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Adults and children can not imagine New Year without the wood beauty.This tree is a symbol of the holiday.Recently, many customers are turning their attention not on living trees and pine trees, and the ones that are made from synthetic materials.What good artificial pine?Try to understand.

The main types of Christmas trees

Due to the fact that the world was not very favorable ecological situation in recent years it has become fashionable to buy artificial trees for the New Year.They have become a good alternative to the living forest beauty.

The main types of Christmas trees:

  • artificial pine;
  • molded synthetic tree;
  • artificial tree.

price of said items is varied depending on the specific appearance of difficulty in production and, of course, on the model.Also plays a role, what size, for example, artificial pine.Its price is at a height of 120 cm total 2339 rubles., 155 cm - 3492 rubles., 185 cm - 4400 rubles., 200 cm - 5362 rubles., 215 cm - 6495 rubles., 230 cm - 7876 rubles., 260 cm -ab

out 12515 rubles.

should be noted that by purchasing such beauty once every year, you can enjoy its beauty without spending extra money.While the living tree grow in value.Therefore artificial pine helps to save the family budget.

What are artificial pine?

These Christmas trees of different appearance, color, complexity of installation.

So, in color, they are divided into these types:

  • white pine artificial;
  • snowy;
  • green.

also on the tree may be present or absent elements of decoration.For instance, it looks spectacular artificial pine cones.

also like trees vary and the material from which they are produced:

  • pine of polyvinyl chloride;
  • cast (threads are made on a special form, and then they all gather in the Christmas tree).

In addition, these Christmas trees of different types of design:

  • solid pine (with folded branches);
  • collapsible (numbered and unnumbered);
  • on hinges.

Pine Artificial Christmas can be manufactured with conventional or fiber-optic branches.Recently decorated with twinkling lights, so do not require the use of garlands.

Christmas trees also vary in height.In the store you can buy a miniature artificial pine (40 to 120 cm) and medium (from 120 cm to 2 m) and large (from 2 m or more).

What producing artificial pine?

This Christmas tree is made of the following materials:

  1. Pine Artificial PVC.It should be noted that PVC - it is a durable material that is not harmful to human health.The cost of this pine is consistent with its quality.Products made from this material is highly ecological, frost, does not burn in the fire, but only smoulders.Pine has a beautiful cone-shaped crown, thick branches of several shades of green.
  2. Pine artificial cast.It has a more natural appearance and high cost.Cast Pine is perfectly safe for human health.And under the influence of high temperature its needles do not burn, and collapsed.

advantages of artificial pine

It should be noted that the above Christmas tree will be a good acquisition.Its advantages:

  1. economic benefit.The price of artificial pine is available, and the life of her with good care up to 10 years or more.
  2. absolutely safe for animals and children.Besides the fact that for a living pine should be thoroughly clean, its needles are sometimes really bring a lot of hassle.They are extremely sharp and can easily damage the delicate skin of a young child or a pet.
  3. Ability to choose a pine tree to place any design and size.
  4. Ecological education of the younger generation and respect for the nature.
  5. High fire safety (only quality products).
  6. presence of various decor (glowing needles, artificial snow).

In addition, artificial pine is always made on the model of natural wood, but often exceeds it in its beauty.The fact that the living forest beauty in most cases, has many disadvantages.The appearance of artificial trees is attractive and almost ideal: it is more fluffy, dense, rich color.

How to choose an artificial pine?

above assortment of goods is really amazing.In the market, as already mentioned, presents artificial trees of different sizes: very tiny (40 cm) and very high (more than 2 m).

Before buying a pine tree, you need to find out from the seller to produce it.Experts note that it directly depends on its quality and durability, as well as, importantly, safety for human health.Therefore, preference should be given to the market of European manufacturers because their products meet all quality standards, which is confirmed by special certificates.

artificial Chinese pine are cheaper products.But their quality is, of course, is poor.Moreover, in most cases, sellers do not have the appropriate documentation to support the safety of Chinese-made goods.

The main features of high-quality artificial pine

choosing the above products, please note the following characteristics showing high quality:

  • needles well enough grip on the branch, even if they are a little tug;
  • not sharp, unpleasant chemical odor;
  • branches securely fastened, even in extension and flexion;
  • trunk of the tree is strong enough;
  • strong stand, which must withstand not only the pine, but her outfit.

Experts point out that cross-shaped stand made of ordinary plastic, is more reliable and stable only under the condition that the very small size of the tree and decorate it will not apples and tangerines.Otherwise, you need to acquire a more solid stand of wood or metal.

How to assemble an artificial pine whole?

Whole pine consists of two or three parts (depending on height).It has a structure superficially resembles an umbrella.Its branches with the trunk are integrated.To collect it, you need to do a few simple steps:

  • part with the highest thickness of the barrel is mounted on the stand first;
  • then she put the second part;
  • tip (third part) installed the latest;
  • then necessary to separate the branches of the crown from the trunk;
  • further need to fluff up each of the branches.

Collapsible pine: how to collect?

It is difficult to lay down.The fact is that in that each branch is set separately.

So, how to build this type of artificial pine?Very well, if the manufacturer has marked them in Latin letters.Designation on the branch corresponds to the same on the trunk.After completion of the procedure necessary to spread the crown and well check on their locations if all the details.If the installation was a mistake, it will be immediately noticeable.The fact that each branch has a number of different lengths.


Many consumers are generally satisfied with artificial pine.They note that a New Year's tree wonderful saves them money.After all, there is no longer need to purchase annually a living pine tree.

addition, housewives say that the artificial beauty requires for a careful maintenance.No need for her to clean up fallen needles every time worry that they are not hurt a child or pet.

Still, some consumers say that with the advent of artificial pine tree in the house of their state of health has deteriorated sharply.There were signs of nausea and dizziness.Often, a headache.Experts say that such health problems result from the fact that people bought low-quality goods.The latter, probably produced from materials containing hazardous substances.Therefore, experts recommend always carefully choose these products and not be tempted by low prices of Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturer.After this value in most cases it is misleading the buyer, and in the end he gets a low-quality, untested goods and health problems.

Artificial pine fluffy become very profitable and successful in all respects, the acquisition of the New Year.It will save you money and power on the eve of cleaning afterwards.