Fotoshtory: customer reviews, photos

choosing curtains, you always want to find something new and different and not to dwell on the banal ways.A kind of novelty in design are fotoshtory.Comments about this element of the interior are undeniable proof of the correctness of the choice and a great opportunity to realize their limitless ideas.

little originality

Technology application printing on cloth appeared not so long ago.Their benefits were duly appreciated by designers and gained considerable popularity among consumers.A detailed, vivid and indelible image is transferred onto the fabric using a sublimation process.This technology offers great opportunities for decoration.

Such curtains with photo printing allow you to add new colors to the house.They fill the room an aura of beauty and positive.Bright and rich pattern on fotoshtorah can be quite varied.It can be an image of the sea coast, mountain landscapes, flowers, favorite cities, cute animals or children's cartoon characters.Variations of the proposed plots are staggering.

Order fotoshtory can be online at any store liked.It is only necessary to specify the size of the window, select the pattern, fabric and later get good and beautiful curtains for your apartment, which will be an ideal decoration for any room - from the living room to the nursery.When ordering, you can view ready fotoshtory.Customer reviews on sites with photos online shopping is now not uncommon.People are happy to share their ideas, translating into reality their ideas.This classic floral subjects and subjects with soothing nature, images of European cities with their narrow streets, beautiful bridges and amazing architecture.This is still the leading cute animals, cats, walking on the roofs, and other drawings.There are also new themes fotoshtor, including gaining popular football theme.

Types fotoshtor

Fotoshtory have several advantages: individual sizes, a variety of fabrics, high-quality and spectacular images for every taste.All of this can create curtains of his dreams, which are able to quickly and easily modify the interior of the apartment, office, bar or store, and sometimes to be even and non-intrusive and memorable advertising medium.

most popular species among them are Japanese, Roman and roller fotoshtory open and cassette designs.Such products can be used as decorative partitions or zoning space in the studio apartments.

In areas where it is not quite appropriate massive tissue or long drapes, Roman fotoshtory look good.Reviews of those who expressed their preference for this type of curtains show that they not only serve the original decoration of apartments, various salons, offices, and convenient to use.Their design allows easy and convenient to adjust the room lighting, and the collection of the fabric curtains beautiful waves fit.Roman blinds look great in the kitchen, are quite popular in the interior in ethnic style in a minimalist style.They serve as a kind of final element, maximizes finish overall stylistic concept.

Round and Japanese curtains also features a convenient mechanism and an attractive appearance.They are popular not only in the design of home decor, but also appropriate for offices, banks, travel agencies and other institutions.Different variations of such products can be seen in many advertisements in social networks, where professionals spread among a large number of users of its products.This is a great opportunity to choose to your taste fotoshtory.Customer reviews with photos also meet here in an incredible amount.People share their experiences and ideas, strengths and weaknesses of selected options.

When ordering from online stores fotoshtory delivered through convenient shipping company in dense Boxes, allowing you to keep the original appearance of the product.

material for fotoshtor

to create fotoshtor use only high-quality fabrics.The most popular species are of satin, blackout, satin, chiffon, linen, gabardine.On the type of fabric and used depends on the price of fixing fotoshtory.Customer Reviews - evidence of their quality, ease of care.These fabrics are really easy to drape, easy to iron, do not lose their shape, do not fade in the sun.

They are different densities and different light transmission, which makes it possible to use them for buildings, regardless of the destination.


Blackout fabric has a high density, perfectly retains the bright sunlight, the light from the lamps, neon signs and lights.For bedrooms and children are simply irreplaceable fotoshtory.Reviews are very positive.These blinds allow you to control the light level of the room, do not fade with time, drawing, applied to the blackout, do not fade in the sun.At the touch of velvety curtains, smooth, beautifully draped soft waves.

Len seemed designed for home textiles.Fotoshtory and throws him transform the interior of the room, adding to it the nobility and style.Natural materials are always on top, this is definitely one of the best choices.

satinette or satin, has the ability to dissipate sunlight.Compared with the blackout is a light and thin fabric.Satinette - excellent material for fotoshtor intended for the living room, kitchen, office space.

Satin material fotoshtor also a great option.This durable fabric for many years to retain its magnificent natural shine.It is not electrified, not attracts dust, excellent drape and has a beautiful appearance.Shiny satin texture that gives products a fotoshtoram special elegance.

refined and delicate chiffon holds a strong position in the decoration of the interior rooms.On a tissue image will also be translucent and tender, which will create a unique and romantic atmosphere.

Gabardine - the elastic tissue of moderate density.In the finished product it holds its shape well and is easy to drape.A distinctive feature is the so-called "contact."Gabardine is perfect for applying fotoprint.The images formed on the tissue, have depth and high realism.

corresponds to the general stylistic decision

creating his own artistic vision of the future of the space should be given considerable importance to compliance with the general stylistic decision.For example, textiles - a unique material, which allows to solve many problems arising in the design and interior renovation.The choice of fabric, coated on its image and colors, as well as the level of light transmission, the density depends on the purpose of the room in which you plan to hang the curtains.And choosing the right theme pictures will create the right mood in the room, much to revive the interior, making it more effective and interesting.

for the living room is often recommended to choose fotoshtory with views of famous cities, with images of famous attractions, resorts, and exotic places.

more suitable for the bedroom curtains in pastel colors with a delicate pattern.Their stories need to reassure and adjust to proper rest.It can be floral motifs, sea, mountain and forest scenery. moved from the usual flat in the world cherished dream, you can use the salon "Helga".Fotoshtory, reviews of which is left of his clients, here presented in a large assortment.It is simply impossible not to find a story to your liking.

Inside, you can also pick up textiles and child.A win-win option for decorating the windows in the nursery will fotoshtory.Reviews of those people who have made this choice, full of positivity.Young dreamers just delighted with this news.Rich colors and excellent photo printing as if to recreate the images of their favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, open in front of them underwater, wildlife, world space.

Scene paintings look realistic on a large canvas curtains, it seems that they stood in a frozen, but even with a light breeze the picture comes to life, to the delight of babies.

Curtains with 3D-effect

peculiar novelty in design become 3D-fotoshtory.Photo, reviews about them can be found in a special collection on the sites of online shops.Images printed on the fabric, so realistic that gives the impression of presence in the "picture".Their variety of composite solutions allow perfectly combine curtains with a given style, making the interior more dynamic.

fotoshtor unique feature is that you can use as a pattern authoring drawings and sketches, as well as photographs from the family album.