Multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181": reviews.

to each family once the time comes the realization that it is time to buy into the kitchen of some fashionable device that facilitates life.Now there are a lot of home appliances - from steamers to Bread.But there is one great device that wonderfully combines many features.The life of any woman will be transformed with the acquisition of such a wonderful instrument as multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181"!

Reviews happy housewives have bought themselves such - proof!Everyday life in the kitchen will turn into a real celebration.Cook porridge?No problem!Extinguished, fire and bake, steamed, sterilized - to cope with all this wonderful machine!

Program "pilaf", "Milk porridge", "Buckwheat»

So, what opportunities has multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181»?Program "pilaf", "Milk porridge" and "Buckwheat" virtually identical and have a very similar process of preparation.With them, you can easily cook a crisp, savory buckwheat or rice, most delicious porridge.And all this for you prepare myself multivarka "Panaso

nic SR-TMH181».The recipes of these dishes are described in detail in the instructions.

How to work with these programs?

  1. Multivarki In a saucepan put the required amount of cereal and pour enough water or milk, depending on the dish.Add seasoning, salt, butter, and sugar if necessary.
  2. Insert the pan in the unit.
  3. Close the lid until it clicks.
  4. Press the "Menu" button, position the cursor at the desired program: "pilaf", "Milk porridge" or "Buckwheat".
  5. Press "Start".
  6. After cooking dishes you hear a beep (sound), and multivarka switch to the heating mode, the indicator "Start" button will go out and light "heating" lights.To turn off the display, press the "heating / Off."
  7. Now you can open the lid and get a meal.

That's how quickly and easily she will cook for you delicious and healthy dishes multivarka.Photo below shows the process of working with these programs.

program "Bake»

With this program any hostess will prepare the most delicious cakes, even if she never did.As if created precisely for this multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181»!Reviews happy owners never tire of praising the assistant, because it is not necessary to constantly monitor the baking process by changing the degree of temperature (as in a conventional oven), and a biscuit always get tender and very tasty!Bake delicious cake is very simple:

  1. Grease the bottom of the pan with butter, then the finished product will be easier to remove from the mold.
  2. Put the dough.
  3. Insert the pan in the unit.
  4. Close the lid until it clicks.
  5. Press the "Menu" button, position the cursor at the program "Bake."If the display default set time of 40 minutes.
  6. Press the "Cooking time", you can set the number of minutes you need - from 20 to 65.
  7. After the desired time, press "Start".
  8. After cooking you hear a beep (sound), press the "heating / Off."Leave to cool in the product multivarka with the lid closed for 15-30 minutes (so the dough shall fade).

Open the lid, remove the pan from the body, gently turn it upside down, laying the final product on a tray or plate.

Thus, with small dimensions cuisine is quite able to replace the oven volume multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181».User reviews only confirm it: a wonderful device can even replace the gas stove.Just imagine how much space can be freed because of this little kitchen helper!

Program "Steaming" and "Quenching»

These programs, like the others, are included by the "Menu" button and setting the cursor next to the desired position.The only difference is, that the extinguishing time defaults to 1 hour, and it can vary from 1 to 12 hours in increments of 30 minutes (pressing «Cooking time").And when choosing a program "Steaming" time is automatically set to 10 minutes.By means of the same button can be varied from 1 to 60 minutes in 1 minute increments.For steaming to complete multivarka grille is rice.It was on this program can be sterilized and utensils.

review additional opportunities

What good multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181»?The presence of the timer!Use it to defer the inclusion of such programs as "pilaf", "Buckwheat" and "Milk porridge."After selecting "Timer", you can set the time after which the dish is ready.Here are a range of possible values ​​of a timer that has multivarka.Picture below (from the instruction) clearly shows that the preparation of buckwheat porridge and milk can be delayed for a time from 1 to 13 hours.A pilaf - from 1.5 to 13 hours.

Use the "heating / Off" finished dish can be put on permanent display.Let's say you are waiting for the guests, but they are late.There is nothing easier than to put the unit on this function, and their arrival warm tasty dish will only need to spread out on a plate and serve.Very convenient, is not it?

multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181»: reviews

Reviews the vast runet only confirm that with the acquisition of Multivarki life becomes easier and more joyful.And when it comes to families with young children, the care of this wonderful instrument becomes simply irreplaceable!Mothers appreciated the program "Milk porridge": with its help, delaying timer cooking food until the morning, you can not only sleep an extra hour, but get no effort, most delicious warm porridge just for breakfast!Since it really becomes difficult even surprisingly simple.

What else, in the opinion of users, has pros and dignity "Panasonic" (multivarka)?

  • instructions written in simple and accessible language, with many illustrations.Even a child will understand.
  • The small size of the product.Even a small kitchen, it is always possible to find a place.
  • If cooking is not necessary to constantly monitor the process, standing at the stove.
  • dishes are tasty and healthy.
  • capacious saucepan.
  • quite democratic price.

the minuses users report a lack of opportunity to put the timer on mode "quenching", "Baking" and "Steaming" and rather brittle non-stick pans.The latter problem can be solved by using the silicone, rather than metal kitchen and scraper blades.

multivarka "Panasonic SR-TMH181": price

According to various shops, the price of this wonderful unit ranges from 4,750 to 6,650 rubles.The average cost is 5,900 rubles.But do not forget that sometimes stores hold shares and sales, in such moments, buy this kitchen helper can be discounted from 30 to 50%!

great gift for any housewife, mother, wife, and even grandmothers - "Panasonic" (multivarka)!The instructions are very simple and clear, and all the teams and programs on the control panel are written in Russian.Do not hesitate to buy, because every woman will appreciate a gift.It is not just a gift, it is a manifestation of this care of your loved ones!