint.Few colors, it is difficult to choose the color, resulting in a little something that I wanted.Color skin, but it washed off easily.



After a few days, the hair becomes dry, the effect of lamination is weakly expressed on blond hair at perederzhivanii sirenevato gives shade.



Colors the nails and plumbing, very flowing, inconvenient packaging.



Not at all paints over the hair should not be applied to damaged and heavily bleached hair, uneven distribution of color spoils the enamel bath.

As can be seen from the results of the survey, coloring shampoo "ROKOLOR 'responses collected for the most part positive.On average, the quality of the product can be evaluated on a solid four, if you do not expect from this high-resistance means, do not try to disguise from the brown-haired brunette or blonde, and do not count on perfect strands, after the lamination procedure in the cabin.