Are there female friendship?

Are there female friendship?

Human relations - a mysterious and complicated world that exists by special laws and in our society, yet still subject to morality.There is in them such a region, which is now very little is known.This is definitely a female friendship.Indeed, on the men sing songs and legends, and often speak about women's condescending and only in a humorous vein.Many believe that the friendship between the girls - when they gossip about friends.Relationships between men are full of self-sacrifice and generosity.A relative of female friendship, some skeptics say that the ladies easy to go to a betrayal, as a rule, when the horizon appears the stronger sex.Perhaps this is due precisely to the fact that women tend to disclose to each other the soul and talk about all the innermost secrets and desires.Emotional support and confessional - two distinctive features of female friendship.Among men, on the contrary, regarded silence and support the action.It turns out that much harder to bring or

der, whose mysteries and secrets you do not know than someone who is open to you.That is why not only many men but also to the fair sex say that female friendship does not happen.Ladies have about it are diametrically opposing views: complete denial or approval, that no other relationship can not be called friendship.It depends on the experience and education that was received in the family.Many women build their lives exclusively male pattern and only friendly with the representatives of the stronger sex.Female friendship they do not understand.And some can not live a few days without the traditional conversation over a cup of coffee, shopping or a trip to a nightclub with a close friend.

Traditionally, best friends since childhood remain.And this opinion is quite right.It is not only women's friendship, but men are certain stages in its development.Of course, kindergarten relations and communication in primary schools have a great influence on the development of human society.But friendship acquires special importance in adolescence.During these years, it is perceived as something very valuable and that it is gradually moving together with a man in adulthood.Female friendship is able to overcome many obstacles, but sometimes it is faced with the problem of marriage.This means that the woman, through marriage, can totally isolate themselves from the outside world in the family, especially if there are children from her.And here very few manage to keep the relationship with friends at the same level.To do this, you need to have patience, wisdom, and a desire to communicate.

Unfortunately, the belief that female friendship does not happen, sometimes supported by numerous stories.After all, despite all the achievements and the quality of the people, the ladies still often come into the fight for men.So inherent nature.And female friendship can play instincts.

But this does not mean that it does not exist.There are lots of stories showing that female friendship can be strong, reliable and long.This is possible if the two people have and find the strength to overcome envy, money problems, distrust and strife in spite of everything.Fortunately, a great many such examples.Therefore, unless the friends are not going smoothly, it is easy to think that you can do to keep the relationship.After all, it's nice later in his declining years to realize that apart from close relatives, there is also a good friend, you know that all my life.The lack of friends is very keenly felt in that age.