How to find a friend you can trust

Loneliness - not the best companion in life.Even the most wonderful parents can not substitute for a boyfriend or girlfriend.How often you can hear the cry of the young people: "I want to find a friend you can trust!" Well, let's think about how to find a way out of this difficult situation.

To begin with let's deal with some of the myths about friendship.

first myth.The ideal one should be completely attached to me.

to find a friend, you need to clearly understand that he will not live your life and only you.On the first call to rush to your aid and help you in all that you want.A friend - a man who understands and accepts you for who you are, but lives its unique life.He can hurt, can forget about the meeting may have a different opinion, it can still be friends with someone - this is normal.Giving each the freedom, you respect his individuality.It is unlikely that the other person wants to be friends, if you always jealous.

second myth.This one should be only one.

It all depends on the indi

vidual.Someone enough to find each other once and for all life, it lacks a vest to listen, understand, give good advice.And others, like the air you need good friends.Temperament and personality characteristics dictate specific needs in friendship.

third myth.We have to be like everyone else, to find a friend.

This blatant nonsense.Keep your values, uniqueness and dignity.Why do so many of your peers are the crowds?They are not confident.Often, young people do not like mass habits and lifestyle.But to say and do the opposite, they can not.Confidence comes from the awareness of its unique destiny.Keep what you have.

So, how to find a friend you can trust.

Friendship connects people with common interests.Where to find friends?Where all are passionate about one thing.

However, it is unlikely you will meet a good friend to us, not druzhaschego law or in structured groups.In such communities, at first glance, a very friendly, the guys do not combine passion, and fear, the excitement, the harsh rules of hierarchy.The person who associated "hands and feet" laws of certain subcultures, it is a slave.Once he has a choice - either you or the group rules.Think about whether it will be a true friend?

Friendship checked in difficulties.Are you ready to help himself to another person?There is a biblical wisdom: "If you want to have friends, be very friendly."Many times I have heard the complaints of loneliness, lack of understanding, that only friends are, and at a difficult time turning away.Always wanted to ask: "How are you behaving?ยป

draw attention to one point.Each of us has a reference people - those whose opinion we value, on whose lifestyle focus.Sometimes you want that this person was a friend.But ... look around.Maybe you just do not notice that your friend lives near or studying in the same class.Just you look the wrong way.

What if it seems that nobody will accept it?Observe carefully for peers who have a lot of friends.Rather, it is a very interesting people.Surrounding usually drawn to those with whom you do not get bored.Again we return to the hobbies.If you are busy just virtual computer-games, what you can offer to a friend?Come back to the real world communication.When a person has some kind of achievement in a particular area, to strive for something, then it is, a story to tell.

Finally, talk about a good lesson, which gave me a loved one.Once he asked: "Why do you think that people you have something?No one owes nothing to nobody.It is easier to look at the relationship between people.And when they are kind to you - perceive this attitude as a gift. "Frankly, this advice has helped get rid of many worries about the behavior of my friends.