Quartz lamps OUFK-01 "Sun": reviews.

quartz lamps OUFK 01 "Sun", reviews of which characterize it as a high-quality and efficient device, has an official certificate of compliance and the registration certificate FS on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation.It is used to treat many diseases, providing first general health and strengthens the immune system effect.Another purpose of the device is the sanitation of residential and non-residential premises.That is why the quartz lamp "Sun" can be useful to everyone.

Use UV

If you want to seasonal increase immunity, then as a safe means of prevention and treatments will be ideal quartz exposure, and conduct their own quartz lamp will help, instructions for use where it is accessible to everyone.Already after a few sessions you can feel a surge of strength even in wet and dreary autumn-winter season due to the beneficial effects of ultraviolet radiation.

excellent result showed UV quartz lamp after the course of treatment for patients with problem ha

ir and diverse diseases of the skin.Features and fast enough effect was observed in the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin fat shine with the formation of acne.In addition, with the help of ultraviolet light can forget about freckles and make virtually invisible pigmented spots.

usual duration of a procedure of exposure of 5 minutes, and should start with 1 minute, which is ideal quartz lamp OUFK 01 "Sun".Reviews of patients who have undergone treatment with ultraviolet light, extremely positive.The main thing - this is a preliminary consultation with a specialist, but also need to know that the very sensitive and dry skin, such measures are counter.

Age restrictions in the use of lamps "Sunshine"

quartz lamps "Sun" because of its mild effect is shown for use in the treatment of children of different ages since grudnichkovogo (lamp OUFK 01).In principle, it can also be applied to adult patients, increasing the duration of the session 2 times.

Specifications OUFK device 01 "Sun"

Compact quartz lamp, the price of which is about two thousand, very easy to use, has a small size and weight of 1 kg, equipped with thick light-shielding glasses and various plastic nozzles.This robust device with metal housing, the power feed which is only 7 watts.Precisely because of this lamp can be used for small children.Instantly it comes into operation, functioning under any conditions.

OUFK 01 "Sun" is characterized by a small electricity consumption and excellent performance, allowing to carry out kvartsevanie areas to 10-12 m2 for 20 minutes.The warranty period of therapeutic and prophylactic device - 12 months.And you can even buy it on the phone, ordering a targeted delivery in any region of Russia.

Quartz lamps for disinfection of premises

There is another sphere of use of the instrument.Germicidal UV quartz lamp house is specially designed for periodic sessions of radiation, which affects not only people, but also the surrounding air in a residential or non-residential premises, as well as a variety of surfaces.Manipulation is carried out to eliminate the inflammatory foci in the body and disinfecting rooms from harmful microorganisms and infections.

Quartz lamps for disinfection especially practiced in areas where often there are babies and small children, whether children's bedroom in your home or office pediatrician in the clinic.

quartz lamps for all

If you are not sure that you at home can be useful super-modern preventive and therapeutic device, you can throw away all doubts: quartz lamp house is an excellent tool that lifts the acute inflammation and pain;It prevents some diseases of respiratory and nervous systems of the body.It used against viral and many other common diseases.

quartz lamps OUFK 01 "Sun", reviews of which are favorable due to its positive effects, fills in the body of vitamin D, especially in the winter when it is experienced acute shortages.Speeds up metabolic processes, increases the immune response and helps to improve blood circulation, which is essential for the overall strengthening of the organism under any health problems.

medical indications for the use of the lamp "Sunshine" №1

In addition to sterilizing lamp quartz disinfects the premises, improves resistance to pathogens the immune system, possibly self-treatment at home, and other ailments.These include infections, skin diseases, joints, hair and even baldness problem.

quartz lamps on its principle effects can be infrared, ultraviolet, mercury-quartz, bactericidal and others. A low-power lamp for therapeutic treatments and preventive treatments kids up to 3 years of age - a quartz lamp OUFK 01 "Sun".Reviews parents talk about the excellent results of treatment and absolute safety device for children.However, before the procedure kvartsevaniya be sure to consult with an experienced physician.

The list of diseases that treats quartz lamp (price for it is justified by a long list of medical conditions), includes:

  • skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

  • Pyoinflammatory skin diseases, burns, bedsores, frostbite.
  • ENT diseases: sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis externa, tonsillitis, boils in the nasal cavity.
  • Asthma.
  • diseases of the mucous membranes of the body.
  • Such problems of newborn babies, weeping as the navel, mastitis, some forms of exudative diathesis and stafilodermii.
  • Joint diseases.
  • Diseases of hair and scalp.
  • In dentistry: aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and others.
  • in neuroscience: how additional procedures in the treatment of the effects of traumatic brain and spinal injuries.


Despite the relative safety of UV rays on the body of a small child, there are some contraindications to treatment sessions quartz lamp.Namely:

  • Active tuberculosis.
  • Malignancies.
  • tendency to bleeding and blood disorders.
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage.
  • Atherosclerosis of the arteries and blood vessels of the head.
  • increased sensitivity to UV radiation, and others.

avoid the negative effects of the presence of one of these diagnoses is mandatory to visit a doctor and get expert advice.

advantages of quartz lamp OUFK 01 "Sun"

described quartz lamps for disinfection have certain advantages over other similar devices.Firstly, they can easily be used on their own at home to numerous areas of medical indications.Secondly, the generated radiation has a unique effect kills bacteria and can be used for decontamination of residential and non-residential premises.

also after the course of treatment the quartz lamp, a small ultraviolet light which is similar to sunlight, strengthens the body's immunity and resistance to infection.

OUFK 01 "Sun" is convenient thanks to the compactness and mobility;Moreover, it is easily installed in the right position for manipulation.Bundled special tubes provided with holes of different diameters, facilitating ENT treatments for colds, flu or a cold.The reliability of the device is confirmed by the certificate and one-year warranty for use.

Other models quartz lamp "Sunshine"

addition to the first model, quartz lamp "Sun" for children up to 3 years old, and made follow-up.So, the model of "Sunshine" №2 has a higher capacity of the quartz lamp, which makes it possible to hold sessions for adults and increases the service life of the device.

With miniature solarium "Sun" №3 you can get a good even tan right at home.It is supposed to use the quartz device for people who are experiencing a deficit of useful sunlight.The range of work is completely safe for health and increases the body's immunity.

quartz lamps "Sunshine" №4 designed as a bactericidal irradiator in rooms up to 60 m2.It is used for sanitary kvartsevaniya rooms and objects contained in them, but the kit includes tubes for ENT procedures.Most often installed in specialized health facilities that require special conditions of sterility.Through spectrum UV quartz lamp №4 capable of destroying even dangerous complications of influenza viruses.

Thus, quartz lamp "Sun" in all its versions is intended to be used for bactericidal treatment of any premises and health care for children and adults.Buy the device is simple enough, but the main thing - to use it only after consulting a doctor and clearly adhering to the instructions.