Professional hair dyes: ratings and reviews

ability to change their appearance, to experiment, to overcome the disadvantages give the image of flavor - these are the main advantages of the fair sex who are so fond of the usual and professional hair dye.Photo Hairdressing experimental proof: by changing the colors can change dramatically, and even visually "throw" a few years.

Today the shelves of products for hair cosmetics are literally inundated with dyeing, so shoppers are sometimes quite difficult to decide which product to prefer - normal or professional.Recently, however, more and more women are inclined to the choice of the latter type of paint.Considerable way such a step affect the quality possessed by the professional paints, rating and positive feedback about these products.

difference between a professional paint from the usual

principle - the main difference between professional cosmetics for hair coloring from the usual.Such paint is quite difficult to choose without certain knowledge and skills to mix and apply - it can only

make a master stylist.That is why these products are called professionals.

Almost every package no image color professional hair dyes.This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not guarantee the same result by strands of different colors, textures and types.To achieve the desired result barber exclusively uses his skills in the field of dyeing.Each individual case is final, but secure.

Another difference kolorirujushchie professional cosmetics - high resistance and the lack of complete oxidant.Tools for home use are equipped with the most suitable for all variants of an oxidizing agent, the strength of which is not less than 12%.In applying the same professional product master is focused on your type of hair, for which, perhaps, even in the concentration of 9% may be too severe.For example, the hair dye "L'Oreal" professional is considered to be more secure than a conventional paint of the same brand.

right to pick up and dye and an oxidizing agent to help direct consultations in a beauty salon or a qualified dealer for cosmetics.

Benefits of professional paint

Although in favor of conventional means say factors such as easy availability, low cost and ease of use, special cosmetics have before them the advantages:

  1. colors professional hair colors are more accurate.
  2. Shades can be mixed among themselves and are refreshed by the addition of special funds - the so-called mikstonov.
  3. extensive palette of colors.
  4. Professional paints are sold exclusively in specialized departments, from distributors or in beauty salons, which guarantees the quality of the product.
  5. complicated staining process only for those who do not know the nuances of mixing and applying the product.
  6. minimum traumatization of hair by individual selection of the amount and concentration of the oxidant, even for individual sites on the same head.
  7. When the color error can be eliminated by using a special "washing."

Professional hair dyes: Rating

assume the desired color you specified.However, this selection is not terminated.Producers of professional products is now more than enough, and this puts shoppers in a deadlock.

Paints strife, even a professional.Therefore, most of the women can hear the questions about what kind of professional hair color is best to choose what brand, what products from different manufacturers differ among themselves.

To maximize dot the «i», experienced users and experts in the field of hairdressing was made the top list, which included professional hair dye, which names are already known by advertising campaigns and are walking onmostly in specialized circles.Here it is:

  1. Wella Professionals.
  2. Estel Professional.
  3. Schwarzkopf Professional.
  4. Matrix.
  5. Cutrin.
  6. Londa Professional.
  7. L'Oreal Professionnel.
  8. Keune.
  9. Kapous.
  10. Dikson.

entered in the top professional hair dye, rating of which is based on the quality, the manufacturer, customer reviews and experience masters professionals.

Wella Professionals

Perhaps the most famous brand of professional hair dyes.It was founded back in 1880 in Germany, a hairdresser, and now it has more than 4 million professionals worldwide.Palette quite extensive, divided into three categories:

- dark shades;

- bright colors;

- red shades.

Guest noted full compliance ultimately resulting in the color specified in the layout, especially the brightness and brilliance.

Estel Professional

"Estelle" - hair color professional, customer reviews and customers about the quality of evidence is better than any advertising.The main advantages are a diverse palette of shades, pleasant, not fluid texture, the ability to create creative color.Hair after staining become soft and pleasant to the touch.

addition of paint, including assortment of "Estelle" in the package you can choose:

- oxigent (oxidants) with different concentrations;

- preparations for bleaching;

- to take care cosmetics.

Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf produces cosmetics for painting for more than 100 years.A key product of all kinds of paints producer - a professional tool Igora Royal.Though master colorists - the main target audience for which developed these professional hair dye, ranking them among ordinary consumers is also high.

main qualities Igora Royal - complete closure of gray hair, bright and color ultrastoyky caring effect.The color set is very rich, including even such colors as snow-white, sea blue, emerald green.


"Matrix" - a relatively recently appeared in our country brand, which produces collectible professional hair dyes.The names of each meeting of colors speak for themselves.For example, this year have been released:

- denim (texture and accents inspired by the bold and somewhat rebellious fashion denim trends);

- tree motifs (a collection of the most warm and actual shades of rocks);

- metallic topaz (3 primary colors in each group - brown, blond and copper - cast magnificent radiance of precious stones).

and professionals and buyers say a special shine and smoothness of the resulting coloration even badly damaged hair, large volume and high resistance tube.


products under the brand "Kutrin" came to us from Finland - a country known for its serious attitude to the environment.Professional paint manufacturer that is of high quality, which is fully confirmed by numerous clinical trials, the last assessment of the health of Europe's leading institutions.Total palette "Kutrin" 108 shades.

Painting "Kutrin" is very popular in our country because of the relatively low cost (compared with other brands), richness of color and a pleasant odor bezammiachnoy.

Londa Professional

Londa offers its customers this year, a special line of professional paint creamy texture, designed to cover up gray hair in a single application.Of course, the products are recommended not only gray-haired women.Uniform distribution and color fastness to 25 procedures shampooing is not pleased with one shopper.Women also noted the good enveloping hair dye and leveling far.

L'Oreal Professionnal

many as 4 collection includes French hair dye "L'Oreal".Professional palette consists of a variety of shades - from the typical light and dark red and juicy to mikstonovyh.

The clients and hairdressers say a special vividness of color even when painting in uncharacteristically bright colors, which is difficult to achieve using conventional, non-professional funds.Among the assortment, which offers a "L'Oreal", can be found as standard colors, and preparations with a low content of alkali especially for heavily damaged hair.


one of the highest levels of color confinement has Keune - Dutch professional hair dye.Reviews confirms the statement by the manufacturer resistance - 25% longer than normal value.This is achieved through the use of special technology dye that laboratories Keune called 5D: during the procedure used not only the dye and an oxidizing agent, and a special serum that gives the hair extra shine and sealing their texture.


Brand "Kapus" was developed in 2001 in Russia.Products for dyeing hair under this brand is primarily used in beauty salons.Palette "Kapus" is composed of 115 colors, each of which can be achieved by mixing cream paint and oxidant.

addition to professional paint, "Kapus" also offers its customers numerous care products for colored hair: shampoos, serums, oils, balms.


That came to an end of the top list of 2014, which included the most interesting, according to the users and experts, professional hair dyes.Rating completes Italian brand Dikson.Paint from this manufacturer with all kinds of oxidants and has a patented feature that can fill damaged hair while polishing it.This quality professional paints Dikson already appreciate the hundreds of thousands of hairdressers and their clients around the world.In the arsenal of the brand has more than a hundred shades, natural and not very good, but every one of them, judging by the positive reviews of shoppers, incredibly alive and vibrant.