What is the spit and how to cook it

Today we will tell you in detail what a spit.So, all in order.Rotisserie is a metal rod, which can be fried fish, poultry, meat, game, or the whole carcass of its separate parts, is also easy to make food with vegetables or fruit.Usually cooked meal tastes like barbecue.Fry on the spit began in ancient times, in the book "Elder Edda" is also mentioned about meat cooked this way.Then the soldiers distinguished themselves in battle after battle ate wild boar, roast it on this device.In ancient times, our ancestors did not know what a spit, and he looks like, they just sit down game caught on a big stick, and roasted it over the fire.In the future, people have adopted this tradition, but do not cook food on a stick steel, and metal bars.

What skewer and how it can be

talk about the different types of data devices.Now you can find two types of skewers - horizontal and vertical.First gained wide popularity among fishermen and hunters, they are compact, they can take a hike.Horizontal skewers used as summ

er residents, they can be both with barbecue, and without it.Such devices are easily adjusted in height.Modern ovens are also equipped with a spit, they are small in size.They can be cooked poultry or fish.Vertical spit used for roasting specialists shawarma.

The way

in field conditions is used horizontal spit, or you can use an ordinary metal rod.If you want to cook fresh fish, it is necessary to begin with a good clean and gut.Make sure that the fire was small, otherwise your production could take a crust on top, and inside it is raw.Properly adjust the height for a great game because you have to put a skewer higher, and for a little bird or fish, lower the tool below.Seasoned hunters often practiced method of cooking venison at the stake when she was just obleplivayut clay from all sides and put into the fire.Then wait for a signal.When the clay begins to crack, it indicates that the meat is ready and it can be removed.After this game cut into pieces and hung on a spit, fry the meat well and there was a ruddy crust.

Skewers Recipe for questioning or picnics selected large enough.They can be fried as a small game, and the whole carcass of a pig or a sheep.First, the meat should be washed, dried and rub spices.Then put the carcass on a spit and roast until cooked on hot coals.That's all.Now you know what a spit, and how to cook it.