Serebryanka - a fairy tale of: paint with a toddler

Probably every little girl watching a Disney cartoon, which tells the story of a beautiful fairy, one of the main characters of which - playful and restless Serebryanka fairy water.She lives in a fairy valley, and, of course, waiting for her mysterious, incredible adventures.

so perfectly into the world of magic that he did not want to come back to reality.But you can move it to the paper to hang on the wall, and you have at home will always be present tale - Serebryanka fairy romantic and incredibly beautiful.Help your child: Take a sheet of paper, a pencil, sit down together and draw.And in order to make it easier, use our step by step instructions on how to draw a fairy silverfish.Get unforgettable impressions both from the process and from communicating with your child.

STEP 1. How to draw silverfish - fairy water

to start draw a circle for the head, then the lines denote the place where we will have a trunk and arms (copy that is designated a black pencil).Next, draw the contour of the face,

do not forget about the form of eye characteristic of the elves, and then do the basting torso, legs and arms (red pencil).


Now let's draw a Beautiful Body hair: chic long hair with a slight curl at the end.Then we denote where we will have the eyes, nose, lips.Draw a second hand.Then draw a line separating the legs.


Our work is nearing completion, it is necessary to draw a few missing elements.The first thing you should do is to give beauty wings, and then add some details of her hair, giving it a certain amount of strokes.Dorisovyvat the face.Then we outline the beautiful dress, draw a line of shoes.Finally, you must delete all the lines and shapes that were drawn in the beginning and now seem superfluous.Here it is - the finished drawing, Serebryanka - Fairy of the famous cartoon - ready.The joint work and the child's mother was a success.

Now we have to take the crayons and paint a picture in bright colors.In order to remember what colors are you need, you can once again review the cartoon, at the same time distracted from the process of drawing, and then with new energy to take up painting.If you do not want to spend time browsing, we can present you his version.Before you Serebryanka fairy, photo which shows how it should look.

And you can just show imagination and create a unique image, using the colors that you think are most suitable for the lovely fairies.

We wish you success in the work of the classroom with your child!