What sweet words for the guy most appropriate?

power of the word has long been known.With it you can, and encourage and give hope and just immediately on the spot.Very sensitive to gentle to the girl, but, as it turns out, men are also subject to the fact that they are told.

kind word for a guy as comfortable as a girl, but you should know and understand that not all sweet words appropriate the fairer sex, fit men.

Another thing is that a man hearing in his address any treatment or naritsanie, involuntary way begins to adjust to the description.So, if a child's parents to tell everyone that they have thin-skinned child, hypochondriac, as a girl, it's no wonder that so and if he will feel.

If the child heard that he is strong and brave and all the problems to him, "shoulder" that grew up, people will feel the strength and confidence, having even while fifty meters height and weight 57 kg.

Just as it is with the power of words to say to his beloved girl.

kind word for a guy does not have to be this kind of as vulnerable, touching, weak, etc.

kind word for a guy you can talk and those that are stable and applicable to both sexes.For example,

- my joy;

- my happiness;

- my life;

- my fate;

- my love;

- my heart;

- a welcome and unique.

Many feel the situation and the ability to play with words.So, now you can say to the guy, he's your tiger, and a minute later - tiger, lion - a lion cub.Catch the difference?

power of words can even be easy to prevent future scandal.

kind word for a guy come up and like a precious, sweet, strong, caring, chosen, beloved, long-awaited road.

Below is a small list of what tender and affectionate words guy can speak against his hands, voice, body, etc.

So figure - almost a point of pride of every man.A kind word for the guy against a figure we can say the following:

Sport, strong, muscular, magnificent, faultless.

Voice - a beautiful, seductive, native, velvet, calm, confident, sexy, tempting, exciting and seductive.

Hands - brave, strong, strong, loved, warm, native, reliable, gold;

Gait - confident, strong, purposeful, beautiful;

legs - strong, fast, strong, muscular, pumped, slender, beautiful;

Back - powerful, reliable, strong, athletic, broad, stone;

Chest - strong, beautiful, inflated, sexy;

eyes - deep, kind, reliable, beautiful, unfathomable, home, inviting, exciting, enticing, daring, funny;

lips - sensual, pouting, magical, sweet, beloved;

Look - a shrill, strong, loved, confident, caring, trustworthy, loyal, alluring, mysterious;

like - confident, charismatic, ambitious, purposeful.

absolutely not difficult to speak kind words loved the guy, the more he will be tailored to fit the definition that you have awarded it and try to meet your expectations.Often praise beloved and say that without him - as without hands.Guys like to feel important and women's vulnerability.Even if you beat to nail several times better than him, then gave it as if he was just a knight on a white horse who just saved you from a hammer and a nail, and you will see after the kind words addressed to him and praise, he wants youIt proves that is not only able to score a nail, but also much more.And after all this you need.Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: to homework teach her lover, and reward him with gentle words and thanked for what he will be very grateful to you.

Girls, do not think that the nice words and compliments pleased to hear only you believe, the men even though it hide, but also love to be evaluated and paid compliments.