Who is a true friend?

say that each person should have a good job, a strong family and a true friend that will always be there.And there is a perception that families make is easier than finding a true friend.Whatever it was, but the friendship plays an important role in the life of modern man.Here to whom we are going to share a secret?And who is weeping in a vest, we tell that recently met the love of his life and at all lost their heads?Friend.And how to be a true friend?Let's try to figure it out.

believed that friends may be several, but only one true friend.After all, the truth, are you not going to tell intimate close friends that like as a friend, and like or not.To find a true friend, will have to sweat.Although it is possible to find it.Then, as luck at the casino, either it is or it is not.The most common of these faithful friends we meet in the deep childhood, going with them to school, rejoice every event, as well as adults, continue to maintain relationships while staying close to the most people on the plane

t.But this does not mean that true friendship can not be found in adult life.Friendship, like love, for all ages.Just want to say that a true friend will not fall on your head.It took many years for him to receive this status.

If you make a portrait of the other, then it must be something like this:

• Do not leave in the lurch.He will always help, even when you have to sacrifice their own plans or even their lives.

• Knows how to listen.He never interrupts, always responds to questions.

• Gives smart tips.This means that he did not advise what can be harmful, for example, hurt love relationships or career.

• A true friend will not forget to congratulate a birthday or other holidays.He will make a gift, and even sign the card.

• He often calls and asks, how are you.

• Do not betray, do not substitute has no friendship for personal gain.

• He likes to go to the movies, and then discuss the scanned film.

This is only the least than can have a true friend.Actually, true friendship - it is an endless source of good things and joyful moments.

person who has a true friend can be envied.Often, people have dozens of friends, that's just not among them the one most-most.Sometimes you have to burn well, considering this other one that they will never be.

But I wonder whether it is difficult to be a true friend?Then, as they look.On the one hand yes, because a true friend takes responsibility for relations with other men.He can sacrifice everything for their own purposes, anything, but not friendship.Rather, it is therefore difficult to be a true friend, because very often life throws us such a situation, when you have to make a difficult choice between friendly relations and something else.If you look on the other side, why this should be another difficult.The title of the "real" not everyone deserves, but the one who deserved to successfully cope with all trials of friendship.

It should be noted that this is not always the eternal friendship.Sometimes even the best friends are losing the relationship.Just have a feeling of friendship is higher - this is love.And if the two fall in love with one person, their relationship may well give a crack.It is believed that one of his friends in similar situations should give in, but who, in fact, both in the same position.However, if it breaks up a real friendship, but only in rare cases.

But still, it's great when our lives have real friends.Family family and true friendship never hurts.Here only to find him, the present and the most loyal friend who will never give up and will not fail.