Names of glasses for cocktails.

cocktail - one of the most beloved club drinks.There are dozens of recipes for its preparation.And each kind of fine drink has its own glass.It is believed that properly chosen wine glass can improve the taste of the cocktail.That's why bartenders are professionals serving the beverage strictly necessary glasses.

Types of glasses line form subgroups.They vary in shape, height, width.The most important thing - each one "loves" her drink:

  1. glasses.They pour drinks that you should drink slowly, slowly, enjoying.
  2. glasses.Served at the table drinks with ice cubes.
  3. Shota.They poured drinks, to drink in one gulp.This group can be attributed liquor glassware and the usual glass of cocktail - classic.Otherwise, it is called - "kokteylka."
  4. special containers for dispensing hot drinks.Often in their composition have cream, milk or coffee
  5. drinking utensils (applies to certain types of drinks).Names cocktail glasses by prescription beverage production.The capacity of "Margarita" is called by the same name a
    s a cocktail.This is the most beautiful wine glasses for cocktails.

World is rated by popularity and demand hold elected Cocktail devices.

Glass - "Martinka»

The special shape of the vessel performs the main task - does not drink hot.Therefore it safely poured cocktails of type - chilled.Its capacity is 150 ml.And its wide edge make it possible to draw up their slices of fruit.

Armanyachny - warming

This glass to the bottom a little wider than the top.It is typically used for beverage, which temperature should be close to room temperature.If it is a little "hug" with his hands, the taste of this cocktail would be more sophisticated.Replace these types of glasses can only be cognac.

Wine equipment: two kinds

Among the varieties of cocktails are those that contain wine.It devised a special red round or "pot-bellied" shape goblet.And here it is straight white already.What unites these wine glasses one important part - the leg.Eating a cocktail, you holding on to it.It does not give him warm.

Collins - popular wine glasses

This type is marked more widespread.History of Collins goes to 1925, when in Paris for the first time offered its shape.It resembles a regular elongated glass without feet.

in Collins serves a mix of alcoholic beverages: whiskey, gin with ice and soda water.Most juices and fill it with water.

Glass "Sauer"

This glass is indispensable for supply-sour cocktail.The highlight of the drink - in acidity, which are typically prepared from the juice of a lemon.It sounds like they have to supply whiskey.Size of sour medium (100 to 150 mm).

famous Margarita

This name originates in the famous Margarita drink.There are different kinds of data stemware.Classic marked quite wide neck.Thanks to him, the bartenders can make out nicely with a glass of cocktail.They do this by using lime, powdered sugar, as well as salts thereof.It is allowed to use the capacity to supply other beverages containing alcohol.Glass, which is called a "buy" - one of the types of margaritas.Their slight difference - in the form.

Flyute - "secular" representative

Flyute - is the name of a wine glass, without which it can not do any buffet.The form of his - an elongated, leg length.It is no coincidence.This is to ensure that the temperature of the cocktail has not changed.

Cocktail bowl - from the distant past

This glass has Bhagat story.It belongs to one of the oldest.And now he is one of the practical types of liquor glassware.It has a large capacity - up to 400 milliliters.A convenient form allows you to apply it in a variety of cocktails.

«kerosene stove" or Hurricane

common name that translates as a hurricane glass.Its main characteristics: short leg shape - in the form of pear.And some form of caps reminiscent of old lanterns.Hence the name - kerosene stove.Hurricane Ideal for frozen drinks, as well as whipped in a blender.You can pour into them, and tropical drinks.

Paired: Rocks and switch

cocktail with ice using a glass or a glass Rocks, as well as a switch.They are united by the same volume - 200 ml.

stack or shot

They go to alcoholic beverages.And unmixed.Among them - whiskey or vodka.Can they serve as cocktails, different strength.For example, the shooter.We need to know how to eat or drink from a stack shot.To do this, you need to drink from the glass sharply drink.So that he immediately got into his throat.Then, quickly swallow.

Pouce Cafe - a layered drinks

Some of the "new" types of layered cocktails "needs" in a special glass pus cafe.Usually its amount ranges from 80 to 120 ml.It has not the broad shape with slightly curved edges.

cup of coffee to the Irish

Normally hot drinks should be served in a glass for Irish coffee.It has the shape of a tulip.He has short legs and arms.It protects against burns.The main production material - thick, as well as heat-proof glass.

