Children's Friendship is always the strongest

What is friendship?Friendship - is a form of interpersonal relationships between people when there are similar interests, outlook on life and a warm attitude towards each other.Sometimes it happens that people are different mentality, have absolutely dissimilar characters, but that they are attracted to each other.One person can be calm, while others, like the blast, but they complement each other and together they feel comfortable.

Well, when there are people who come to help at any time, which will share the moments of joy and sorrow, advise, help soothe and make the right decision.Especially good when there is a children's friendship, which accompanies man almost his entire adult life.When a man grows with you in the same sandbox, run to your mom to eat cakes and knows all your secrets and mysteries, as well as fears and failures, but it remains true and loyal - a true happiness.Happiness is there beside a man who will take all of your negative aspects, because simply he is a true friend.

Time passes, people grow, and sometimes lose touch with their friends, but the only real friendship knows no time limits.Only a real childhood friend is beside you through life.He can not attend every day there, but you know that one phone call - and he's come running.

It is important to maintain the relationship to childhood friendship was not left child, and grew into an adult.We need to appreciate the people who ate with you a peck of salt, were in different situations, but they came out with dignity and loyalty to you.

I would like to give an example, which shows how people did not appreciate the relationship and exchanged for trifles, but in difficult times come to the aid of only a childhood friend and offered his shoulder.

Natalia from school friends with Allen, they were considered almost sisters, because they were close.I finished school together and even went to study in one institution, only Natalia at a prestigious faculty, and Alain - on the most common.At first, everything was still, but by the end of third year girls hardly spoke.Just Natalia did not find time for a girlfriend and children's friendship gradually began to fade.Alain was very worried, but attempts to talk with Natasha did not lead to anything - she claimed that all is well, she just do not have time.But Alain saw something that time, she not only on her person.

Yes, Natalia found new friends with whom spent all his spare time.Alain also secretly hoping that her friend "prozreet" and everything will return to "business as usual".Meanwhile, she began working in the architectural office, married and at the end of the Institute had a baby.Natalia also ran on all parties and study virtually abandoned - it was transferred to the contract form of education.

year later Natasha, too, got married and brought the snake to the apartment, the rest from her grandmother.I have registered to her husband, since he was from out of town.Two years lived well, too, had a child, she worked in a shoe store, a man - a lawyer.Alain periodically called up, but no more.But with the institute's girls ran to the clubs in their spare time.

And then like a bolt from the blue - the husband of Natalia says that she does not live here anymore, and shows some papers.It turned out that one day, he slipped her a document, allegedly for taking a loan, stating that she gives her apartment to her husband.Her husband beat all well and Natasha was left on the street with the child.When she called her friends at the Institute and requested live until it finds a "corner", then all were some excuses.None of them came to the position of Natalia and did not come to the rescue.Only Alain, despite the protests of her husband immediately took to his girlfriend.

Natalia husband sold the apartment and disappeared from the city.She's somewhere six months lived Alena, yet childhood friendship won.The girls talked a lot and Natalie realized how was blind and cruel.Only now she realized who her true friend.