Humidifier: types.

humidifier in the world today is as necessary to the device as a normal kettle or microwave.Only understands only one who really cares about their health.Humidifier Bork strictly complies with all requirements and quality standards.It is ergonomic, economical, multifunctional.The efficiency and effectiveness of its work noted by many consumers.

Why do I need a humidifier?

On the health of every person in recent times have a negative impact factors such as adverse environment, global warming and the lack of knowledge of basic traditional standards of quality of life.Dry air and congestion in considerable amounts of dust are really quite serious and dangerous health problem for most residents.

Wet cleaning is extremely important.It is recommended to do every day.But not each family has at this free time.Dust and dry air often contribute to the emergence of bronchial asthma, allergies and other diseases of the respiratory system.

Scientists have shown that the most favorable conditions for human hab

itation are those in which the observed performance of the following parameters: air temperature - + 18-20 degrees Celsius and its moisture content - from 50 to 70%.But not in every apartment are provided with such conditions.

To solve the above problems, appliance manufacturers to offer the public a new product - a humidifier.The effectiveness of the work of such a device is evaluated by the following indicators:

  • effective area of ​​moisture;
  • water tank capacity.

Other indicators are more to the economic or aesthetic requirements (color device, power consumption, noise level, weight, size, accessories, number of modes, superior control, design).


humidifiers on the market of household appliances are three main types of the above device:

  1. Classic humidifiers (steam, ultrasonic, natural origin).
  2. Humidifiers functions ionization or filtration (purification).
  3. Devices "Cleaning the air."

first devices offer high performance, low noise, the ability to moisturize up to 100%, an acceptable value.The drawback of these is that the reservoir need only pour the purified distilled water.

unit with ionization function has the ability to neutralize harmful particles of dust, smoke or bacteria.The only negative - this humidifier filters must be changed periodically.

Consumers often give preference to the latter instrument, "Cleaning the air."It is very easy to maintain, use water from the aqueduct, silent, and does not have a cartridge filter requires a minimum of energy consumption.

Brief description brand Bork

This is a Russian manufacturer, but is registered in Germany.The creator of the aforementioned brand - known firm "Elektroflot."Nowadays, it is known as a trading network "Technopark".

Plants Bork company located in countries such as China, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Korea.

Humidifier Bork following features:

  • developed taking into account the achievements of the world's leading manufacturers;
  • equipped with modern microprocessor control systems;
  • highly feature-rich;
  • quite ergonomic;
  • has a great design.

Product Brief Bork

Humidifier, reviews which are very positive, above the company produces three types:

  1. ultrasound device.The firm represents 5 basic models: a humidifier Bork h710, h510, h501 (more suitable for children's rooms), h500, h700.All of them are low-noise, equipped with a function of "hot steam" ion exchange filter, informative display, have a bactericidal coating the tank water.
  2. Device "Cleaning the air."The lineup includes two types: Q710 and Q700.They have three modes of moisture.
  3. Air Purifier A801 ​​and A701.Humidification function from other such devices distinguishes this humidifier Bork.

Instructions for use are included with each unit above.

device for humidification Bork: reviews

responses of many consumers who have used the device of the above brand for humidification and air purification, very positive.People say that a humidifier Bork became easier to breathe, because the radiators are dried up all the oxygen.They also have normal sleep and do not dry mucous membranes.

Consumers say easy to use the above instrument.At night, it is silent, so do not create unnecessary problems.

only drawback, according to people who have this device is that when you first start there is a smell of plastic.But with the further use of it gradually disappears.

If you suffer from insomnia often wake up at night and you over-dried mucous, you definitely need a humidifier.Bork - it really is the instrument that will bring peace of mind and health in your home.