Glass Herresa - wine

view this glass resembles a triangle.His feature - the high leg.Traditionally decorated with a glass of cherry.And he was still created in the 17th century.

parfait - "dessert" glass and glass-to-drink "Frappe»

Usually in such glasses served milkshakes.They form - stretched and the volume - 130 ml.Glass beverage "Frappe" almost like a Prafe.The only difference is in the amount of - 230 mL.Are fed into beverages that are mixed with the liquor, as well as ice.

Mug beer to cocktails and a glass of cognac

Despite the fact that beer mugs for larger sizes, they are still used for cocktails.For example, exotic.

glass of brandy, cognac and also specially made in the form of a truncated circle.If you hold it in your hands, drink warm up and become a better taste.Accepted fill the glass no more than a quarter.

Glass "Old fashion" and glass - flute

large and fairly low glass is excellent for feeding cocktails with ice.A thick glass bottom does not allow it to melt quickly.Glass - the flute is highly refined form.To top - slightly narrowed.This will delay the bubbles shapmanskogo.Usually they are made of 140 ml.To use the same cocktail glasses - flute, accommodating 180 ml.


similar in appearance to Collins.A differs from it is not so smooth walls.This type of glass "loves" cocktails complex type.For example, the Bloody Mary.And it is possible to pour in 250 350 ml.

tasting glass

volume of the wine glass - from 100 to 140 ml.It has a long leg, and looked like a tulip shape.When tasting decided to pour a drink for just under half.

Glass for liquor and bowl with champagne

in a glass with a volume of 30 to 60 ml, usually served only liquor.This is usually done after a hearty lunch.This mini glass has a low foot.

bowl champagne.This type of glass on a long stalk has lost its popularity in modern times.Although it is very easy to use.The wide shape, which resembles a saucer allows bartenders to fantasize regarding the design of the beverage.Besides aroma champagne more pronounced in a bowl.The only negative - a drink quickly disappears, and soon left without champagne bubbles.

is worth noting that all of these names cocktail glasses are not exhaustive.Every day in the world there are more and new types of glasses.Some names cocktail glasses lose their popularity in the early days, the other - on the contrary, are classical and do not lose relevance for decades.Sometimes the "classics" modify in order to maximally adjust the dishes to modern types of drinks.However, unchanging in them one thing - wine glasses made of glass.And how and on what technology it will be done depends on the manufacturer.

Cocktail advice

fans treat friends and family cocktails, a few tips to remember:

  1. items for beverages should shine on the cleanliness.If you look at the glass in the light, you can see the stains.Cope with them will help thin dry cloth.
  2. if available - a small set, it is better to follow the rule: the stronger the drink, the lower the glass.

rate for the purchase of

If the house often hosts celebrations and partying, it's better to buy a set of glasses.They generally consist of two to six subjects.

modern market dishes marked by diversity and richness of choice.The cost depends on the material from which they are made, as well as firms - producer.

What price on glasses?On average, a set of six ordinary wine glasses can be purchased from 810 rubles and above.More expensive will cost buyers white glasses of crystal glass - from 1300 and up.

At the peak of popularity right now colored tableware.Red wine glasses are ideal for special occasions.They will look great on the wedding table.After the red - the color of love.For a contrasting view, you can create a combination with white.And for connoisseurs of fine wine glasses and a perfect set of gold ornaments.

However, choosing a set, you need to be guided not by the external design, and quality.To do this you need to remember the rules.

How to choose a set of glasses?

Make the drinking bowl of three types of glass: synthetic crystal and smooth and normal.

Glass based on synthetic glass has a high strength.Minus - it is easy to damage the surface.

Crystal glass as firmly.Indeed, in its composition contains lead.Products made of this material will be pleased sparkle and transparency.It should also scrutinize the edge of dishes, as well as stamping.About visual status "say" chips, cracks, bubbles and a muddy color of the glass.Knowing these simple rules, you will be able to purchase high quality and beautiful wine glasses for your home bar.

So, we found out the name of a cocktail glass, varieties, features and performance.