Friendship between a man stronger than between the girls?

How many beautiful words written, composed poems and songs sung about male friendship.And what is it really?The dominant feature in this case is the mutual assistance and support, but the stronger sex silent, but energetic.The friendship between the guys reflect the fact that men are not used in vain to shake the air with unnecessary thoughts and exclamations.They are simple, clear, and they think logically.Men's friendship is a system of certain rituals, which are firmly included in daily life.The relationship between women consist of a slightly different model.It is of great importance is understanding and psychological support.Ladies believe that all problems can be solved simply by discussing with a friend, and thus, having developed ways to resolve them.Female friendship is perceived with irony that is certainly a banal stereotype.

Men's and women's friendship - it's inherent attributes of interpersonal relationships, a form of expression they are different.You can not argue that one or the other

stronger, better and more reliable.

Let's see who are the friends.First of all, these are people who can safely share with each other their successes and failures.The friendship between the guys and girls based on trust and confidence in a loved one.It is important to always strive to ensure that a friend was nice and comfortable in your society.Close friends will never criticize a friend and always will protect it from the attacks, especially in his absence.In order to establish a good relationship people keep, secrets entrusted to them, try to be tolerant and never to teach each other.Friendship between boys based on mutual respect and tolerance.Although the same can be said about the relationship of girls.

Male and female friendship full of meaning.It does not differ in nature or degree of stability.The essence of the relationship varies only because of the characteristics of the nature of the stronger and the weaker sex.So, we women sometimes do not understand how it is possible for weeks together not to talk, and be considered friends.Men are daily meetings and conversations very easy.For them, the important thing to know that the companion is always ready to help and to help out in difficult situations.The friendship between the guys silent and never based on mutual benefit and hypocrisy.Men do not become jealous of the new jacket, a manicure or a mistress.They are straightforward and almost always say what they think.

Friendship among guys involves donating something for her, whereas women often have to sacrifice friendship for the sake of family or work.Men support each other action, they are unimportant words.They usually always choose friendship.And the fair sex are willing to listen and give good friend, they think council.

friendship between guys, usually from childhood.After all, as an adult weight problems.Time to find new friends are sorely lacking.Very often, the wives do not realize how important their husbands give friendship.Silly ultimatums "or I, or friends" usually does not lead to anything good.One day it may happen that a man will choose the friendship.After all, only boys are able to race to his friend on the first call, not paying attention to the perturbation of wives and girlfriends.It is among the stronger sex are of the opinion that a true friend to find it is not easy, but a new companion - elementary.

thus oppose the men's and women's friendship is not entirely correct.In any case, the real true human relationships are based on selflessness, integrity, dedication and consideration.Without them it is impossible to imagine a long, strong and solid friendship.