An old friend is better than two new ones

What is friendship?Every man for himself can be described its importance in different ways, but the meaning is always one - is a complete mutual understanding and support in any situation.When we are ill, we appeal for help to his friend as well, too, the very first early announcement of another joyful events.In short, without a true friend as without water - and not amplitude, and no syudy.Wherever you are, you should always feel his thoughts with you.

friend - a first aid in all circumstances.Only he has the right to understand our state of mind, to give sensible advice and just help break the impasse of life.However, a true friend is very hard to find.Most likely, this is not just a godsend, as a gift of fate.According to ancient Chinese regulations, this one gives the heavens as a sign of good behavior, and if the person does not know how to behave, and the devoted friend he will not.

In our world of real friendship - this is when you always feel close to a support of an old friend.It was an

old friend - a reliable support.This is a proven friend, who, in spite of the time, is still with you, bringing joy and good advice.Of course, to get this fellow is quite problematic.His money can not buy and do not get a present for his birthday.Nevertheless, many of us have an old friend who we will certainly be very happy.With it, you can move mountains, knowing that in the back there is a dedicated and proven over the years the familiar.

Folk wisdom says: "old friend is better than two new ones."And it's not just a saying, it's a fact, an affirmation of life.Consider the following scenario.One girl named Tatiana lived only illusions about true friendship, not knowing its true characteristics.Even at school, it was a girl next to a normal appearance, whose name was Olga.She was always ready to come to the rescue of his girlfriend: and gave written off and homework is done, and wrote beautiful love notes.School days are over.Girls enrolled in different universities.However, our "little gray mouse" never forgot about his beautiful girlfriend who unlike her long been thrown out of his school's assistant head.Tatiana was looking for and picked up their girlfriends on the amount of money in your wallet and love affairs.It is believed that these are the ladies, with which it is completely the same views on life are her friends.Several years passed.Her old friend Olga, Tatiana jingle every month.Tanya did not like it, it is believed that with the end of school came to an end the friendship with Olga.Olga was a shy girl, so try not to make acquaintance with peers.For her idol and friend of this still remained Tanya.But soon there was a misfortune.Tatiana became ill, she was admitted to hospital.It required a transplant kidney.But who will be the donor?Time accelerated his pace, Tanya faded with each passing day.For it has not come to the hospital, none of her friends.Only Olga learned that Tanya is in trouble, immediately flew to her room.Tatiana tears, but Olga comforted as she could.In addition, Olga, like an old friend Tanya, donated his kidney for a friend.The operation was successful.Soon Tatiana returned to the university.After such an event, she realized that her old friend Olga - a gift of fate itself, which simply refuse sin.How many grievances experienced by Olga Tanya, but still it has proven his loyalty, not in words but in deeds.

As you can see, an old friend - a man who will sacrifice for you lot.Friends can be a lot, but the old friend is better than new, and this is certainly true.Remember, it is better to have an old friend than a lot of new friends.You do not know them, and they get you too.