German long-haired shepherd.

long-haired German Shepherd Dog is very popular with dog owners.Indeed, it is a dog, has excellent service characteristics, and her long hair adds a decorative, impressive, makes it even visually heavier.On the one hand.Some owners hold diametrically opposite view, saying that caring for a working dog should be minimal, and if you want to comb out the wool, you can buy and Pekingese.

Color German Shepherd

most often black and fawn.Accepted for breeding birds cream, black, sable (preferably with black markings).Unacceptable too bright, especially whites, this indicates a genetic disease.Color German Shepherd does not depend on the length of hair.This is one breed with common characteristics.Chest and paws Shepherds often red color, although the shade can vary from straw to fiery red, red and dark brown.The back is much darker.Depending on the degree of darkness, isolated sable gray, black & brown, black and tan and black colors.Often the most common black & brown.

history, or how there was a l
ong-haired German Shepherd

Initially there was one breed of dogs.Among them there were animals like with long hair, and with a short, stiff.This breed founders believed that the long-haired dog will not be able to work in adverse weather conditions, so they were considered tribal marriage.There is a grain of truth: luxurious, combed mane in the field is rapidly turning into a mat, from which protrude branches and weeds.But "Fuzzies" appeared their fans.

Back in 1984 organized the first club dedicated to this particular branch.Breeding them as a separate breed is rather complicated, since a pair of long-haired parents offspring may be born with a conventional, short-haired cover.Just as in the conventional breeding of the breed, in a litter can be a kid with long hair.It should be noted that in Russia this kind of dog is recognized as a separate breed.There are specialized clubs, organized the exhibition.Abroad, the long-haired puppies considered marriage.It is these dogs are purchased by large Russian clubs for breeding.


haired German Shepherd Dog - an elegant, trim, athletic dog.We can not forget her profile, once seen.The exhibitions of her agility and flexibility to further emphasize the special counter, like an animal ready for a fast race.It is a large, strong dog, a real protector and guard.Weight German Shepherd - 34-43 kg, height - 56-66 cm at the withers.

coat of medium length, consists of two layers, which are constantly updated.If an animal lives in an apartment, it is necessary several times a week to comb it, otherwise the whole floor is strewn with hair falling out.This spring and autumn molting process is enhanced.The undercoat is grayish color, but it is not visible through the outer layer, a hard and dark.On the thighs, flanks and neck hair is longer, so that the dog has a unique appearance.The size of a German shepherd enlarges.Even long-haired puppies seem real cubs compared to conventional counterparts.

Features of behavior

longhaired German shepherd has a unique intelligence and wit.Its consistency, steadiness and quick learning are used in all industries where four-legged friend need help.The first is security services, army border units, the police.However, the "German" - a true friend of the family: gentle, loyal, loves children and gets on well with all the pets.But he does not like doing nothing, so if your work schedule includes a long absence, it is better to find another host Shepherd.

Special Recommendations

Care German Shepherd includes providing daily physical activity.It therefore recommended to keep these animals in suburban homes.Of course, no one stops to bring the dog in housing conditions, but note that it also needs private space.Therefore, if you have a studio apartment, which is home to 4 people, it is better to abandon the acquisition of the pet.In addition, you should be confident that you can provide the shepherd normal feeding, regular paddock (3-4 times a day for a puppy, 2 times for an adult animal), prompt veterinary care.

luxurious wool

Care German Shepherd (especially long-haired) includes a constant combing.Pick a comb, which will be convenient for you and non-traumatic for the dog.Otherwise undercoat confused, and Shepherd will lose its luxurious look.During molting to do it every day.Bathe them often do not need to: the natural scent of a dog still will not go away, and more frequent water procedures can damage the natural protective film.When the animal is dry, using a piece of suede and wool combs need to give a view.

Possible health problems

Most often it is hip dysplasia.On the way of life and health of the dog is a little effect, but in the exhibition she immediately eliminated and not be allowed to breed.This is a problem of genetic nature, therefore, engaged in breeding only those individuals can be reduced on the line no.Typically, patients with pets have problems with digestion, sometimes there are chronic eczema.

«What do you call a boat, so it will float»

How to name the favorite?Rex?Ray?Alpha?Or, perhaps, Shine?This is an important question that you need to think about.Nicknames for the German Shepherd should be bright and certainly short, fit and appearance of the floor.This is the first word that the puppy should be correlated with each other.In fact, it is for the dog: "Attention is now followed by the team."You can disagree with the nickname, which is indicated in the map, or come up with something of their own.

basic rules

Nicknames for the German Shepherd should be selected based on the characteristics of the breed.They should be easily understood, in addition, if you're gonna call your pet quiet on the street, he must hear and pay attention to your voice at a distance of 30 meters.It's a service dog, and you never know what conditions you have to be.Well, if there are nicknamed voiced, hard sounds: b, d, h, p.For a dog well suited sounding names: Agate, Baron Wolf, Grant, Zeus, Colt, Lord, Mitch Oscar, Perseus, Ralph, fog, Fred.Suk is often referred to as: Adele, Bertha, Greta, Jesse, Zara, Christa, Lori, Margot, Oda, Ronda, Taiga, Frida.

It is important to teach your puppy to the name before the first time to bring him into the yard, or start to train the teams.You must often say the nickname playing with pet, grooming them, giving food and treats.When the baby is well remember his name, it will be easy to jump to the first team.Taking a walk on the street, it is enough to call a puppy, and he will draw attention to you, say "me" and praise.


long-haired German Shepherd - is a great friend and a reliable defender.The life expectancy of a dog - 11 years.If you are not afraid of too much care and cleaning, or you have a house adjacent to the area where the animal will spend a lot of time - safely stop the choice on these beauties.You round the clock guards and the infinite love of your pet and in the streets you will always see off the admiring glances of passersby.