Watches Ulysse Nardin: customer reviews.

In 1846, a dedicated young watchmaker from Le Locle (Switzerland) founded the watch company.She named for its then existing traditions of his name - Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin).As the main directions in the work he has chosen the production of marine chronometers.

In the days of sailing ships, the vessel was determined using a sextant and clock.Deviation accuracy by only one second leads to deviations in the location of the ship at 463 meters.Therefore, the clock has a great responsibility.

Marine deck chronometers, which produces Ulysse Nardin, the long years of wandering in the seas and oceans have proven to be accurate and reliable navigation instruments.They used a navigation service 50 navies around the world.


Ulysses Nardin was born January 22, 1922 in a family of talented watchmaker.It was his father, he studied watchmaking.His teachers were skilled masters of the time.One of them, Dubois, created astronomical clock and nautical chronometers.No wonder, therefore, that his studen

t has chosen his life's work is the production of such devices.Therefore, company logo adorns stylized image of an anchor.

In 1846 were collected early hours of Ulysse Nardin.Until the second half of the 20th century, the manufactory has produced high-precision marine chronometers, without which it is impossible to determine the exact location of the marine vessel.

the authority of the company says such statistics.During his more than a century Ulysse Nardin received a confirmation of the accuracy of their chronometers 4324 certificate.And all ever issued such a certificate 4504.

In the 1970s, the company faced with the problems that gave rise to the Swiss watchmakers so-called quartz revolution.Already in 1980 Ulysse Nardin was on the verge of collapse.

New History

In 1983, the revival of the former glory of the legendary factory.The company came under the control of Rolf Schneider - a connoisseur of fine watchmaking and a successful businessman.Enlisting the help of a talented master Ludwig Oechslin, he was able in a short time to revive the company.

Already in 1985 at the Court of connoisseurs were presented the unique astronomical clock Astrolabium Galileo Galilei.For 7 years, were created in the two models.Together, they are a collection Trilogy of Time.Translated - "Trilogy of Time".The mechanisms established by the model refinement and sophistication caliber ETA.

In 2006, again on the right has won the status of a manufactory caliber resume production of its own production.It was a very important step.Despite the interest shown by her big time holdings old manufactory remained in the ranks of independent producers.This allows Ulysse Nardin not follow the traditions, and do them.


to watch Ulysse Nardin characterized by a large number of models with numerous complications: certified chronometer, chronograph, Dual Time (second time zone), a signaling device, perpetual calendar and others.All machines are equipped with automatic winding.For the manufacture of parts used high quality materials: for housing - stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, 18-carat white and rose gold;for belts - alligator leather and rubber.

When making dials certified chronometers used enamel.Masters managed to revive a unique technology that at one time were considered lost.The stunning dials with the image of flying or sailing on the waves of a series of fantastic dragons Classico Enamel made using the technique of cloisonne enamel.

Ladies Ulysse Nardin watch encrusted with diamonds, and used for the manufacture of mother of pearl dials.The combination of watchmaking and jewelry allows you to create masterpieces that are family heirlooms.

Nobody will be indifferent model Stranger, in which the incomprehensible to the untrained human way combines high watchmaking and the art of music.Masters managed to create a masterpiece.At a certain hour or at the request of the owner of the clock performing a passage from the cult tunes Strangers in the Night.And the work of the musical mechanism can be observed directly under the glass.

Ulysse Nardin watch grouped into several collections: Marine, Functional, Exceptional and Classical.

Sea collection - a symbol of the brand logo

Ulysse Nardin - a stylized image of an anchor.Like any other watch manufacturer with the name of the company is composed of a collection that embodies the brand's history, its traditions and trends.For Ulysse Nardin just such a line is a Marine Collection.It combines the marine element, the spirit of innovation and the traditions of the past.Wrist many passionate romance of sea men and their friends decorate extraordinary watches Ulysse Nardin Marine.Reviews of their respective owners of the models in this collection are unanimous: "High precision, reliable and recognizable."

variety of colors, the materials used and options for complications and additional features to satisfy the most demanding taste.

collection consists of several lines.For example, watches Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer - certified chronometer series in the case of steel, gold and titanium.The power reserve indicator, seconds hand side - all succinctly and strictly.Marine Diver - automatic watch for diving.Enclosures - stainless steel, gold, titanium.The rotating bezel.Among the additional features - chronograph, power reserve indicator, the number of calendar months.Women's part of the collection (Lady Diver) encrusted with diamonds.


One of the proven ways to purchase original watches - take advantage of the manufacturer's authorized dealer.

To make sure that you are buying watches Ulysse Nardin - the original, not a clever imitation of a unique product of the legendary brand, the company offers its clients to use authentication system.

Each product is accompanied by the well-known manufactures, among other documents, a warranty card, supporting obligations of the manufacturer.This card has a high degree of security.It is unique and has a special code for the Bubble Tag ™.To authenticate hours need to log in Ulysse Nardin, see "Authentication" and enter in the serial number of the card, which has the form 1UN00AAAAxxxxx.

How to distinguish a fake

Despite the relatively high level of performance of replicas (so-called high-quality copies), there are several signs by which one can recognize the imitation.

1. Low price.It is better to know in advance how many there are Ulysse Nardin watch vending model.For example, models Marine are 5 499 to 18 331 Euros.

2. The company produces only mechanical Ulysse Nardin watch with automatic winding.Therefore, quartz or self-winding watches without this brand - copy.

3. Quality finishes part of the watch.They are characterized by the factory precision and accuracy.No burr, serif, tiny specks and dust particles on the surfaces of parts and the dial and hands should not be.Each element of the product as a whole and should be completed, flawless look.

4. Location of overhead signs, numbers and lettering on the dial must be symmetrical.Inscriptions must match the model.For example, certified chronometer with the manufacturing machinery, instead of marking «swiss made» have the inscription «le locle suisse».Such markings are only watches Ulysse Nardin.Copies can be marked "Made in Switzerland".

5. crown.On the original clock crown decorated with the logo of the manufactory.

6. Proceedings of the second hand.The copies it usually jumps.Original differs smooth running second hand.

7. Inlay.The original watch decorated with diamond cut of very high quality and purity.The stones are carefully selected in diameter, so they fit - the same level.

8. The serial numbers mechanisms look very carefully at the expense of equal depth propechatki digits.This is achieved by the high quality of dies having a curved surface.

9. Packing.For its manufacture uses quality materials - natural wood, goatskin.All labels are made gold lettering.