There is a friendship between men and women?

Judge for yourself, why should a woman be friends with a man if she is sure to find a friend with whom you can talk on the juiciest topics.Agree to discuss a new lipstick or a style of dress with the man - it is a useless character.So is there a friendship between a man and a woman, and what benefits it brings?

competitive reasons

When a woman is friends with this yourself, constantly compares himself with it.We are talking about any comparison: victories on the love front, the ability to use cosmetics, etc.Even when you and your best friend are going to the theater and see there is a nice man, each of you trying to show that she is the best in every sense of the word.Or, after getting acquainted with the guy of your dreams, you're not running away and not to show his photos to his girlfriend, because it can discourage him.Here is just the place has the friendship between a man and a woman.Man is not a competitor, unlike girlfriend.To be friends with the strong half of humanity - safely and easily.

reason publicity

Have a handsome man as a friend - it's also a special advantage.One only has to dress up and take a walk with him in a public place as you will certainly notice the familiar.This trip will be very beneficial for you.You can annoy their cavaliers and prove to her friends that they are able to charm not yet such a prince.The main thing is not to recognize that this is your friend.It is best to introduce her partner, as a friend.So it looks more plausible.

reason psychology Psychology

strong and weak half of humanity is very different, so you will be very useful to hear the views of not only their girlfriends, but the young man.In addition, friends can specifically tell you the truth, to annoy, but men are much more sincere ladies.Therefore, from such useful advice is simply impossible to refuse.

Reason floor

There is a friendship between a man and a woman?Of course, there is still another and that's the reason - a man happy to help you with the housework: score and nail and mend outlet and sink give council, etc.And all that is required of you - is to cook a delicious lunch or dinner.That's all be grateful.Economically, does not it?

However, the friendship between a man and a woman has its zigzags:


course, the very expression of "friendship between man and woman" sounds a bit strange.Many simply do not believe in its existence.Therefore, the emergence of jealousy is not avoided.For example, your loved one may not believe in the existence of a reliable and trusted friend Vova that the first call is always ready to help.And from Volodya, his girlfriend will disparage you, treating you as a competitor.

mask friendship

the question whether there is a friendship between a man and a woman, many of the answers - is not, and will on the one hand right.As such a friend may make your spurned suitor who is willing to wait for the mutual feelings of life.However, this option may also be.Therefore, male friends should be chosen carefully.If the role of the other claims to your former love, so he is still trying to get you back yourself.This kind of "shooter" that will be for you to anyone, only to eventually win the attention to himself.

from friendship to love one step

Friendship between man and woman - is also an occasion to become closer to each other.You may not even be aware that dealing with a man, you every day better and better to learn.And if you have a common interest - is another reason to be together.All the climax comes when neither he nor you have no personal life.Here is the general note and can combine your heart.

As you can see, the friendship between man and woman is, only it manifests itself in various forms.Only you can decide whether or not to continue the friendship.